In my mind: Mental Health & Motherhood

A few months ago I had a camera crew from New Zealand come and spend a morning with us and have a chat about motherhood, sleep deprivation, post natal depression etc…and this morning it aired in NZ. Thought you might like to have a look:

This series might get a run on SBS too – it’s a great series on all things to do with mental health and they also have some great other docos on their You Tube channel here.

So important to talk about this stuff!


  1. Theresa Vossen says

    That’s wonderful! Go Beth! I enjoyed the NZ ON AIR programme – they are great! And I loved the Kiwi accents too (Kiwi living in Auz!) – but mostly just happy to see this on air. So important. How wonderful you asked to be on it! Maggie is SO cute & a lovely little handful moment at the front door haha. Oh, and now you are EVEN more like Duchess Kate – mental health campaigns and all ??????⭐️⭐️

  2. Victoria says

    Hey Beth, I watched the show this morning and thought it was great – it was like all my current feelings were being aired. I then got my husband to sit down and watch with me, whilst I rocked, shushed and cuddled our 7 week old baby, so he could understand how I’ve been feeling. I have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. It’s time I spoke up about how I’m feeling and got some help. Motherhood is bloody hard but you shouldn’t feel shit all the time. Thank you for your involvement in this programme, it was so refreshing to hear you and the other women being so honest about this topic.

    • Good on you Victoria. Telling someone is such a great first step – I hope you can get some support and know that you are not alone. It will get easier…it just will. Good luck x

  3. Thanks for sharing this link.

  4. Marylou Khan says

    I watched this as soon as you posted about it yesterday. You were brilliant. I love your honesty I had a giggle a few times with some of what you said.It bought back a lot for me. My two boys are 11 and 13 now but when I had my youngest we moved to a country town where we knew no one. I had a baby who never slept used to wake most nights at least 8 times a night. A busy toddler and a husband who ended up working away 3 weeks at a time. It was horrible. I ended up putting my two year old in daycare two days a week for his social skills but also to get a break. I never told anyone how I was feeling didn’t know who to tell. I’m sitting here now with tears because my two never got the best of me then. I was exhausted and could hardly function. There are hardly any photos which I feel hugely guilty about but it was all just about getting through the day. I wish I had support then.

    • Oh Marylou, I wish you had support too. The asking for help makes it easier for you and the baby – I wish I had asked for more help too. Hindsight is quite a thing isn’t it! x

  5. What a wonderfully honest documentary. I honestly think sleep deprivation has a lot to do with the ability to ‘cope’ in those early years. There isn’t necessarily a one size fits all solution to issues like this from Mum to Mum, family to family, even baby to baby. Oh, and you were great.

  6. This was so good Beth! I have shared it with my mothers group – one of the things that has really helped me cope. You often feel so alone – but so many others are feeling the same.

  7. Wow, I have to admit I planned on just quickly scanning over your bits (no offence to the other amazing ladies in the doco) but I got really sucked in. It’s so great that people are talking about all of this. I think about my mental health a lot and how I’d manage it differently if I get to have a second child. I was so unaware of what I was dealing with the first time around – stuck in my bubble – but now I look back and holy shit I was anxious. More than what I’d consider my ‘normal’ – WAY MORE. If I’d realised it was that bad I would have sought help for post natal anxiety. I’ve had depression last year while trying for another child (secondary infertility) and I just hope that if I finally realise my dream, I do not find the reality really difficult because I wanted it for so long. I am hoping being proactive and aware would really help me another time around.

  8. Such an important message, appreciated your honesty.

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