Oxfam hamper giveaway worth over $250

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to pull together a Oxfam Australia Shop hamper to give away to you guys thanks to the kind people at Oxfam. They have some great stuff in their shop that I have shown you guys before…but I really hope that you guys like what I have chosen! A little selection of BabyMac delights just for you, or for someone you think may deserve this just in time for Christmas.

So let’s take a look at what’s in the hamper:

PicMonkey Collage

Gallina Mug in Blue $24.95

Large blue mug with chicken motif. This new serving range from Colombia features chicken and rooster motifs on bold coloured ceramics. Exquisitely hand painted the designs capture the essential nature of chickens beautifully. The whimsical and artistic expressions vary making every item slightly different and unique. Exclusive to Oxfam Australia.

Fray Angelico is a family run ceramic workshop outside Bogota headed by Mercedes Marin. Mercedes undertook professional ceramic design training in the US, before establishing her workshop back home in Bogota. The workshop produces a variety of handmade high quality ceramic items ranging from kitchen ware, wall tiles to garden planters. Innovative design, artistic excellence and vibrant colours have made this workshop and highly skilled, entrepreneurial team and sustainable workshop a success. The well-being and professional development of its employees, the satisfaction of its customers, and the integrity of the product are at the heart of their operation.

The ceramics are fired up to 1180ºC; this temperature ensures the ceramics are safe to use in the microwave, oven and dishwasher. However we recommend washing items by hand. Glazes are non toxic, cadmium and lead free.

2016 Foodies Diary $32.95

A wonderful read for all those foodies out there. Food inspiration for throughout the year.

Light Blue Ombre Vase $39.95

This handmade vase features a unique light blue ombre glaze. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not put in dish washer ! Handwash. Red clay, glaze Dia 7×23.5cm

Bright Braided Bright Rug $69.95

Using bright coloured remnants and a lot of flair, this rug is braided by hand to brighten up any room in the house. Cotton Chindi. Dia94cm

Playground Cushion Cover $24.95

Perfect for a kids bedroom or a play room this cotton cushion cover has been hand appliqued with a fun playground scene. Hand wash only 30 Degrees – Dry Flat in shade 40x40cm

Safe Refuge for Women unwrapped card $25

This card will not only offer women a safe place to stay when escaping family or community-based violence; it will provide them with the legal and emotional support they need to find their feet again and help fund programs to educate men and boys. A very special gift indeed.

Hammered Photo Frame $29.95

Stylish photo frame with hammered aluminium finish. Hand made in India. Wipe Clean with damp cloth. Aluminium And Mdf Board. 21.5×16.5cm inner:15x10cm

Set of 3 recycled tyre planters on tray $29.95

Fabulous use of old tyres! Recycled into planters. Recycled Tyres. Tray 28x9cm & Pots 9x9cm

Not bad hey? I’m thrilled that I am able to give you, or someone you know this collection of goodies to place under the tree! But we need to get it out to you quickly so that it gets there before Christmas…so let’s not muck around. Leave me a comment below telling me why YOU’D like this stuff this Christmas, or tell me about someone you know who could use a break. Giveaway is open for Australian residents only and will close on Wednesday night (tomorrow) at 9pm AEST so the pack can be sent out this Thursday. You can read the rest of the T&C’s here.

Make sure you check out the rest of the great gifts available at Oxfam online here. Including the unwrapped cards which are a great gift alternative this year.


  1. Caroline rufino says

    My folks would love this hamper and give a little ray of sunshine. It’s been a rough couple of weeks with two deaths/ funerals of great friends of theirs.

  2. Merry Christmas Beth!! Anything green catches my eye and the hamper looks wonderful. Recycled planters would be treasured by my mum- 86 years young and still gardening!! Cheers for a happy family time xo

  3. Hi Beth! I would love to give this hamper to my mum and dad. They have provided us with a day of child care for the last six years. I cannot thank them enough for their support and enrichment of my girls.

  4. Gorgeous collection of gifts. While I would enjoy keeping it to myself it’s the kind of pack I would love to share with other women in my life, the ones you would love to give something for them too but aren’t able to….

  5. I’d sent it all to a Ronald McDonald House (like Orange NSW) so a few parents could get a smile on Christmas day , Cancer and illness never takes a break and they need these gifts more than anyone I know.

  6. Jill Unsworth says

    Merry Christmas BabyMac !
    I’d love to share these gifts with my son’s school teacher. He is in year 5 this year and has high functioning ASD which can be a challenge at times ( insert , understatement !) He has had a fantastic year and I owe it to his classroom teacher and the school as a whole. I often say, you don’t realise how important a teacher is until you have a child at school.
    I can’t thank her enough.

