Good things

Well, this for a start. Hilarious. (found via @phoodiegram)

I have plenty to be negative nancy about at the moment, but where’s the fun in that? There are always good things to see around you, and that’s what I am focusing on today even though it’s 1 million degrees and windy as fuck outside and I have to start another nit treatment….oh hang on…where was I?

Good things. Yep.

I bought myself some crochet dish cloths on the weekend because obvs, I am worth it. Keen to see how they go. Plenty of people rave about them and so far I can say I am a fan. Chuck them in the wash and they are good as new again. If you were crafty and inclined to make your own, you can look at places like Pip’s blog and do it yourself.

How cool is this? Saw it at our local Harris Farm…single herd milk that you can pour yourself. Harps rolled a sample and said it was very good so I’ll be sure to get some next time I am there. You know I still haven’t bought one litre of cheap milk since last year. How are you going with that?

Might be hot, too hot. Windy and HOT, but at least it’s superior drying conditions. For, you know, all my washing.

January bounty from the garden. Apples are a bumper crop this year (the girls picked these last week and they were a bit too young and small) but the perfect size for Maggie who keeps helping herself to them. Well, taking a bite and putting them back.

On the weekend I was lucky enough to go to the most beautiful home I have EVER been into for some farewell drinks for my friend Mrs C. I’m telling you, I am still spinning at how one home could be SO fabulous? It was almost biblical for me…my own Guggenheim experience if you will. Isn’t it SO special to be able to invited into someone’s home? It always makes me feel special, no matter how big or small, fancy or not it is. Homes are parts of people’s hearts and I love the chance to be able to see that.

How’s this pansy that Aunty June bought me months ago? Just your average little pansy of potted colour…well it’s grown and grown and turned into some kind of hanging plant that I love taking things over as it goes. Haven’t killed the Fiddle-Leaf as yet either. Winning.

What’s something good happening in your world today?


  1. Something good happening in my world? Well that just might be that ALL 3 of my kids started school yesterday. Yes, that’s right, I have three school kids now (how on earth did that happen? It feels like yesterday I was at your place with a sneaking suspicion I might be up the duff).
    My house is calm, my house is quiet. That, my friend, is good!

  2. Yay for not buying generic milk!!! Farmers around the country need everyone to support them by buying quality Australian produce. We are deep in fruit harvest at the moment so am loving fresh picked peaches, mulberries, and plums – delish!

  3. Beth just watched your videos on Show and Tell… thank you for being so honest. xxx

  4. You, my dear, have just set me off on a whole big rush of memory lane – of when I had my best actual Guggenheim experience. At all of 22 I was travelling around Europe by myself ( looking back I love that I was that fearless and bulletproof to head off) and took myself to Peggy Guggenheim’s – what a fabulous house and now gallery that is!! She had the right idea, there in Venice!
    We get out milk home delivered by Aussie Farmers and I love that for many years now I haven’t had to buy milk of any description at the supermarket. Am also living that Al hung out the washing – I’m sure it’s dry out there in the fan forced oven we seem to have outside today.

  5. Hyacinths on my bedside table and snowdrops starting to pop up out of the frozen ground.
    Sunny days and frosty nights.
    Being on uni break and spending free time pouring over pretty home blogs.
    A plane ticket home to Australia for a 2 week visit! Heading for Mum’s place in lovely Bundanoon. Cannot wait to wander the garden barefoot, snipping rose clippings and perhaps the hydrangeas are still in bloom!

    I buy almond milk now. Striving to cut meat and animal products from our diets, bit by bit… I know i’ll never be able to go completely cheese free though… But will be sure to stock up on plenty of lovely fresh Aussie fruit and veg when I’m home. I’m dreaming of watermelon and mango especially!

    Chin up. Your list of happy things is mighty fine. And January can’t last forever.

  6. I love your positive attitude 🙂
    I woke up feeling like absolute crap. I had what is probably a bout of PMS and I was feeling the end of the school holidays and I was just MAD. Meltdown mad.
    But…I kept looking for positives all through my day and now I wouldn’t call it a bad one. Just the fact that I got myself out of my funk is a good thing! I’m proud of myself, because if you’d seen me this morning you’d understand haha.

  7. yes! onward and upward beth!
    mmmmm! some good with the bad! all in the life mix hey!
    I am always vigilant to get on top of my negativity, as we are all hardwired for it apparently!
    just an extra thing to keep on top!
    I through myself into some kind of project or paint it all out of me!
    I recently sold three paintings so i’m pretty chuffed! … winning!
    i’ll just keep painting!
    much love m:)X

  8. Thank you so much for your blog and your gorgeous Insta pics. I’m feeling a bit flat today as both of my kids have started back at Kindy and school this week. The first thing I always doing if I feel a bit shit is go to your blog to check for a new post or Insta to check for pics!! You are warm and funny and you blog as if you are having a chat and a laugh with your closest friends!! Thank you for being you and doing what you do. You crazy thing you ???

  9. Okay, so I’ve got the lowdown on nit treatment for you. Got it from a supreme source too! My teacher MIL. She reckons the best, nay the only way, to completely rid yourself and your loved ones is with a cheap arse conditioner. Lather it on, thick and fast, and leave for a good 10 minutes or longer if your blessed little ones will allow. Comb with a fine tooth comb to get all those pesky (but now dead!) eggs and lice out. Then shampoo and condition as you would normally. Apparently, this is a tried and true (and much more pleasant) method! You’re welcome.
    Good things? Oh, just a little and GLORIOUS trip to Bali. I’m looking straight down the barrel of two weeks of food, sun, swim and relax.
    There’s really nothing like a holiday to look forward to is there? Hope you and Rob have a ripper in NY!

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