Full Maggie update: 2 and a half

Which means that she will be 3 in just 6 months time. You know how quick 6 months goes right? THREE. She was just born and now she will be three. Preschool etc. OK, I might be getting a little ahead of myself. Right now, she is 2 and a half. And a bit cute. And full on.

She couldn’t be more 2 and a half if she tried. The works! Tantrums. Non stop cute little voice talking. ADORABLENESS. The toilets training refusal. The dummy obsession. She has it all!

After lots of travel for me over the past month, she has finally calmed down and realised that when I say I am going out for a run that I will come home 45 mins later and it doesn’t mean that I am hoping on a plane. So many cuddles. So much love. It’s been beautiful and a little suffocating at times.

From the minute she wakes up (around 5.30-6) it’s full ON. And there’s been an alarming development. She is starting to give up her day sleep. Which means that by 3pm it’s not pretty. The juggle of keeping her awake (to avoid that 4pm onwards nap) and keeping tantrums at bay until she can collapse into bed at 6.30pm. The one joy is that she passes out immediately (although tends to wake up crying the whole first half of the night as she is overtired). You can’t win!

She also started ballet which she is obsessed with.

Nothing like a toddler and an obsession: flower dress, swimmers, dummies, ballet outfits, it’s ALL or nothing when you are 2 and a half.

Her laying with Archie is fraught with fights in between delightful playing. There’s full on fisty cuffs, there’s angry hugging and angry love and then delightfulness where they say thank you and I love you unprompted.

She still thinks she is half schnoodle too.

And her sisters save the day for me every single time with patient and kind playing with her. They are SO good with her – I could not do this without them.

She’s keeping me EXHAUSTED, all of us on our toes, making us laugh every single day and making our hearts burst with love, how can you love one person so much? We all do. So much.

Just throw the odd day time sleep at me every now and then OK? x


  1. mags is too adorable for words beth! … thankyou for sharing her delightfulness with us!
    she captured my heart as soon as she was born! … such a joy!
    love all of the photos, but the dummie takes the cake! OMG! good luck hun! … hilarious!
    love the ballet obsession and I think grandma will need to make another fairy garden asap!
    much love mxx

  2. Rowena/VintageNobility says

    Big Love from Me n Miss Ruby…we are just a little back on the trail behind Mags, having crossed the two year old line on Oct 20th – and its all happening – as above here too; oh the dancing just makes me melt – I have happy smiles observing Ruby’s love for Charlie & Lola and Play School and Justine Clarke! Dressing up in colours, sequins, frills and ruffles – she is just like my little self and it hits me hard as I watch her grow while simultaneously I am watching my father deteriorate and reflecting on how precious life is, how quickly it all happens and how Love is the fundamental force which drives Life! I adore watching her unique relationships between her siblings and the Faith it gives me that no matter what…everything: will be OK!
    Still love you, your blog and following the adventures you take us on.
    Forever grateful and forever a friend on the pathway through it.
    xxx Rowena & Ruby / VintageNobility xxx

    • Beautiful words as ever Rowena – love is EVERYTHING. Plain and simple. Hope you are OK with your Dad, Ruby a beautiful reminder for you x

  3. My little 2 1/2 sweetie ( she is now 53) fussed about naps and went full on all day. When she went to dance she met a 6 year old who said, “Mimi, you are pokey today, you need to sleep more”, wow, a total turn about, she wanted to please her older friend. Now she was my first, not the youngest child who has learned so many wise behaviors from older kids…and who was spoiled by all of the attention. By the way you can never spoil a child with too much love or attention. You are lucky to have young ones❤️

  4. That photo of the kids on the cricket pitch is gold. The wonderful memories that it evokes. Creme de la creme of summer time fun as a child – hanging with kids of different ages, cut grass, freedom, a game, small country town

  5. GET IN MA BELLY! She is just beyond adorable. xxx

  6. So cute! I have a boy slightly older than Maggie, and this age is so much fun. Just want to chime (barge?) in and say that I think her nap thing is a phase. My son went through it and other 2.5 year olds I know have too. Most kiddies don’t give up the nap until well into 3. So if you can, keep trying! I bet she’ll go back to her midday naps after a bit :). We started giving my son quiet, alone playing time in his bed after lunch and before his nap to kind of prime him for the idea of sleeping. It worked!

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