Good things

Are you like me and send yourself emails all the time? The way my brain works and the way I get things done mean that if ANYTHING is to get done, it needs to hit my email inbox. If it’s sitting there, it will get done. So any emails that are in my inbox (all read of course don’t get me started on 3456 unread emails like my husband), get actioned, and then filed. It’s how my brain works. Often I will send myself emails just with instructions in the header like: pay bill, book car for service, blog ideas etc, when I am out and about or as things come to me, before it gets moved onto a master list or actioned. At any stage through the day I’ll send an email to MYSELF and then forget about it, then 2 seconds later hear my email ding and I’ll be like “Oh! An email!” and check it. Then see it’s from me. DER. Dead set I would do this probably 3 times a day, every day and I’m still like “Oh! An email!”. Makes me laugh every time.

I call this a good thing. I like good things. They can be things that make me laugh, or things that I just plain like. In any case they are good things and we need good things right now don’t you think? Here’s some more.


Did anyone know this was a thing? I did not. I was casually at the servo filling up the car with petrol (I mean DIESEL, FILL IT WITH DIESEL) when I was at the counter paying when I saw this! Angels sang and I added that to the counter quicker than you can say “discount vouchers?”. It was everything I hoped it would be, I’ll leave it at that.

This is good. Look at it.

IMG_8293 IMG_8292

As are these.


Secured in a Christmas in July KK pressie on the recent family holiday they were snatched by someone else much to my dismay. I was thrilled to discover them in the fancy chemist in Bangalow and made Rob buy them. By George they are the business if you have someone who likes to give the bowl some “vigorous activity”. I’m never turning back. You can buy them online here. Not sponsored, just good sense and another good thing.

Also in the not sponsored but good thing category is this package that arrived in the mail yesterday.


I am turning 40 next year and figured it’s time to get serious about my face. My skin has been TERRIBLE again. Has been since I stopped breastfeeding. It’s dry. It’s pimply and my shitty, cheap supermarket moisturiser that I have been using since I was oh you know, 13, isn’t cutting it anymore. I need to get serious about taking care of it, but I don’t want to stuff around with fancy pants this or that. I have heard great things about Zoe’s range so I threw a whole lot of coin at it and I am going to give it a red hot go. I am going to cleanse and oil and moisturise and I know that my skin will take a little adjustment, but I am keen to really try and get some good stuff into it. Will report back in due course. You can check out the range here.

Speaking of skin, I had another good thing happen on that front this week.


Now before you recoil, bear with me. As you know I have had perioral dermatitis before. It has recently flared up again and I knew it was time to see my GP again to get a script for antibiotics. I wasn’t all that keen on doing it, and after some discussion with a friend she sent me a link to this blog post about another person who has had the same problems. But she give a solution! So I decided to give it a red hot go and I am 4 days in and there has been an improvement. It’s not all gone but it’s better. Will report back on its success in due course too. Imagine if that works?!  GOOD THING.

This was good.


Made it for dinner the other night and it was very tasty. Grab a head of broccoli and pulse it. Fry up some bacon and garlic in a little olive oil, add the broccoli and fry off until crispy. Toss in some cooked pasta and sprinkle liberally with a decent parmesan cheese. Maggie loved it, no one else in the family would look at it.

And these are going to be good. I just know they will be, if I can do up the zipper on them.


BOHEMIAN TRADERS INDIGO DISTRESSED SKINNIES soon to be released. Shut up and add to cart. Not sure when they will be out…will be sure to report back on that too.

See? So many good things!

What’s a good thing you can tell ME about?


  1. Debs Sutton says

    I have drops like those but mine are made by a company called Poo Fume!!!! Bloody brilliant.xx

  2. My inbox is 99% emails to myself….”renew kids passports”, “pay bill”, “clean windows” etc etc….I have about 40 email folders where everything else gets filed and sorted….last week I had coffee with a friend and she only has an inbox, no folders, what the?????

