Teeth: It’s all good until it’s NOT all good

A winner has now been chosen for this giveaway Emily with this comment: “I’m currently that weird adult with braces and they’re coming off in THREE weeks. Since getting braces my teeth have become extra sensitive. Thank you teeth gods for sensodyne! My beloved hot green tea and chilled savvy b have become unbearable, hoping this changes when the braces come off!” Original post follows…

A sponsored post for Sensodyne Deep Clean

Like most things about your health, you take it 100% for granted until it’s not good, and then it’s really NOT ok. Have you ever had teeth issues before? This is a picture of me last year when things were not OK.

Now this was not a good time at all. Obvs I needed to get my hair done, sure, but let’s look at the positives, there was no perioral dermatitis plaguing my middle aged skin at the time. I did however, have THREE children, ONE A BABY with whooping cough.


Things were bad.

But! On top of all that, I had sensitive tooth issues which were making things extra bad.

If I go back through time, I can pin point exactly when things became not so good with my teeth. The whooping cough, not so much, but I do blame a road stop KFC on the Pacific Highway somewhere between Raymond Terrace and Kempsey for that.

So of course like any good adult, instead of REALLY trying to sort that out, I decided to leave it a little longer, you know, just to be sure. I started using Sensodyne because I was middle aged and things were getting tricky with things like this:


And this…

Not you too my beloved daily 7am coffee, not you too.

And then this…

Icy gin and tonic, I missed you most of all. Sigh.

It was not OK.


It’s funny just how much you take for granted simple things like drinking hot coffee or tea or enjoying ice on a hot day or in a, ahem, gin. I was apparently taking an express train to middle aged land and it was time to get serious about my teeth.

And what this DID do, was make me take the health of my teeth and mouth seriously. Never again was I going to be in denial about, hoping that ignoring it would make it go away. It never does. It was time for me to step up and be the grown up (because apparently we are now?!) and lead by example for the girls that taking good care of your teeth is SO important, and just what you do (like your eyes, or feet, boobs or lady parts) it’s JUST WHAT YOU DO.

Since then there’s been a few things I have taken on board in my grown up approach to good teeth health care (and to never go back to the summer of 15/16 that we shall never speak of again so help me god).

I make regular trips to the dentist. Every 6 months and I NEVER cancel an appointment. Oh and you can bet your bottom dollar that I am Instagramming those appointments in my best smug way. If an un-instagrammed dentist visit occurs, does it occur at all?!

And I have continued to use Sensodyne to keep my sensitive teeth happy with this new Sensodyne Deep Clean Toothpaste.

The thing I love most about this new formula is that it’s more foamy. I know this doesn’t sound technical but anyone that has used Sensodyne in the past will know what I am talking about here. This new formula contains “FOAM BOOST TECHNOLOGY” but I am here to tell you this is not PR spin, it’s improved. It feels cleaner, it keeps my sensitive teeth happy and it feels like I have brushed my teeth in a non middle aged kind of way.

And so now the only kicks I get in my mouth are from my 2 year old when she is aggresively wanting cuddles from me.

And times tables are fun again. THANK YOU ACCEPTABLE ICY APEROL SPRITZ GODS .

Thanks to Sensodyne’s new Deep Clean Formula I have a great giveaway for someone out there who may be suffering FOMO from eating their Frosty Fruits or drinking their Chai Lattes or sipping on their Gin and Tonics.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend a fabulous dinner by Chef Brett Savage that showcased a #tasteslikenormal gastronomic experience: hot/cold/sweet/sour, pretty much ALL OF THE THINGS that I am now able to enjoy now that I have my teeth sensitivity sorted! You can check out some of my photos of the delicious food on Instagram here.

And thanks to Sensodyne I have a chance for YOU to win your own gastronomic experience at the award-winning Bentley restaurant in Sydney (Dinner for x 2 to the value of $250 at Bentley Restaurant at Sydney (6 months to claim). For a chance to win this great prize just leave a comment below letting me know the dish you miss the most with your sensitive teeth.

Note that this restaurant is IN SYDNEY. So if you are in Adelaide or Wodonga and are all like FLY ME THERE BETH I am here to tell you that this is for the restaurant only. Make own way. If you are outside of Sydney but you MAY be in Sydney within the 6 month timeframe than you should totally go for it and comment below! And if you actually LIVE in Sydney, then you should 100% comment away.

You can read the rest of the T&C’s here.

And you can read about the new formula of Sensodyne Deep Clean here.

So for a chance to win this great $250 dinner for two at Bentley Restaurant leave a comment below telling me what food you miss the most?
Is it ice cream?
A frosty fruit? Is it a frosty fruit?

Or tell me about your sensitive teeth woes.
It’s not OK is it?
Time to be a grown up and get it sorted!

For the relief of sensitive teeth. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.
Trademarks are owned or licensed by the GSK group of companies.


  1. Minutes, fantales and redskins. Too chewy. Too sweet. Too ouchy. Too sad.

  2. You had me at Frosty Fruits?

  3. Well! If only dinner at The Bentley were a reality I’d be digging into their oysters to start with, promptly followed by the pork cheek, digging my teeth into the wagyu cooked over charcoal and those amazing yellow beans with buttermilk and olives. Chewy, delicious, sensory overload foods that I could dig into without the worry of aching teeth or irritation from the pickles and vinegar and delectable sauces. Yes please Beth!!! Yum!

  4. Ice cold watermelon in summer. I have to ‘gum’ it. With my lips curled over my teeth, tongue spread, trying to insulate as much tooth as possible. Then the inevitable icy cold juice hits one of those sensitive spots and Ka ? ! I feel like shooting up in the air like a Saturday morning cartoon character.

