Rainy museum days

After a late night last night (this second and third wind business I get around 10/11pm at night is DANGEROUS) we slept in this morning till 9.50am when there was knocking on the door to clean the room. Needless to say, I was feeling much better after a big nights sleep. The weather was wet and cold again so we planned to take the subway up to the Upper East Side to the Guggenheim.

From there we walked down to the Met which is only a few blocks away. It was pouring with rain as we walked through the slushy puddles and saw lots of fancy poodles being taken out for their walks. Central Park is still very wintery and bare, a few more weeks I’m sure there will be signs of life again.

Like all the museums and stores around here, they are warm compared to the icy wind and wet outside and after a few minutes you’re ready to strip off your layers. It was busy (I’m sure it’s always busy) but we whizzed around taking in their huge collection of works. So many Monets and all the big ticket Renaissance items.

Loved seeing that even way back in the day there were women rolling their eyes at their husbands leering at their boobs.

This one couldn’t believe her husband left his towel on the floor again. Pick it up fucks sake.

Mums tired, struggling at the park through all the ages.

And Single ladies, who were actually men, waiting for someone to put a ring on it.

We ventured back out into the cold afternoon, blasted by cold air and rain as we walked in search of somewhere to eat (where are all the places on the upper east side?!) until we found no where and ended up wet and a little frazzled at our next stop, The Frick. An amazing old home owned by a rich American Industrialist, Henry Frick his private home and art collection was truly beautiful. There was a Turner exhibition on there too, alas no photos in there.

It was back into the rain and heading down town before we ended back on the subway and back into our hood to the most gorgeous all American diner complete with soft booths, warm burgers and happy attentive service. It was so good to sit down, get dry, eat some food (first meal of the day at 4pm).

We’re back in the hotel now for a little break from the walking (we did over 15kms yesterday and over 10kms already today). We saw the girls via FaceTime who were all SO fine and happy (thank you Mum) and now I’ve had a bath we’re planning what we’ll get up to this evening. We’re promised some sunshine tomorrow but right now the clouds have moved back in over the gorgeous skyline.

My word we’re having a great time. And boy is it nice to have Rob here taking photos of me…proof that I was in NY! Thank you Rob x

Last night we ate dinner at Tijuana Picnic.
Had some cocktails at Mr Purple.
Got our morning coffees from Ludlow Coffee Supply.
Went to The Guggenheim Museum.
Went to the MET.
Went to the Frick Museum.
Had lunch at The Remedy Diner.

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  1. Check out Doughnut Plant. Best donuts I’ve ever had!!

  2. Gosh, this is wonderful stuff Beth.

    Make sure you and Rob get in some of the photos together too.

    Jelly of the museums you visited today but not of all that walking – if I ever want to travel I will need to get seriously in shape!!

  3. Loving these updates! Your museum commentary for each work is spot on, and so much more entertaining than the usual descriptions!

    Feel free to share plenty of food pics won’t you…

  4. Love seeing these pics and living your trip, pretty similar to the one we took 18months ago….seems like a lifetime ago!
    If you get the chance you must try the BEST Reubin sandwich at Katz Deli…trust me..its worth it!

  5. Hey Beth,
    Try Bemelmans Bar – upper east side right under The Carlyle Hotel. Interior walls covered in scenes painted by Ludwig Bemelmans the guy responsible for the Madeline book series. Very New York

  6. Loving these updates! Keep them coming so I can live vicariously through you xx

  7. makin’ the memories guys!
    loving rob’s black and whites of you beth! … just gorgeous!
    glad you got to the Guggenheim! … such a collection!
    hope the weather improves for you soon! it’s bad back home anyhoo!
    keep enjoying your freedom!
    much love m:)X

  8. Keep up the posts. I’m loving them. I’m dreaming of when I can get to New York. x

  9. Just loving the updates and photos. Need lots more pics with you both together. So glad you aren’t letting the bad weather stop you from having fun. Stay safe and enjoy.

  10. That third last picture of you, drinking the drink, UGH – gorgeous!

    Oh gosh, re-read that sounds vaguely creepy. Ah well, I stand by my comment. You’re a babe!

  11. Great commentary of the artwork Beth, lol – love your humour! Yes agree what is with the Upper East-Side and the lack of food (and soul imo)!!
    Upper West -Side all the way for food when there. Loving your pics thanks for sharing 🙂
    Luv Liz xxx

  12. Gosh I love following along on your trip to NYC!!! Thanks for taking us. x

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