A good Wednesday

I came over to Mum’s this morning for morning tea on a beautiful spring day in the Highlands. She made scones…YES! And we watched the news….YES! Australia has voted yes for marriage equality which has me going…YES!

We have been living in strange times of late haven’t we? Brexit, Trump, terrorism, the news just seems to be so bad, all the time, fuelled by fear and hate that seems to have so much volume you know? There are so many words and voices and platforms and thoughts and anger, and through this ridiculous vote so much humiliation, frustration and unnecessary hate.

I’m angry that it even came to this, this open platform for hate allowed and encouraged by our government. I’m ashamed that it’s any of our business to have a say on the rights of our fellow friends, loved ones or strangers in the street who are just the same as us! I’m embarrassed I had to explain it to my children who cannot even understand how it’s even a question or vote, their simple views and open hearts confused.

But today. A victory! YES! Rainbows and love and colour and diversity and the good stuff in LIFE all around everywhere I look that you just can’t help but smile and shed a tear. It feels good doesn’t it?

To all our friends I’m sorry that you had to go through this. Yes! To equality. Yes! To love. On a Wednesday where it always seems to be a bad news day, this is making me smile. Yes indeed.

Happy Wednesday friends! x


  1. Happy Wednesday indeed. Yes to love ❤️

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes! <3

  3. Too true Beth…..I have also been ashamed that we have been entitled to have a say over other people’s lives, but now I’m glad as logic prevailed and what most of us had to say was a big fat YES. Love really does conquer all ❤️?????

  4. Well said Beth! Yes, it is indeed a happy Wednesday! ❤️

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