Full Maggie update: 2 years 7 months

We’ve turned the corner on two and are heading towards three you guys. Somehow. This should pretty much sum up where she is at:

Maggie Roslyn Macdonald
Who thinks she is 3 (whilst holding up 2 fingers)
Favourites past times: pooing and weeing and farting and weeing

She is hilarious. Mostly.

She seems to have grown up SO much over the past month. A growth spurt, a leap in her understanding and everything. She is smart and funny and such a character. I think she is going to give us the most trouble. And that’s saying something.

She’s been very busy doing ALL OF THE THINGS all of the time and getting very pissed off when she can’t quite work them out right away. Now THAT trait runs across all three of our girls.

She dead set thinks that she is part Schnoodle I am sure of it. This is how she eats apples. And she has moved on from twirly skirts and dresses to oversized swimmers.

And has discovered the dress up stash.

Her first love still lies with her best fwiend Archie, although him having his third birthday on the weekend REALLY was annoying.

I think she is going to have a pretty good summer ahead. The farm. The beach. She’s going to love having her sisters around so much.

And she has moved out of her cot and into a big girls bed. Man, it’s all gone by so quick.

At least there are moments when she still looks like my baby.

We’re meant to be giving the dummy to Santa, I am not really keen to have a whingy Christmas and holiday but we’ll see. We also need to gibe the toilet training a red hot go. She has NO clue or interest on the matter whenever we try. The odd wee on the toilet, but generally everywhere BUT there.

Too much other stuff to do, you know?

It’s going to be a wonderful Christmas and holidays, I just know it. I hope to soak up every moment because I know just how quickly it will be over.

As much as the past month has probably bought out all my insecurities and frustrations about parenting – I am just a bit shit at parenting toddlers. I lose patience and get overly frustrated and fixated on problems that will all be over soon, I can’t imagine not having a 2 year 7 month old this Christmas who is reminding us all over again, just how magical childhood is.

Thanks Mags. We love you. I’ll try harder too. On we go…


  1. After a build up of minor frustrations over the past few days I full on screamed, not words, just incoherent screaming at the freezer when the drawer got stuck.
    We all have our moments and kids tend to bring out the best and the sometimes worst in most lol. I read the other day somewhere on the web be kind to yourself as you are to others. Its a good point.

  2. I remember, back in the olden days, when my “baby” was about that age for Christmas. It really is a wonderful time. She is a moody 15 year old for this Christmas, somehow not quite as magical

  3. Santa is taking the dummies from our place too however I am dreading the crying that will come with it. We are well over due with my son at 4 years but so far we haven’t managed it.

    I am feeling a little bad for Santa though – he gets a cross face every time we walk past!!

  4. I swear I watched the video of Mag’s favourite things about a dozen times on Insta. I’m also the mother of a toddler (2 in February) I also get so frustrated and fixated on the things that really don’t matter. Merry Christmas to you and yours and I adore your social media feeds.
    Enjoy your well deserved prosecco’s as I know I will as well
    Thank you xx

  5. My daughter asked her grandmother to tell Santa that he could have the presents back if she could have her dummy back. My mum told her there was one in her fridge that Santa had forgotten!! Took another year. She’s 37 now and no longer has a dummy so don’t stress.

  6. she is a treasure beth!
    it’s clear to see mags is a wag!
    that video cracks me up!
    oh and when it’s not your birthday! … funny dat!
    thankyou for sharing hun!
    much love mxx

  7. She is so beautiful. Reminds me of my Phoebe, although she’s 3 now. We are fully toilet trained during the day… now to try and do night time…

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