Cheeky mid week escape to Mt Hay Luxury Retreat

It took me all of 3 seconds to answer the lovely Louise’s email asking me if I would like to come and stay at the gorgeous luxury retreat Mt Hay in Berry, but about 4 months to finally get around to booking in a date that would work for Rob and I, lining up someone to look after the kids, you know how life is with 3 kids.

This place has been on my radar for some time so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to stay at this exclusive boutique escape in the gorgeous Berry less than an hour from home. Grandma & Papa arrived to mind Harps and Mags (Daise is at camp this week so it was one less person to worry about) and so we hightailed it out of town and arrived up the mountain in the late afternoon.

Gosh the drive through Kangaroo Valley is gorgeous and after a little recent rain, it was looking glorious. Not so much over the hill in Berry though as they haven’t had any rain at all and are struggling in the drought too. But the sun was shining on this glorious slice of heaven.

There are just 5 individual suites in total on the property perched on top of the hills just 10 minutes from Berry with 360 degree views stretching out to the ocean which really is the best that the south coast has on offer: mountains, beach and good shopping & eating. It’s totally secluded with gorgeous gardens filled with native birds and wildlife that you can see from the huge suites. The rooms are MASSIVE with the most gorgeous bath on the deck of all of them. King size beds, a couch and large sitting area and a massive bathroom were all such a treat to enjoy to ourselves. NOT A KID IN SIGHT.

We left the champagne on ice and wandered around the property – such gorgeous and well maintained gardens (trust us to notice this and know how much effort it would take) with places to sit and take in the many views all over the place. A wharf with a dam filled with fish, animals to visit (if that’s you thing: HOW CAN 1 WEEK OLD BABY GOATS NOT BE YOUR THING?!) a swing to perch on, it was perfect to meander through as the sun set.

We had a great chat with the owners Louise and Anthony and were sorry to hear that they had recently had to sell all their cows that have been on the property for years. It’s the driest it’s been in 30 years and with a hot summer ahead they need rain. Because we were conscious of the lack of water we decided not to have a bath to save water (again, we are the losers that notice these kind of things) but I’m sure that a soak looking at that view would be to die for!

We had an early dinner down in Berry (lots of places to chose from there and just 10 minutes drive) before heading back to the retreat to drink a bottle of champagne, listen to some tunes and have a natter without interruption…pure heaven!

I was up early to snap the sunrise but then promptly fell back asleep.

We then decided to get our shoes on and walk down the mountain into Berry for breakfast (its just 5kms into town) but one hell of a walk back up…oh MY. Not for the fainthearted. We had a great breakfast at Milkwood Bakery (excellent coffee too) and then headed back up the hill. A 2.5 hour round trip for us.

It took a while for me to catch up breath back from that hike, but a good shower and relax in the room and we were ready to get on our way. The rooms were truly spacious and THAT VIEW. So nice to meet a lovely couple doing something they love that shows in the beautiful gardens, animals and attention to detail. This would be a great place to escape to mid week and there are a number of packages available that you could tap into with champagne or local wine, cheese platters and strawberries all so close to Berry as well as a pool, spa etc…run don’t walk!

We headed (actually hobbled) back down to Berry for some more coffee and a wander through the shops. Berry is not the natural habitat for men: so much superior homeware and fashion shopping, Rob spent quite a bit of time outside waiting for me. Perfect for shopping with mates though!

Some lunch and we were back up the hill to the Highlands, ballet lessons, dinner and dance lessons. What a treat to be able to have some time in the middle of the week to enjoy a piece of paradise. Thank you so much Louise & Anthony for having us – it was heaven. I will be back for those twin baby goats too.

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When was the last time you had an escape with your better half?
Been anywhere good we need to know about?

You can check out Mt Hay Retreat online here.

Mt Hay Luxury Retreat
(02) 4464 1452
Email: [email protected]
Address: 260 Mt Hay Private Rd, Berry NSW 2535

We were the lucky guests of Louise & Anthony…thanks so much for having us!


  1. Julie Harris says

    Sounds like heaven! As for your question when was the last time I had an escape with my better half. Well my eldest is 14 and youngest 11 and we have NEVER had a night away together alone in that time. Yep pretty sad actually! Just a combo of lack of funds and lack of suitable babysitters.

  2. Looks like such a special place. Those views are divine!

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