A Christmas Workshop


Today we held our first Christmas workshop with two of my best mates Mrs Munro and Yorkshire Kitchen in our gorgeous village hall. We thought a chance to spend the day creating, sharing, eating and meeting new people would be just the thing needed at this time of year…and lucky for us a few people thought so too.

Mrs M was focusing on woven Christmas decorations & wreaths, Mrs W on candle making (I think everyone got to take home 3) and I did the catering and a little Christmas tablescaping.

img_0407 img_0409 img_0370

I set a long table out for our lunch in three separate Christmas themes if you like. A classic red and green with lots of casual flowers and herbs (rosemary and star jasmine). A simple white and green with lots of lights and candles. And a bright and colourful (throw everything at it like I normally do).

img_0347 img_0359 img_0348 img_0353

We split the group into two: one doing candles, the other wreaths and then swapped over after morning tea.

img_0371 img_0383 img_0385 img_0381 img_0380 img_0369 img_0378 img_0365

We then sat down for some lunch and Prosecco of course! While I bought out some Christmas canapés that I like to do this time of year and talked through how to make those and how to get some ideas for the Christmas table.

I made some antipasto wreaths, some sweet little roasted potatoes with beetroot dip & chives, the old smoked salmon stack and some chorizo haloumi & mint bites. YUM!

img_0393 img_0395 img_0389 img_0390 img_0401 img_0405

After lunch there was time to sit and create, have a natter, drink tea and eat slice or just keep up with the Prosecco. A truly gorgeous afternoon!

img_0417 img_0411 img_0418 img_0410 img_0414 img_0412 img_0420

There’s already talk and requests for an Easter one…but right now I need to put my feet up. Rob has just walked in the door from his week away and there’s a Prosecco with my name on it!

Does this kind of workshop appeal to you?
What kind of things would you like to learn from me/us?
Would making it part of a weekend retreat down here be better?
Should we take it on the road in 2017?


  1. Love to go to something like this…I vote for take it on the road!

  2. it all looks lovely beth!
    love everything!
    looks like such a good vibe in the room too!
    glad rob is home safely hun!
    enjoy your prosecco!
    love m:)X

  3. Fabulous. Take it on the road!!! I’m so jealous of your little adventure into the outback recently….I live on the edge of the outback in SA and would love an opportunity to join in some fun!!!

  4. Mary Monteleone says

    YES! Bring it to Wollongong – not that far to go 😉
    Looks like a lovely day.

  5. Maybe do a mid morning start, workshop until 5ish, drinks & then dinner somewhere nearby stay over & a walk then coffee/ breakfast in the morning?? Would mean people can drive from Sydney, Canberra Etc in the morning, have a few drinks, not drive home until the next day with some independent shopping/walking/ etc time day 2. You could organise just the workshop but but suggest options for the dinner/accomodation/breakfast bit.

  6. On the road! but I suppose Geelong is a long road for you all ?

  7. Well I became a fan of your blog …! So wonderful things you organise over there Christmas workshop…here we don’t have that …wish we have that here I would go for sure ! I would enjoy it .keep going with the great workshop and go on the road !

  8. Hobart please. Would love to come to a workshop.

  9. sonia south says

    Please Please Please do a Friday workshop.

  10. Leeanne Boyson says

    YES absolutely chomping at the bit to attend one or more of these blissful afternoons.. BUT.. in Melbourne !!

  11. Jacq Lives Here says

    I would have LOVED to come to this! Perhaps a Monday or Friday next time so those that work could have a sneaky day off to attend?

  12. You guys are so clever and creative! Well done xx

  13. I would love to do this next year. Looks amazing.

  14. For goodness sake come to Melbourne!
    Actually I’d like a winter escape up your neck of the woods… accommodation with a fire, yummy food, craft classes…maybe a mid year Xmas thing?
    Also with Diane’s pickled cucumbers, how far in advance can I make them? I am going to make truckloads this year as everyone LOVES them. See, everyone I know in Melbourne will be getting some! So come visit us!

  15. Hi Beth,
    I vote for take it on the road, only I don’t think that you would come all the way to Alice Springs.
    I loved the look of your canapes, can you give me the recipe for the chorizo, haloumi and mint bits and the salmon stacks please. As I would like to do this for Christmas day.

    • I don’t really have a recipe for it: just cut up haloumi & chorizo into bite size pieces, fry up and layer with mint leaves (put together with a toothpick) and some lemon zest over the top!

  16. I’d love to see you team up with Luce for some workshops..such a talented lot you are

  17. For the love of roast pork, take it on the road Beth!!!!!!!

  18. Take it on the road please! ! Bega area.
    Just head south. I’ll find you a lovely country hall to do it in. .

  19. How lovely for you all! You lucky ducks! 🙂
    Definitely take it on the road. The Gold Coast would be a great venue, don’t you think? (she said selfishly..)

  20. Please do a local one next year as I will finally be a local! An Easter get together sounds great! Any catering/entertaining/tablescaping tips would be gratefully received. Moving from Sydney restaurants to having to feed groups of visitors is exciting but daunting as I would much rather grow the food then cook it! ? Everything looks beautiful and do enticing for the soul. Sam x

  21. I would love to attend a workshop like this.
    Would be great as a girls weekend away but also fantastic if you could bring it on the road – I’m in Parkes ( central west NSW). Would love to help you organise this workshop here in Parkes.

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