  3. I started using the Go-To stuff a few months back. It took a good few weeks for my skin to adjust but now it’s honestly never been better. Give it a little while before you judge its worth, you won’t be sorry! Plus it feels so grown up to use a whole matching set of products…

    • They look so lovely on my bathroom bench – had heard that and are expecting a bit of a flare up but will stick it out – thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I recently started using toner and it has completely changed my skin. I’ve become obsessed with toning doing it morning and night, as well as moisturising, but I just don’t think I was cleaning it enough before I started toning. The amount of dirt that comes off with the toner is insane (I live in Asia, so dirty air too). Anyway that is my recent trick/discovery! But I do love the look of Go-To, might need to try.

    So what exactly are the poo drops for? Post gastro type thing?

  5. Thanks for your great blog, always enjoy reading it so much. I’ve had bad bad skin problems in the past too. Seemed to get worse during menopause. That’s when I tried heaps of products and found Moo Goo. Now I can’t recommend Moo Goo highly enough. Their entire range is fantastic – check them out! You might find them in a good local pharmacy, otherwise they have a fabulous online store. Their website will tell you about the Moo Goo story which is, in itself absolutely fascinating. Good people with a great product range.

  6. I can’t wait to try Go-To. Have told myself that once I finish all the cleansers and skin things in my bathroom I can go nuts! My portion size has increased significantly. 😉

  7. I’m off to grab myself some of that glass and a half of full cream dairy milk teamed with my favourite bar of chocolate. Thanks Beth ? There’ll be trouble now that I know it exists! Will have to hide it….from others, as well as myself!!!

  8. Love the idea of sending myself emails, but I’m old school so I write it in a little notebook. Also, you had me at ‘Anti-odeur de merde’! One boy christens the seat and one leaves his mark on the bowl, and I’m a bit sick of the Odeur de truckstop. x

  9. I recently bought a whole load of the go-to skincare as the products I’ve been using (Dermalogica and Aesop) were just getting too expensive. I have sensitive, reactive skin and I’m really please with all the go-to range. The moisturiser is beautiful and until now I’ve never much enjoyed a foaming cleaner, but this one is delightful.
    Also – Maggie is too darn cute. And that pasta looks Yum. Good things indeed!

  10. A recently converted Go-To user myself, I was skeptical at first but my post 2nd complexion is now looking better than ever. Those delightful dark hormonal spots that shot up quicker then you can say holy f%*# where did that come from have begun to fade thanks to Face Hero, it’s fab stuff. Good luck, I hope it does magical things for your skin too.

  11. Try Inbox by Google. Reminders have replaced my many emails-to-self. And I can snooze them to a specific date. It’s the best.

    Meanwhile – I might try go-to. I’m down to 1 feed a day with my son and my skin is do dry, flakey and just generally horrible. I hate hormones!

  12. You are a lucky woman getting jeans before they are released..I might need these in my new York suitcase ?

  13. Love Go-To! Face Hero is so good & smells divine!!! I’ve even let my teenage son use it but regret that now because it means he wants it everyday.
    I’m loving reading at the moment. Can’t stop! Even got a little book club going with some mates.
    Also loving my homemade sourdough. Seriously, I think I’m a fucking baker!!!
    Loving Hart of Dixie ( may have mentioned that to your blog before). Such fun, easy watching.

  14. Have just booked marked the “post-poo” drops. Chris Cringle here we come!!!
    Love to hear how the go-to goes, I’ve been contemplating giving it a try

  15. Hey Beth, I just bumped into your blog tonight – I’m only a few posts in, but so far, I love your humour. Looks like 1977 was a good vintage – hubs and I were born that year too! ? And now the question that is really burning in my mind, “JUST HOW DID YOU MANAGE to snare a pair of Em’ jeans before they were released???” I wanna know, and I wanna know now! ?

  16. Beth! Two posts in one night from me! I’m more of a cadbury crunchy block kinda girl, but hesitate to purchase too often as it seems to disappear far too quickly!
    Another good thing is “Marley Spoon’ (not sponsored, won a free sample box!)… they deliver all the ingredients (packaged in the right quantities), along with VERY easy instructions to try new recipes — the husband and I felt like celebrity chefs cooking today with all our ingredients already measured out for us!! sure beat our regular monday night spag bol thats for sure!
    ps – husband clearly getting post poo drops for christmas!


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