Monday Meal Ideas: Mid week winter warmers

The weather has turned (at last!) and we finally have some autumn temperatures on our hands. We had the fire on constantly from Friday night through to Sunday morning, and I have started to get an itching for a big batch of soup that can be made and last the whole week. While the day are sunny and warm(ish) the nights are calling for food that warms and comforts as the girls get in from a long day of school and routine. Term 2, let’s do this (reluctantly).

Chicken Cacciatore
Beef & vegetable casserole
Oven baked risotto
Chicken & vegetable soup

Hope the week ahead is good one for you all, it’s going to an adjustment for us as we settle back into school routine and pick the pace back up again. We have had the best holidays so I must say I have a heavy heart. May in particular is going to be crazy…and can you even believe that it’s going to be MAY this week? Seriously. Make it all slow down.

Have a good one friends x


  1. I don’t know how it can be May already!!

  2. Waaa! It’s 10:09pm and now I’m starving 😭 These look damn good.

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