Vegetarian Lasagne

This is a recipe from the vault (2011) that is VERY good but VERY much a pain in the arse to make. Lots of prep. Slicing, dicing, roasting, layering, but the end result is worth it. If you are a veggo or have a couple over that you need to feed, whip this up for everyone and let everyone enjoy it. If you are going to the effort to make it I would double batch it so you can whack one in the freezer for later. Of course you don’t have to do all the pre-cooking of the veggies (roasting etc) but I really think it gives such a great depth of flavour it’s worth it!

Vegetarian Lasagne

2 eggplants
2 zucchinis
2 red capsicums
1 sweet potato
1 bunch spinach
Bechamel sauce
2 cans whole tomatoes
1 brown onion
Pasta sheets
Mozzarella for topping
Plenty of seasoning (garlic, salt & pepper to compensate for the non meatness)

1. First get stuck into the raw vegies, peeling, chopping, cutting, roasting with plenty of oil, garlic salt & pepper

Raw 1 Raw 2 Raw 3 Las 1

2. You can make your own pesto (or use a good quality store bought one). If you are making it, I throw into a food processor a bunch of basil with 3 whole garlic cloves, packet of pine nuts salt & pepps and then slowly drizzle in the oil.

Raw 4 Raw 5 Raw 6

3. Fry up the spinach with some butter and garlic and also throw in the zucchini that you can slice with your peeler.

Las 2

4. The tomato sauce is a simple chopped onion, garlic and dried oregano fried off before throwing in the 2 cans of tomatoes and simmering for 15 mins or so.

Las 3

See what I mean about pain in the arse? You are now ready to construct and layer.

Las 4

5. Now it’s time to make the béchamel sauce (I chuck in about a quarter of a stick of butter, throw in some plain flour to cook off then add milk slowly, slowly bit by bit whisking all the time until combined and thick. Easy!)

Las 5

6. Now it’s time to start layering. I start with the tomato sauce at the bottom and then a bit of this, and that, some bechamel and dollops of pesto & pasta sheets (I used dried). This bit is fun and totally satisfying.

Las 6 Las 7 Las 8 Las 10

7. Put into a 180 degree oven (cover in foil for the first 30 mins) and then uncovered for a further 15 or so until golden brown. There’s only 456 pans to clean up afterwards!

Las 11

And there you go! Delicious AND fiddly!

[gmc_recipe 17836]

Are you a fan of a good old veggie las?
Got an easier way to do it? I know you don’t have to roast them all but it does give you SUCH great depth of flavour…


  1. love it! … looks so delicious! thanks beth!
    i’m glad I could tell you that!
    lol m:)X how is kevin?;)) … he looks right at home!

  2. As a vegetarian I am very excited about this lasagne Beth. Yes, it’s a bit of a faff to prep but agree that doubling up and freezing one for later would make that worthwhile.

    I’ll be making this next week.

  3. Wow – that looks super delish.. I couldn’t put that effort in though. I would have to find short cuts. Things like: do a massive vege roast off so that in addition to using for this, the veg are prepared for the week ahead. Alternatively I might get other half to do all the veg on the bbq grill.

    I use smooth ricotta with feta mixed through as I can’t be bothered making bechamel.

    Love the idea of including pesto and I’d do a huge batch of that too to cover other uses.

    • Yes JP – I was also thinking I would do it on the same night as a roast and then pop it in the fridge for next day. The pesto and tomato sauces could be made in bulk too- this is starting to look like meal planning for a whole week!

    • Great tips – thanks JP!


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