Pour a cuppa, let’s catch up

I have been TRYING so hard to get here and catch up with you guys for the past week and it’s been virtually impossible. The shop has been SO busy for Mother’s Day (YAY!) but it’s meant that any time I have has been spent there, packing, sending, wrapping, re-ordering, post office, emails, accounts, you get the drift. But I am here now, because I set the alarm for 5.15am so let’s have a catch up. BTW there is still time to order for Mother’s Day. Choose express post shipping and let us get it off gift wrapped for you today K?

How are you?

Don’t ask me, I will tell you FLAT OUT. And then most likely I will get carried away and tell you how I don’t have any time. But you guys, seriously, there are just not enough hours in the day at the moment. Term 2 has kicked us in the guts again (well just getting back into some serious & full on high school time) with extra curricular stuff giving us literally one day of semi rest (in which she spent doing homework). Hats off to all you High school parents out there, I had no idea. Yesterday Daisy rolled school, guitar lesson, cross country, then netball practice after school for 90 mins, then home for a quick bite before dinner and then off to hockey. The only thing out of school is club hockey which she has played for since she was 4(!) but MAN OH MAN is it full on. I know we will find our rhythm in a few weeks, thanks for listening to my head explode in the meantime.

Mags and Harper have gone back to school without any problems (I was foreseeing trouble with Mags when she realised that she did indeed, have to go back, but so far so good. And then there was the fact that I sent Harper back an entire day earlier. Here she is with Mrs Munro’s kids who were there a day early too. Standard Mum move.

Mags is SUPER excited about her 4th birthday next week, I am crying in the corner. I always get like this when my kids turn 4, I swear they are the sweetest (and scariest) at this age but it always makes my heart hurt a little because I know they are about to grow up, fast. I mean look at the woman tween I have now. Harper’s dance is going great (she does it twice a week) and then club hockey as well. Like I said, weekend? What weekend? I am no different to all you bastards out there, but man, sheesh.

However, look what I found under my pillow when I went to bed last week after Rob had been away all week for work? Bless them. Goes to show that those simple acts of unexpected kindness truly are the stuff that makes the heart sing.

Autumn is in all her glory around the village and highlands and it’s truly breathtaking. That autumn light you guys, gets me every time! Cold nights and mornings, clear starry nights and sunny warm days, there is nothing like it.

You know what else has happened? How did I NOT start with this? A royal baby has arrived! Haz & Megs had a baby boy yesterday in Windsor (I reckon it was a home birth) and the video of Hazza announcing it is the sweetest thing ever. Onya guys, let the games begin. I can now see why people send their kids to boarding school in high school as they will no doubt do! SO happy for them all…there’s nothing like those first few days with your first baby. Hope the babe latches well Megs, watch those nips GF.

How about those shots of Charlotte for her 4th birthday that Cath shared with us last week? She’s just two weeks older than Maggie, and you remember our shared time together for the Preggo files, she will always have a soft part of my heart this one. Like I said, 4 year olds – there is nothing like them! I love them! I’d like to think that Lottie and Mags would be great friends.

That said, Mags is rocking an entirely different look…

Completely self styled at every moment.

You guys, how I forgot to mention until now that the camellia hedge is out and look RESPLENDENT I will never now. Look at it! Makes my heart sing each and every time I drive in, which is a lot given that I am now an uber/Australia post agent.

I managed to pick a couple from the back garden but they really are messy things and last cut in a vase for 27 minutes tops. This was our dinner table last Thursday night when we had the joy of an overnight stay with Rob’s Dad and step mum who were passing through from the farm. They very rarely come to stay so it was a lovely treat. I trotted out a roast chicken with all the trimmings and hot caramel sundaes for dessert. Perfect stuff all round.

And we shared another special day yesterday – my Mum’s birthday! It’s a busy week here with Mum, Rob & Maggie’s birthdays all within 10 days of each other. We had a lovely lunch with Mum at her place with Aunty June, Aunty Tricia, Luce and I and the kids. Sunshine, bubbles, flowers and superior sponge cake bake off (ginger fluff v Aunty Tricia sponge). A lovely few hours spent with her (and off my computer!)

Aunty Tricia’s sponge is old school with corn flour and custard powder and was delightful. She was pleased with my ginger fluff bake (dead set it’s like cooking for Mary Berry when she tastes my stuff!).

And how good does Ma look in her apron from the shop that we gave her? Fabulous! We don’t have many of these left (more coming soon from Italy).

So there you have it. Man do I feel better knowing we have had a catch up. Now it’s time to put some more wood on the fire, get the kettle on and get on with another day, it looks like it’s going to be a beauty. I hope you have a good one friends, whatever it is you are doing.

Now tell me, how are you?
What have you been up to?
Frantic and exhausted too?


