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Is it raining where you are today? It’s gloriously wet here, properly sodden, wet, soaking rain that has all the trunks of the trees dark with rain, the grass greening before our eyes and the cheers from farmers heard in the distance. It’s been a long, hot summer and we have some Autumn rain! Even if it’s just for the day, we’ll take it.

It’s a very slow Sunday here, pj’s on from most of us, movies on repeat and things bubbling away in the oven for our dinner. While the temperature has dropped outside, it’s still warm in here and the ideal conditions for slothing around at home. It’s these type of days that actually force me to slow down…

How has your week been? They are flying by already aren’t they? It’s going to be March already this week, thoughts of Easter and the next school holidays start to come into our minds when it was JUST Christmas. Well, that was 2 months ago today in fact.

We had a swimming carnival on another cool day this week, Harps came 2nd in her heat and we were so proud of her just having a crack. We went and celebrated with an old school Chinese dinner at one of our country restaurants. Sizzling plates filled with treats – the kids thought it was SUCH a treat. Actually, so did I. I didn’t have to cook or steak the dishwasher once.

I ate too many pieces of leftover baked Cheesecake.

Got a gorgeous posy sent to my door.

Had a tree stop me in my tracks as I drove past with it’s Autumn levels peaking a little early.

We ate Chicken pot pies. And I couldn’t stop thinking about margaritas.

On Friday morning I was up early and hit the road for a 2.5 hour drive to Balmoral for Brunch with old school mates to celebrate a belated 40th. Then turned around and drove 2.5 hours home…I was cranky by the time I got home.

Yesterday we hit the road again, this time for a 6 hour round trip up to my Dad and Step Mum’s place to celebrate the life of my Step Mum’s Mum. It was a lovely afternoon remembering her, looking at some of her precious keepsakes (she was the most amazing stitcher – a true artist).

We got home around 8.30pm, got the kids into bed and then me not long after. Too much driving for my liking over too many days close together. You can see why this rainy day has been so welcome today…forcing us to do nothing, and go nowhere.

And now? Well another week ahead of us.

But until then, couch, coffee, movies and maybe a bath.


  1. Aah, Beth – sounds blissful!
    We have a good break in our bad weather today (awaiting possible damaging microbursts again tomorrow, though) but I have such a bad back today that I can’t get out and about to enjoy it! (…hence, coffee, bed and a book or two for me also! Oh well… 😘)

  2. looks next to perfect to me bath!
    nearly driven to drink here, but had good news today, so hopefully onwards and upwards!
    much love mxx
    can only say how important psa tests for men are! x

  3. lucieariston says

    Beth, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.

  4. Beth, thank you ever so for you post.Much thanks again.

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