Tuesday morning

It’s an ordinary kind of Tuesday morning.

IMG_7296 IMG_7286 IMG_7273

It’s quiet because the bigs are at School, and the little one was delirious and had to be taken to bed early. It’s cool outside, but a sparkling Autumn day, the kind that will always remind me of this time last year when I was in the fog of happy, early days with Maggie.

I just hung out a load of washing and could smell the smoke from the fire being caught up in the cool wind.

IMG_7308 IMG_7313 IMG_7292

I could see the gorgeous colours from the blooms still brightening up all my pots.

IMG_7306 IMG_7316 IMG_7299 IMG_7304 IMG_7301

I stopped and thought that I really must start making some lemon and lime curd with all the citrus that we have leftover from Rob’s party, except that I know if I make it, I’ll eat it.

IMG_7275 IMG_7278

I could hear the whirling whizz of the hedge trimmer next door, the odd crackle of the fire and the quiet hush of the dishwasher doing its thing.


I opened a birthday package for Mags delivered at the front door.


It’s an ordinary Tuesday morning, and I like it very much indeed.

Is today an ordinary Tuesday for you?
Or do you have something a little extraordinary to do?


  1. I am spending this Tuesday morning looking back at the beautiful photos I took over the weekend. Had a Mums weekend away in Robertson and it was magical. So good for the soul to be around people who get you and to be surrounded by beautiful scenery (and no demanding children ?)

  2. I love that you feel that same contentment that I have when I’m home. It’s a wonderful thing when you feel at peace with the world.

  3. Must be something in the air – I am enjoying a wonderfully peaceful Autumn morning too. I feel so calm after reading your post and enjoying those pictures. After a nightmare couple of weeks, where anxiety left me wondering whether I would ever be able to participate in life again, all is well with the world today. Age? Hormones? The planets? Who knows? I do know however, that people like you make a difference to people like me – strangers though we might be.

  4. I’ve always wanted to make those lemons in jars used in Persian cooking – less tempting to snack on than lemon curd.

  5. I’m at home, but only after working until 10pm last night (and the same will happen tonight and tomorrow night), but instead of being quiet, I have one teen trying to finish an assessment task and another with an anxiety attack. Big breaths – is it too early to start drinking? Yes? OK – more coffee and donuts were on special at Woolies for $2 (it’s the little things I’m hanging onto today).

  6. It is a gorgeous tranquil morning here too, so much to be grateful for. I am about to start reading a book on raising teenagers to see if I can find the solution to dealing with a foul 16 year old boy. Wish me luck x

    • Good luck!

    • I have a 17 year old son who is quite a challenge at present. I have read a bit recently by Maggie Dent which I have found helpful. Seems to be a good balance of understanding the stage, but also holding them accountable. I just checked and you can find her on Facebook if you google her. Hope it might cheer you up as it did for me.

  7. Yup, ordinary here, alright. Actually, a little out of the ordinary is that I’ve currently got two little ones sleeping at the same time! Those sorts of things that you write about – the weather, the smells and the air – remind me of past times too. This time last year I was part way through another rough pregnancy.. I’m glad to be out of the other side of that. Happy birthday, little Maggie!

  8. Sounds bloody beautiful. I live wood fire season!

  9. mrshanksy says

    My mum has end-stage Alzheimers and my Dad is her primary carer – he is an arsehole of the highest order and what would have been a nice morning of me going up at sitting with her whilst he picked up his new glasses and then we were going to dye her hair before her carers came to shower her has ended up with him abusing me for stuff my sisters did when they were teenagers and mum and dad were away on holidays! I don’t know where it came from but there was much swearing and then when I tried to give her a drink of hot milo – he lost his shit as I didn’t have the bib positioned correctly as if I don’t know how to feed anyone! Long history of child abuse and court cases by hospital social workers to try and get Mum released from his care which has resulted with me and my 3 sisters being given joint guardianship so he can’t ostracise us again but days like these just make me want to cry and go back to bed! Sorry but you did ask …. *ends rant*

    • Tania Simmons says

      I am so sorry you are going through this, it sucks. You have your 3 sisters though so stick together and stay strong.

    • Dude, that is hardcore! I’m so sorry that was your Tuesday morning πŸ™

    • Oh goodness, I’m so sorry to read all this. You poor things, hope you are all OK x

    • My Mum has alzheimers too. Her pig husband died a couple of years ago which was a relief – but appreciate how having an ill Mum whose care is compromised by their significant other is emotionally draining. Hoping you have a cheerier evening.

  10. PLEASE let me come and live with you. Tuesday morning for me consisted of a mini lie-in, freezing at gymnastics, freezing at home, a nice hot cup of tea and a chocolate hobnob, and now mucho laptop time. can you please remind me to get the washing out? also…. never mind I’m coming to live with you.

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I like ordinary Tuesday mornings in Autumn they are so pretty,enjoy Beth thanks for the petty pics Xx

  12. Very ordinary day here. Big girl at school. Dropped into the library to see what I could find. I’m sitting on the lounge now with a quilt my sister made me over my legs drinking hot chocolate. Because I am such a selfless, caring person if you need to make citrus curd I will eat it for you so that you don’t have to πŸ˜‰

  13. Hi Beth,
    Loving your Blog (only found it recently lol). I am having a very similar day to you. Love a nice normal tuesday.

  14. Good morning it’s 7am here in UK, I’ve been up for an hour as THAT hour of peace before the rest of house wakes up is perfect. I can cope with most of the day’s events if I get that first hour to myself.

  15. I’m going a bit crazy as it’s been 6 days since I had surgery and I haven’t been anywhere. I guess that’s a bit different to my usual life! I have to return to the reality of school runs tomorrow and I am hoping I don’t feel like I’m literally falling apart and won’t look like ‘that lady who has just had surgery’!

  16. all looking good beth! … abundance!
    we went for a walk in the gorgeous weather!
    good for the soul!
    love m:)X

  17. Loving your posts ! I’m newly signed up and I find your writing very refreshing and raw and just how I see and think of things ! ( worded wrong I know !) it’s spring time here in Italy where I’m living from January till September and I am loving the smell of the fresh jasmine this morning as we did the walk to school and kindy with the three kids . Living taking in the gorgeous hills around us and the smells of coffee whirling while beautiful Italian is being spoken in our little village . I am grateful every day for this Experiance .. Glad you had such a lovely morning. So appreciative to be content and happy in the now … X

  18. I really love ordinary days best. Our Tuesday’s always start with the little guys speech therapy ( I sometimes wonder why we bother but we don’t really have many other options for him), then a trip to the shops to grab stuff that people need- today it was trackie pants & milk. ALWAYS MILK! And then we head home, I potter around the house & kitchen until the big kids get home, do a run to footy training & then start the evening routine.
    These days aren’t pretty or fancy or special but they are pretty ok πŸ™‚

  19. Mine was a bit more hectic, but still nice and I can’t complain! Really I have to stop complaining, it is becoming a bad habit. I miss my bigs at school. They were tired this morning and I just wanted to keep them with me and all snuggle in bed! I helped in their class for a little so at least I got to see them a little bit more!

  20. Jo Rooney says

    My Tuesday morning was amazing !!! I became a grand mother for the first time ! My gorgeous daughter delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy this morning ! Such an exciting day for my family ?

    • Jo! Such wonderful news. Congrats! Enjoy this special time and don’t forget to take a custard tart EVERY time you visit. It’s medicinal x

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