Zigazig ah

Can you believe that it’s 20 years this month since this pearler hit the airwaves?

I can’t tell you just how deep my love ran for these girls. I was 19, perhaps a little too old now that I come to think about it, but I fell in LOVE with the girl power and fun and these 5 ladies. How I used to pump out ALL the dance moves. I would sing EVERY song, in the only way I know how, loudly and with gusto. My little sister was 14 and she shared the same passion, working out the dance routines, the lyrics and of course choosing who we loved most – her Baby and me GINGER. Der.


So what was it about these ladies that saw them sell 24 million(!) copies of that first album Spice? And following albums? There was a whole Brit thing going on at the time…known as Cool Britannia thanks to the great fashion (Stella McCarney/Kate Moss) and music going on…thinks Oasis, Blur, the Pulp, The Verve. To me, everything about them just oozed cool. They were silly, they were funny, spunky and the songs were SO fun to sing and dance to (even if you were a guy right Rob?). And how about when Posh hooked up with Becks? The best of UK culture joining!

I travelled to London backpacking at the end of 1997 just when Spice world was about to come out at the movies. I was CONVINCED that I would run into Geri Halliwell on the street and she would instantly want to become my best friend. Obvs. I’m still convinced that this would be the case 20 years on, she would just have to meet me! Instead I ended up just buying some Blue suede Adidas superstars that were a nod to both Sporty and a little Ginge too.


Were you a Spice Girls fan like me? Who was your fave?
What do you think was the key to their success?
Would you sell a kidney to go to a reunion concert like me?
Anyone know how I can become friends with Geri?


  1. I was 8 years old and a MASSIVE Spice Girls fan (much to the dismay of my family – I even had a very awkward conversation with my teenage brother about what their songs were *really* about. Sweet childhood innocence!). Sporty Spice over here! They are on rotation on my 90s playlist and I can be seen busting out the choreography to “Stop” to this day πŸ˜‰

  2. Too funny! I have Spice Girls on my Ipod and even though I have 2.9 days worth of music playing on shuffle, I must hear Zigazig Ah at least once a day.

  3. What a shame i have only found your blog a little while ago. You are so funny
    You crack me up with yourfunny remarks
    I look firward to reading yout blog everyday. I need a life. And yes i am 56 this year but i adored The Spice Girls

  4. They were life! I was 7/8 years old when they were huge, and I couldn’t get enough. My fantasy revolved around becoming the sixth member of the group. Hilarious!
    I was just telling my partner the other day, the very first time I ever used the internet was when my Mum took me to her office after work one evening to use her work computer/internet connection to look up when the Spice Girls would tour Australia so we could buy tickets. Ha! I must have been 8, and it is still a vivid memory.

  5. Love them – I am English so was easy to!
    Independent, happy and uber cool they were. Takes me back to my uni days – party central. Thinking of doing a flash mob dance to one of their songs at my 40th next year!! I even cried when I saw them on TV at the Olympic opening ceremony in London – but then I do that every time I see the royals on TV when I’m due on πŸ˜‰ makes me bit homesick I think!

  6. I think it was 2008 when the spice girls did their reunion shows in the UK. I had bought their ‘best of’ cd for my girls for Christmas which entered me into a draw for flights, accommodation and tickets to the show. Didn’t think anything of it until I got a call one morning from a radio station saying that I was in the last two to win the prize. I had to go live on radio and take a quiz against another girl to see who would win. Of course the quiz was on the spice girls so I smashed that and off I went to the UK to see the spice girls in concert! The whole trip was amazing including staying at the Mayfair hotel in the middle of London. The concert was awesome of course. Will never forget it.

  7. Bahaha – I loved the Spice Girls. In 2004, my best friend and I were driving from Uni to a 21 on the coast and we found an old Spice Girls tape and spent the entire way singing … so much so that we missed the turn off and arrived at the 21st 2 hours late. Didn’t bother us, we had an awesome time reliving the Spice Girls.

  8. Have you seen the recent Wannabe remake? The Spice Girls were the pioneers of girl power πŸ™‚ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UpBoKjdm2Ek

  9. I never owned one of their albums and yet I know the words to the songs! How? πŸ™‚

  10. This is just the best! I was about 11 and LOVED the Spice Girls, my uncle who would only occasionally rock up to family events came for Christmas at the height of Spicemania and bought me a giant framed Spice Girls poster, I think it was from Go-Lo and it was my prized possession even after they split up not long after. And when they split I was SO devastated and disbelieving, I can still remember exactly where I was when I heard that news.

    I always said I loved Posh Spice which was typical of me as a kid wanting to be different to everyone else. But really I liked Ginger and Baby (like everyone else).

  11. You can guarantee that if you locate a photo of me at a party between 1996 and 1999 that I am dressed as baby Spice. Even if it was not a dress Up theme…

  12. Although I wasn’t living under a rock & knew who the spice girls were & could probably sing along to some of their songs this is the first time I have watched the video for that song. I was 27 so a bit past getting too carried away. As for dance moves I wasn’t coordinated enough to manage the nutbush, this would have been way beyond me πŸ˜‰

  13. The Spice Girls were not my usual taste at all, but I got caught up in all the hype with my primary school girlfriends. There were only 3 of us, but we’d pretend to be them, using Impulse deodorant cans as microphones (hahaha) and singing along all weekend at one of our houses! I was always Posh because I had dark, straight hair. And probably the least singing talent but shhhhh!

  14. Such a Spice Girl fan!!!!

    I used to wear my hair like Baby – buns with bits coming out.

    I was SUPER lucky enough to see their concert in London in 2008. Best concert I’ve ever been to.
    I actually shed a tear when they came on the stage!

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