  1. Thanks for update Beth. Your life is full of love and kids. Enjoy now cause time flies. Best part of your life. I’m having my 3 year old grand daughter today so off to the park of course and a train ride as well. Enjoy your week and thanks for all the recipes🐶🌟💐

    • I have had so many people tell me this – I know it is crazy but filled with so much life and joy and noise – love it! Thanks for the reminder Kerry x

  2. not much to tell here, my kids are all grown so life looks very different now. I do remember those crazy highschool years though, oh the saturday morning sports, the social gatherings requiring uber mum or dad. Looking back I do honestly wonder how I got through it and almost still sane.

    Your mum is gorgeous! Those sponges, swoon. If only I could.

    Hope your day ticks along nicely and you do take the small moments to catch your breath when you notice the autumn leaf display or the camellia show.
    Have a good one.
    cheers Kate

  3. I’m dealing with a high school’er as well….. Year 11 no less… Urgh. So much pressure and stress and way to much homework…. Anyways, head down, bum up and just keep on keeping on….

  4. Such a beautiful catchup and you do it sooo well Beth, lovely pics of an amazing family and beautiful autumn scenery, one day you will look back on this busy Mum’s life and wonder how you did it! With LOVE and GRACE🌹🌿🍁🌲❣

  5. Oh seriously Beth, I have said it before and I will say it again, I have no idea how you town Mum’s fit everything in. I feel exhausted just reading about it, ha ha ha. My boys are at boarding school which means everything is taken care of… no need to hound them to do homework and no cruising around the streets taking them places. I am sad that I never get to watch them play sports, never get to be involved in special assembly’s, never get to go to parent teacher interviews blah blah blah… I am off to see them in 10 sleeps, and can’t wait -will get to watch them play rugby for the first time ever (and this is Tom’s 3rd year away!!!). Loved this catch up. How fabulous is your Mum! Happy Birthday to her!

    • Darls I have to say – I can see the merits of boarding school! God I would miss her though! Enjoy your visit hope all is well with you – we need to catch up!!

  6. Your mom’s little pose at the end! I die.

  7. Love the old school cakes.
    Been busy here in our house.
    May is also a biggie for Birthdays and Mothers Day.This year we are hosting a Mothers Day morning tea/2 sisters birthdays, and then lunch.
    At 49 It’s been confirmed that I’m in Menopause so am dealing with some lovely changes, thank goodness for the cooler weather!
    My son turned 16 last week, is in Year 10, which is very full on for him. He is avoiding the idea of learning to drive and getting a casual job but hopefully will be keen soon.
    Thank you for the catchup.

    • And thanks for your catch up! I must say I am NOT Looking forward to menopause – hope you get through it all ok! Enjoy your weekend x

  8. Lovely catch up. I’m feeling the 2nd term blues too. Too much sport, too much study (I have a year 12), too much pressure (middle child trying to find boundaries) – that’s just the kids, I’m spending my nights staring at the ceiling asking
    What’s Next? How do we navigate this? I don’t have the answers, think I’m in survival mode and when I have all three of them in bed at night, I just breathe a little easier. This teenage stuff is tough, I should have had bigger gaps between mine (3 within 3 years) learning with them all at the same time is killer.

  9. Jenn Hughes says

    We have a 19yo, a Yr 12 rugby player…good bye Saturday’s; and a Kindergarten starter who does nothing as we can’t bare the thought of it!!! 🤣😉 One of the best things I’ve learnt is to have things going on outside of school, as cray as it can get, so that no matter how shit things get at school, and lets be real it can get pretty shitty, they have somewhere, and someone outside of school that they can be themselves with, have fun with…the trust earned from years of playing with/learning with a friend from a very young age is invaluable. Big hugs to you x

    • So true – they get so much from all the different things: sport or debating inside or outside of school I know she is growing so much because of it. I am truly so proud of everything she has done so far! Good luck with all yours too Jenn!

  10. Ha ha, I remember those days with kids in high school. Our youngest was into everything–orchestra, jazz band, chorus, swim team, football team, soccer, string bass lessons, school plays–and I was exhausted driving him around and keeping up with his schedule.

    One time I will always remember… I had to pick him up from baseball practice at whatever-time o’clock, with string bass in car, give him fast food dinner on the way to music lesson. We had half an hour to go across town in rush hour traffic. So I decided yeah, I’ll just stop at Macky D, pick up burger & fries, and have him eat in the car.

    Good plan, except I was so in a hurry to get him from Point A to Point B. I pulled up to the order window, gave my order, paid, and then drove off without the food.

    Then there was an entire year I spent with my foot on the imaginary car brake while driving with him when he had his learner’s permit.

    When he finally got his driving license, I gave him the damn car!

    Also, he hated standing in the school lunch line, but he was so busy and so conscientious about everything, okay, I made his darn lunch every morning.

    He just turned 40, but here’s the part that still makes me tear up when I think about it… The last day of school of his last year of school before college, out of nowhere he gives me a gigantic hug. “Thank you for making my lunch every day for the last 12 years. You’re a saint!”

    It’s all worthwhile, especially after you’ve had time to sleep in and look back.

  11. OMG your little fashionista is getting more adorable beth!
    happy days to birthday girls young and old and a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOU ALL!
    much love mxx

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