Full Maggie Update: 3 and a half years old

So this happened. Maggie is now 3 and a half on the knocker. SOMEHOW. Although, look at her.

This morning we are off to Preschool orientation and we have a few weeks left of this precious time together at home. It’s been 3 and a half years of just her and I at home, doing our thing. I can’t believe that it is coming to an end. Even though she will only be at Preschool 3 days a week, this whole magical time of just home, is done. Words can’t describe how precious it has been for me. I’m still processing the changes that are coming: of high school and pre school and in between. Yep, OI’m not ready.

It’s been a busy month for me. For all of us. With the shop launching and a new way of working life for me it’s been a big adjustment. This is a slice of reality behind me trying to shoot…toddler toes just out of shot!

There’s been more time on the iPad than I care to admit, and A LOT of time with her cousin as Luce and I pack orders and generally get our heads around this brave new world. Thank goodness for her cousins – they are her social circle – and they negotiate sharing, playing, imagination, negotiation you name it with them.

Archie and Maggie will be going to the same Preschool next year too –  a couple of days together before the following year when they might end up at Primary school together. HOW? How could we even possibly be near here?

In the mean time there’s still the park, her beloved park.

Her big sisters. I’ve said it so much the past month: THANK GOODNESS FOR BIG SISTERS. Seriously, Daisy is so wonderful with her: plays for the longest time, I don’t want her to grow up either because I am pretty sure as soon as year 7 starts she won’t be as interested in her little sister. Harper tolerates her, but isn’t interested in playing, and that’s OK too.

Look at that liddle face, taking it all in.

Taking everything in.

And don’t think that the sass and tude hasn’t been around: it HAS BEEN.

She’s sleeping well. She’s eating well. She’s playing well. She’s tantruming well. 3 and a half is a joyous thing and I am not ready for her grow up anymore. At all. To all these new beginnings that are just around that corner, behind that next door.




  1. Can’t wait to give her cheeks a little squeeze in person next week (and yours too!). You’ve got this x

  2. Trudging a few steps behind with Ruby,
    We went along to the 3yr old kinder meeting last week and off went Ruby with not so much as a backwards glance, away with all the other kids, to play and climb and explore!
    Next thing I know I’m on the Kinder Committee- assured that the Vice President doesn’t really do anything! 3 kids all having gone through this kinder and finally- the got me with the 4th!!
    We gotta get the toilet training sorted over the next few months – Ruby red shoes is proving to be a lot more stubborn than her siblings ever were!!
    Yes thank goodness for older siblings! We are shifting our Bella (14) from the school she has been at since starting (it’s a P-12 /Prep to Yr 12!) across to anther high school – so the nerfous excitement at what next year holds is in my head – while at the same time I’m just calmly soaking up these last weeks of just Ruby at home with me every day! My son (22) assures is he will be moving back home from Sydney- and no doubt the young man who left Home for Love 2 yrs ago will be a very different man after all the joys and sorrow and growth about life n living away does!
    It’s coming to the pointy end of the year and I observe the family and all the happenings and Thank God for how blessed and fortunate we are!
    Enjoy these special weeks ahead Beth!
    xxx Rowena & Ruby xxx. 🙂

  3. Why do I cry every time I read this blog? You write so beautifully Beth. I thoroughly enjoy following along with your little journey and look forward to doing it for years to come.

  4. Ellen jaques says

    Maggie will do it great ! Don’t worry…here children has to start school at age 2.5 year from 8.30 until 4 …

    And daisy will do it great in year 7 !! My son starts his first year of high school in September !

    Greetings from Ellen

  5. Wow! I started following your blog just before Maggie was born! At the risk of sounding cliché time really does fly by! My children are grown in their 20’s now and have their own lives. Which means they may not be at our house for Thanksgiving this year because they will be with their other halves family. Crazy how they’re under your feet one day and out the door the next!

  6. Ellen jaques says

    Maggie will do it great ! When she starts ! Here children goes to school at age 2,5 from 8.30 until 4 …

    And daisy will do it great in year 7 ! My son goes in September to high school!

    Greetings from Ellen

  7. Love sharing the journey with you Beth – pretty sure we’ll have tears together first day of high school – your oldest, my youngest, what an amazing job they’ve done so far!

  8. Nicole O'Connor says

    PS Will 9:15 be too early for a prosecco on that day do you think??

  9. Maggie is such a delight Beth!
    She always puts a smile on my dial
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Much love mxx

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