Big city, bright lights

Yesterday I managed to wrangle a very good afternoon and evening indeed! I had a meeting with clients up in Sydney (which also happened to include some very good friends) and with Vivid on, we decided that we would try and get away with dinner and a sleepover while we were there and what do you know? We pulled it off! I couldn’t have shut the front door at home any quicker than I did after a long weekend of visitors and kids and colds, made it to my meeting and just before the sun set, Mrs Woog, Nikki and I all headed over to the Opera Bar for a catch up, a glass (or two) of bubbles and a chance to watch the lights of Vivid do their thing.

IMG_7622 IMG_7625 IMG_7635 IMG_7649

I’d never seen Vivid before (having been down here and never getting the timing right) and I think I will be back to show the kids. It was CRAZY busy though (and this was a Tuesday night) I can’t imagine how crazy it would be on the weekend. I think it closes this weekend so get in quick!

Check out the Opera House! Amazing.

IMG_7650 IMG_7653 IMG_7656 IMG_7658 IMG_7662 IMG_7664 IMG_7666

We didn’t stick around for too long as we wanted to grab dinner. We tried to get in at Mr Wong (but a 2 hour wait for a table of 3?!) saw us head to a favourite of mine anyway Bistro Felix. I adore this place! The decor! The service! The FOOD! The superior wine lists! The people watching!

IMG_7688 IMG_7673 IMG_7671

I was too excited to get stuck into my Steak Frites to take a photo, and of course the non stop nattering and laughing with these two.

IMG_7682 IMG_7674 IMG_7700 IMG_7693

After a main and a couple of shared desserts, Nikki and I headed back to QT where we were staying for the night. I hopped into bed, rolled over and spent the entire night UNDISTURBED. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Have you been to Vivid and checked it out this year?
Got any other good restaurant suggestions in the city we should know about?


  1. Looks like just what the doctor ordered!

  2. Bliss!

  3. How amazing is Vivid?! I’ve been twice this year, my number one tip for avoiding the crowds especially with kids in tow, is to view it from the harbour on a boat. We took a vivid cruise from Manly Wharf on ‘Harbour Cat’. It was delightful to watch the crowds and the lights from the peace of the boat with drink and food in hand!

  4. We have been to vivid 3 years in a row now. The first we went on the middle weekend and it was wonderful. Last year we went with my mother on the very last weekend and it was SO busy which made it a nightmare to find somewhere to eat and this year, we went on the first weekend and it was the same hellish ordeal.
    A day trip from the highlands I’d suggest booking a bay in the opera house car park. Arriving after 5pm. 🙂

  5. all good! … looks great bev!
    need the break sometimes!
    love m:)X

  6. Looks awesome! Bistro Felix is also a favourite of mine. I’d be too excited to eat to take a photo too. X

  7. There’s a great Italian restaurant right at the top of The Strand Arcade – George St end – called Pendolino. Olive oil to die for – food is memorable. We swapped a night at Aria for dinner here, and so glad. Just wanted something more relaxed and un-fancy, but still delicious. Boom. Run don’t walk ?

  8. Okay, that’s twice in one week I’ve heard of Bistro Felix. I’ve never been. Hubby loves anything French so I reckon a date there is on the cards soon. Ps thx for reply to last post re your supplier of delicious looking baked goods. I’ll be heading to Cafe Rosso with bells on and an appetite for destruction of said baked goods ?

  9. So good…those lights! Vivid looks amazing. Isn’t Sydney a beautiful place to visit x

  10. If you want a low key Vivid alternative, consider bringing the kids to Enlighten at Canberra! All the lights without the crowds (oh, alright, and Opera House, but you can’t have everything!).

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