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A delightful day outside today…it’s about 2 degrees out there I think and blowing a gale. She’s a little bit fresh but for this weather obsessed person, the promise of snow? Well it has me checking out the window more than Frank does. Which is a LOT. Can you imagine if we get some? Please let us get some! My weekend visions consist of this.


With a little bit of this.


Unfortunately for every member of my family, the reality of it looks a little like this.


My word have I been cranky this week. Even though I have been getting my period for well over 20 years now, I still get surprised when I get pre-menstrual and I still get surprised at the ferocity of post partum PMT. It’s like on another level. For the sake of every living member of our family, the Gods old and new, I hope my period comes so we can just move the hell on from this funk and cloud.

Following on from boot camp and my resolutions on Monday night to start eating a little better I can report that I have not eaten ANY bread. Which is a BIG deal for me. I’ve been very close to spreading butter on my fingers instead, but have not gone there. Yet. There’s been lots of veggies, soups and cooking of lunch, and I have been feeling better for it on the inside. Let’s not start on the emotional impact on me. See above. Will try and keep it up until my jeans do up easier and hope that I start to break the back of some bad habits that I have gotten into since I stopped breastfeeding. Namely eating like I am still breast-feeding and I need to cargo load, for you know, the baby.

Other news in this week. Daisy cut ALL her hair off yesterday. She decided that she wanted to cut it short and that she would donate it for making wigs for kids that need them. Bless her. Look how long it was!


We’ve sent the golden locks off to Variety who will use them for kids that need them.


And now getting ready for school just got 458% easier with the hair brushing situ.

If there is some rain planned at your place this weekend make sure you take your indoor plants outside for a shower. If they are anything like mine, they could do with a good dusting from winter and our fire being on pretty much for the past month non stop – if you don’t have rain planned but still need them dusted and cleaned – someone on Instagram suggested that you out them in the shower…clever! I did all mine on Monday. Maintenance Monday.


Without saying ANYTHING because I am NOT in the mood to have someone tell me that I ruined something with a spoiler I will say this: I AM STILL RECOVERING FROM GAME OF THRONES ON MONDAY NIGHT.


I’ve never been so nerfous and anxious watching TV ever. Ever! I pretty much watched it through my hoodie which I pulled down over my head, then through my hands, then I couldn’t sit on the couch, hjad to sit on the coffee table to get closer and then I had to stand. Holy moly. Quality ep. IS ALL I AM SAYING.

Have School holidays started at your place yet? QLD I think are done, Melbs this arvo, but for us we have until the end of next week. It’s pretty much falling apart here though each morning, extra circular activities are being called off due to hysterical tantrums, with any excuse NOT to go being pulled. I blamed the wind for hockey practice on Tuesday for Harper. See? One good thing for it! What do you have planned for the holidays? Any trips planned? Somewhere warm? And not windy? Tell me ALL about it!

Hope you guys have a great weekend. We have a quiet one planned (hopefully with a side of snow!) Rob is working a bit and then heading back away early next week for work so I am going to try and get in some ALONE time before then. I hope you guys have a great one – stay warm and eat some bread for me will ya?!

Will it snow?
Will I stop being a cranky mole?
Had a good haircut lately?
Still recovering from GOT too?
What’s planned for the holidays?


  1. Tracey Galea says

    Love your work Beth. I’m in Hobart and yes a good chance of snow, BUT I’m heading to Bangkok tomorrow for work so lets hope I can get to the airport. Had a great haircut yesterday, think I lost 3 kgs just in hair. Bye bye Farah Forwcett, hello the old me with short hair but still some length. Don’t watch GOT sorry, and still another week until our hols start. Have a great weekend.

  2. Can DEFS eat your bread. All of it. Bad haircut, no holidays, verging on PMT, plenty of rain. I foresee a couple of weeks of doing sweet FA and loving it sick.

  3. I will spend the weekend working to make up for today where I have been glued to the tv watching the UK votes revealed for in or out and I’m not even political! I just can’t turn it off. It would seem the older I get, the less I understand people. I love, LOVE, that you can have a moan about the weather or skipping hockey or eating too much. I LOVE that there is a charity that will do the work to make your little girls hair into a wig for someone who will truly appreciate it (my daughter did this recently too), and I am so thankful that we have the medium to connect us all like this, wherever we happen to be in the world. And given the strength of my emotions today, I think maybe I am a little hormonal too ?

    • Oh Diane I was the same…could not look away. Amazing outcome with so many ramifications…I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it ALL weekend. Reading obsessively about it.

  4. blowing the oysters off the rocks here beth!
    with winds and sleet 50k horizontally!
    we were going out but decided too disgusting!
    i’ll make soup!
    hope things smooth out for you soon hun!
    valium all round!;))

  5. Always on the same page as you – but even more so about GOT. I will have to go back and watch it as I was like you. Has my eyes covered. But thank gone, he’s dead. Never been so happy with a TV show before!

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yes I do think it will snow and yes you will be In a better mood when this wind stops,enjoy that fire Beth it’s friggen freezing

  7. Snow and a fire sound ah-mazing to me right now. Perfect excuse for a book and alone time.

  8. Oh gosh, the PMS. I hate it! Dudes have no idea what we go through! May it pass swiftly for you!
    Our school holidays must start the same time as yours. Taking the Little Mister (4.5) to Melbourne when they begin – SO worried about the cold!

  9. Hi Beth,
    Love your blog!
    What are your go too cheeses for s cheese platter???

  10. I admire your resolve to eat better but forgoing bread? I just don’t think I could in winter….
    And I have to say that after each of the last babies my PMS, & period in general, have been fucking atrocious! Is it because I’m old now? Who knows but it’s a thing & I do not care for it one bit!

  11. Freezing in Hobart today, but sunny and clear skies so no sadness from me!
    One more week of school here and then we are off back to the GC and Brisvegas for a few nights before jumping on a 7 night cruise around the pacific islands! Sun! Warmth! Yeah!
    Counting down the days.

  12. I found this week’s G of T so tense and scary. Watched it twice! What an episode.

    Luff me a Good Comeuppance.

    Our holidays in QLD just started and I am so happy and excited to spend time with my kid and not to have to wrangle a park at drop off. Happy Days. x

  13. PS I ended up standing during that part of G of T too. Talk about realism when it comes to battle.

  14. I live in a land of plentiful snow and I still love it! Much better than the summer in a land without aircon and 36c days…

  15. Hi Beth, can I ask what charity Daisy donated her hair to? Thinking of doing this with my daughter’s hair as she’s been asking to have it cut. Thanks!

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