A day over 39

It’s true! I now look a day over 39, cause I am. Had a cracking day, simple and perfect. For a start it looked like this:


I didn’t do any washing or even swiff with my swiffer! You could say I downed tools for the day. Got lots of lovely words from people in my life who love me. I am officially now my Mum who I remember often saying “just give me some words, that’s all I need!”


Got some lovely pressies from Rob and the girls (cute necklace, whisk and some earrings) some pressies from mates (an amazing necklace homemade from a friend that was a true labour of love) a hot new cushion, spa voucher, bathrobe, bubbles, kitchen stuff, home made lemon curd & relish. What more could a gal hope for? Not much!

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Some gorgeous flowers hand delivered by a friend (thanks Annie!)


And then picked up and taken out to lunch hosted by my beautiful Mum and step dad who made a fuss and a delicious lunch with endless glasses of Prosecco!


Today the sun is shining again. There’s washing on the line. A sleeping baby still in her pj’s. The windows open with a warm breeze floating in. A leaking dishwasher and a garden that’s ready to burst into life.

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I think having a birthday at the end of winter is a great time. Everything is coming to life again after a quiet few months. There’s buds and promise everywhere, much like the start of a new year. Thanks for all your lovely messages here and on various places on social media, it’s nice to feel loved and a birthday certainly does that.


Let’s do this 39.


  1. So glad you had a wonderful birthday Beth.

    Words are all I need too, they are so important to fill the emotional tank up.

  2. Gosh – that lunch spread, what a cracker!

    Hoping that the birthday was all that you wanted and more and that you might have even got some long, connected hours of sleep last night. If I could pass on the sleep that I didn’t get, I would. xo

  3. Happy belated birthday Beth, sorry I missed it, but it looked divine! I’ve been in my own mental little world writing my PB speech, 40 bloody minutes is A LOT! xx

  4. Whitney Sigler says

    I’m so glad you day was wonderful. I just love all the flowers and gifts. I would take flowers every day of the week if I could!? You are loved! Your family is just the sweetest and your mother, well I could go on and on. I miss mine so much. My favorite season is fall, and it just so happens that my 53rd birthday is next month.

  5. Happy Birthday (belated). Glad you had a wonderful day with family and friends xo

  6. Simple and perfect: what more could you wish for on your Birthday! Love it. x

  7. Happy belated birthday! So glad you had a great day ?

  8. Words indeed! Last year my husband and kids made a little video for me where each of them said what they appreciated about me. Without doubt, hands down, the BEST thing I have ever received. I hope they do it again!

    Make sure you celebrate all week. Birthdays are not just meant to last one day.

    Great washing day here too. Rain due tomorrow so everything possible is on the line today. x

  9. What a perfect birthday… HB to you again!!

  10. Happy birthday to you young lady, hope you had a great day, nice to see that mum and step dad put on a nice lunch with plenty of Prosecco.

  11. UUUUMMMMM – IT’S ABOUT YOUR HOT ELVIS CUSHION!!!! My mum LOVES Elvis – do you know where its from mate??

    So glad you had a lovely birthday xo

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