  5. Chris Tritton says

    Just had my own grow up moment….involving an endodontist & root canal therapy!!!
    Eating & chewing on both sides will be the bonus. I’m ready for a wonderful dinner at Bentley’s?

  6. I once went a little apeshit on the home teeth whitening and spent the night with the mouth plates in and a tad too much whitener. OMG the sensitivity the next few days!! I just wanted to take my teeth out, and wrap them in a woolen blanket with a hot water bottle!

  7. It’s iceblocks/ frosty fruits for me. I’ve ended up figuring out my own way of eating them which involves sucking/licking and NEVER taking a bite – but I do look a bit weird doing that (but you know, how is a gal meant to get through summer without a tropical frosty fruit?) But then when I met my husband we had that awkward moment where he watched me eat an iceblock and wondered if he’d fallen in love with someone unable to consume food normally. No. It’s just my teeth! Sensitive souls that they are. Need to get some of this stuff stat.

  8. Frozen Watermelon on a hot day….sometimes the pain is worth it!

  9. The cold is sneaking up on me at the moment and I figured it was a hole??? For me at the moment its as plain and simple as ice cold water – owwwwyyyyyyy.

  10. Nicole Roberts says

    I miss smoothies. And I have to have 3 root canals, damaged from medication, and it makes the sensitivity worse. ?

  11. Jill Brown says

    I have the jingle stuck in my head now!
    “We’re the fruit!… and I’m the frosty… We’re real cool and not too costly…….!
    Frosty FRUITS… frosty FRUITS… frosty FRUITS…. frosty FRUUUUIIIIITTTS!”
    Pick me please! 😀 We’ll be in Sydders for a family holiday from Tassie in October <3

  12. Super Sarah says

    Right now? I miss ALL food! I’m three weeks into a six week clean eating challenge and it’s HARD! I’m doing it with my husband which makes it easier and I do feel great so it’s not all complaints! AND my ten year old declared my raw caramel slice delicious, which is high praise indeed from a picky eater! But you know what would make this struggle even more worthwhile? A fancy pants dinner to look forward to!!!!!! PS my mother was a dental hygienist for years! Thankfully we were not a case of “the cobblers children have no shoes” but I can tell you it’s pretty awful having your mum hold you on her lap and FLOSS YOUR TEETH FOR YOU as a teenager!!!!!

  13. Milkshakes in summertime

  14. Corina Morgan says

    Who doesn’t love an ice cold G’n’T?! Sensitive teeth are the worst!! Pass me the sensodyne ?

  15. After having adult braces (yes you read that correctly) then having the braces removed, I then had the joy of undergoing a root canal. Since then whenever I eat anything icy cold such as ice-cream, cold drinks or desserts I get shooting pain from my jaw to my temple (it makes no sense, considering they removed the nerve) even thinking about eating these things gives me the shivers.

  16. Melissa Goodsell says

    Coffee frappe’s for sure and Capachino’s

  17. Wendy Bartleman says

    Two root canals, one on each side, meant eating anything hurt there for awhile! My denial and dentist anxiety meant that I ended needing to be knocked out to have the root canals done! ( yeah for drugs, boo for the cost) I am now a regular visitor to my dentist! Going to be in Sydney in September for my Sisters 50th! ?? Love that I can enter this comp!

  18. The post-dinner, Friday night Cornetto. So, so good. Until it wasn’t. ???

  19. Helen Dawes says

    I am with you Beth, sensitive teeth suck, and currently the ice cubes from a freshly poured mojito (adorned with fresh limes and mint from the garden because, you know, I am a health goddess and in touch with mother Earth) gives me the sort of thrill you get when your bare tootsies tread on the bloody Lego left on the floor….. again.

  20. Frosty fruits were my pregnancy craving last year and YES the teeth were so sensitive, then malted thick shakes were next #ouchamagowcha finally gave into hot chips as they didn’t hurt the teeth

  21. Veronica Hind says

    Chocolate. And ice cream. And cold water. Oh MY!!

    Yes, that tender tooth that “isn’t that bad” but then is THAT bad!! Have you ever given birth through your teeth? Neither have I… but two Christmases ago (as in, 4 days before!) when my tender tooth thought it would package itself up and deliver itself to wherever all (not-so-)good teeth go to die – I felt my tooth canal fire up, burn through my screaming and end with a pop. It honestly felt like my teeth were in labour. But except for that cute bundle of joy when the pain suddenly went, all I nursed was a luke warm ice-pack and a huge endodontist bill.

    Get those tender little babies checked. ASAP!!

  22. Pine Lime Splice

  23. Pinar Krajcik says

    Granita of any kind! The icy and sometimes alcoholic goodness DESTROYED by the feeling of someone taking a pick axe to my molars… no more icy alcoholic goodness for me and that makes me a saaaad panda…

  24. Frozen cokes! Drive through just isn’t the same anymore ?

  25. I’m currently that weird adult with braces and they’re coming off in THREE weeks. Since getting braces my teeth have become extra sensitive. Thank you teeth gods for sensodyne! My beloved hot green tea and chilled savvy b have become unbearable, hoping this changes when the braces come off!

  26. Debbie Ladd says

    Known to like a bargain, I couldn’t go past the half price fancy wrapped nougat at the local expensive food store, thought it would be lovely surprise for my Hubby! One should have known half price nougat would be rock hard and most likely out of date…………one bite was all it took, snap, tooth cracked right down the middle, although he did think the crunch was the nutty bits, took a few chews to realise it was his tooth…..needless to say, $2500 for the crown, 3 dental visits, for x-rays, preparation work, temporary filling and that bloody half price nougat cost me just over $3000!!!!!!!! We now go twice yearly, apparently as when you hit middle age they need more care. I think my hubby deserves a fancy dinner out after that! Oh and NO MORE NOUGAT – Dentist says NO!

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