Full Maggie Update: 3 years, 3 months

Do you remember the last update I gave you about Mags? It was a tale of tantrums and toddler meltdowns, of despair and frustration and so many tears (from both of us). Well here we are 6 weeks later and I cannot begin to tell you what a different kid we have on our hands.

I always think that when things are tough with behaviour that they are coming through a developmental leap or something. It’s like a cache dump or something because even when the girls were babies and the sleep went to shit, or behaviour or whatever, when they got through that, well you have a different kid.

Until the next leap.

We have had some BIG changes from 3 years 2 months to 3 years almost 4 months. Mostly because she was ready, sometimes because we pushed it a little and encouraged her to do so, and because she WAS ready, it happened.

We lost the dummy. This was HUGE for her. And she has been so better for it. Sure, there’s still one when she goes to bed at night, but I check most of the time and it’s out for the night not long after she goes to sleep and she happily hands it over first thing in the morning. I am SO proud of her for this – and I can’t tell you how much NICER she has been. Not whingy. It’s been a whole family effort and all the encouragement from her older sisters has made the biggest help for me, and her.

The other breakthrough we have had in the past 2 weeks has been NUMBER TWOS ON THE TOILET. Now THIS one is HUGE for me mostly! She was so scared of doing this and I totally didn’t push it, because I knew that it would eventually happen but she decided to have a crack last week with Rob literally cheering her on and you know what? She did it. And with a few bribes of marshmallows since, she has had a 100% success rate since. And she is SO proud when she tells Archie now…she’s finally as big as him there!

And then what else? WE HAVE NO MORE PULL UPS AT NIGHT. I told you it’s all been happening  round here! It’s been about 2 months now that we have had dry pull ups and you would think I would have just let it go, but because we were still requiring pull ups for the number 2 situ, I just kept it there. Until Lucy said to me about 2  weeks ago…what are you doing you crazy woman? So I stopped. And we had one accident, but we have it sorted.

You know what that means right?


I know there’s lots of talk of poo and wee but you guys, I am 41 and this is the end of the road of that for me and I will take it. 11.5 years (with a break in between) well I will take that thank you very much.

Other than all that HUGE stuff, we have just been getting back into the routine of term life with me trying to work, trying to keep her entertained in the day and plenty of time with her cousins. Her and Archie have been a delight together and the bond is stronger than ever.

She is SO funny and SO cute at the moment. It is a pure joy having a little person around with their little random questions, and humour and toilet humour. Why do we forget to do this as soon as we get old?

We’ve got a few more weeks before school holidays AGAIN (how do they come around so quickly) and we have a great family reunion holiday planned with all of Rob’s family which will be very special indeed. Until then, there will be the park, Archie’s place, picking flowers, running around the backyard and many, many questions. Let’s hope we keep those tantrums at bay…for a little while.

Maggie Roslyn we are so proud of all you have done these past 6 weeks…such a big girl now. Adorable and hilarious and the best thing that ever happened to all 4 (5 with Frank) of us. Gopsh we love you.


  1. My youngest is 15 now but I still remember how great it felt to finally have no more nappies. We fostered lots of little ones short term & had our long term little ones. So many nappies & pull ups over so many years. Over the years I had 3 that liked to paint themselves & their rooms with the contents of their nappy ………. always a particular joy to find at midnight.

  2. Sally Marsh says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. You are amazing!! Down to earth and you says it as it is.
    I’m sure all the young mums and the “more mature” mums who read this post will take heart knowing that there is, “light at the end of the tunnel!!!”
    Enjoy your beautiful munchkins.

  3. Karen Lennon says

    Our youngest is is 23 days away from turning 7, which means no more car seats! That’s almost 14 years of car seats and we are a bit excited to see them go.

  4. My youngest is 19 the youngest of three girls and Maggie reminds me of her every time you put a pic up. She was a tantrum girl but also a gorgeous girl with her own funny ways. She has always bn fiercely independent, competitive, caring and kind. She is now almost finished her 1st year Nursing and is truly flying. Got her licences bought a car moved out and still holds my hand walking up the street or watching t.v when she was Maggie’s age she used to say to me “your heart and my heart are the same heart” I love that and still think it’s TRUE.

  5. Congratulations to you and your delightful Maggie on hitting so many milestones. No more nappies is big, very big! Well done everybody 🎉. That final photo of Maggie is absolutely delightful.

  6. My last of 4 was in pullups at night until she was 8 ( it all happens in time when they are ready) so when she finished with pullups we had done 19 year as our oldest of 4 is 11 years older. There were a few gaps along the way but oh the joy of knowing that I had bought, changed and disposed of the last one!! I remember in the depths of the new baby months with my first, when my husband was working very long hours, calculating how many (cloth) nappies I had changed, washed, hung on the line and folded. And feeling rather martyred! It helps to balance the pangs about them growing up. I have had 2 leave home in the last 2 weeks and the tidyness of the house helps to balance the pangs about them going. Parenting….it causes so many feelings, whatever the age of the children.

  7. awww thanku beth! … she is too adorable!
    she has grown soo much too!
    we’ve had the internet down for a week!!! … just catching up!

  8. I was having a rough evening – empty nest here, and the third one married just a week ago. The first week was lovely when I just immersed myself in the joy of having no more wedding preparations to do. But now it is back to real life.

    And here you are, regaling me with tales of that sweet child. Ahh… Thank you, thank you , thank you! I’m smiling and feeling much more upbeat now.

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