  7. Such lovely things in the hamper, Beth! Hubby & I decided we didn’t need anything this Christmas, so we have nominated our favourite charities to our families. Mine was Oxfam. I love that you’re including an Unwrapped donation in there too. I would send this on to a friend who’s doing it tough at the moment. Nothing like a colourful surprise to brighten your day!

  8. Is love the rug to keep little tootsies warm in the bathroom & the rest is pop under the Christmas tress of friends I know have had a tough year & could use a lift!

  9. Oxfam always has so many gorgeous things & it’s nice to know that buying them benefits the communities that are producing them. This looks like a lovely selection of things to share. I see a couple of things I would probably need to hide away for me but there are things there I can see my mum or sisters loving too.

  10. It’s been a crazy year finishing my degree and I would love to be able to gift these beautiful presents to my family and friends that have helped me reach the finish line. I love that each of these gifts benefits the community too.

  11. Right now I would give it to me. Because I had 2hrs sleep last night, hve a rotten headache (thanks to 8wk old and toddler) and next door started mowing at dawn!!! having a woe is me moment and want ALL the things!
    But would seriously divide it up between my Ma and MIL who are awesome and deserving ladies.
    Merry Christmas to you! X

  12. Ooohhhh. I gift it to myself ( selfish, i know! ) I have just finished renovating my house ( 7 years in the making and we are finally DONE ) and have been on the scout looking for beautiful pieces to complete the look. I just love the idea of ethical and fair trading and would love to win this hamper and when people pop over these pieces can be a conversation piece and share with them my knowledge of paying it forward with purchasing through Oxfam. Pick me!!!! ooxoxoxoxo

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I’d keep some because I have been down in the dumps since my spinal fusion on my neck! Gift some to my sister who’s had a horrible year and also to my daughter.Sharing is caring I say,great gifts Beth Xx

  14. I’d give this Oxfam hamper to my best friend for Christmas because that’s what great friends do and she deserves a colourful break from the humdrum of life. P.s how fantastic is that mug!

  15. Sharon Hampton says

    Dear Beth, thanks for this opportunity. I work with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and all of them have and still are facing huge life barriers. I’d love to spilt this pack up and give each client a little something for Christmas, something that has meaning behind it. Thanks again, Sharon

  16. Here indeed is something to share, something to give, and something to give! All these things are gorgeous – if I won some would find a home with friends and family, and some would stay here to enjoy for ourselves. Have a wonderful Christmas Beth and family!!

  17. This is all gorgeous stuff and I need some pretty in my life. I am surrounded by all boys here. 4 of them! They rule and somehow make everything look boyish and gross and I just want some new stuff about the place to give my surroundings (and mood) a lift! Plus I need the foodie diary for inspiration on what to feed them!!
    Merry Chistmas Baby Mac & Oxfam, I love what you do x

  18. I do hampers for the less fortunate all year round, at Christmas I like to make the hampers a bit special and this prize pack would spread to so many people in need . Merry Christmas everyone’

  19. Oh my goodness! You chose well! I’d love one, or all of those things in my home. They are great!

    And someone who could use a break is my husband. After finishing his 4:1 FIFO gig in March he has worked the whole year through, lots of 6 days a week weeks, no holidays & even working a public holiday or two. I can’t wait for next Tuesday to roll around & watch him walk through the door knowing he has two & a bit weeks off work. Sure, life with four kids is never completely relaxing but he can turn his 5am alarm off & he’ll get to sleep in some days & we’ll head north in our caravan for a week by the beach. He needs the time to recharge.

  20. What s wonderful selection. I’d send it along to a friend who had a challenging year and is also a bit of a child at heart who I know would love a gift from “santa”.

    Kinda regards

  21. Wow what a great collection of gifts supporting to great causes. Something else that’s great is my mums! She is amazing and I think would love this gift. She lost her job this year due to bullying and harassment in the workplace, so things are tight, with dad not working either due to injury. I know everyone thinks their mum is great but mine really is!

  22. I’d keep the rug and then wrap everything else up separately and donate it to a women’s refuge somewhere nearby.

  23. Thanks Beth. I would use the plants, cushion and frame to brighten up my Dad’s room at his nursing home (he has early onset Alzheimers). He would love something like this instead of the old granny square rugs that they have in every other room (not that I don’t love a granny square rug!).

    The rest would be fabulous to share amongst myself and my Mum and my two sisters. We could fight over it – bring some fun Christmas goodness to our crazy family 🙂

  24. Beth, you (and Oxfam) are the best. Truly. x

  25. natalie wales says

    I totally deserve to win this treasure trove! I’m a step mother to 3 teenage girls….i’m menopausal, tired, cranky, over worked, under appreciated & bloody well deserve a free gift…ha!!!.

  26. I’m taking it slowly this holiday season, being kind to myself, not going beyond my limits. Yes, coping with the aftermath of bereavement. Having a hamper arrive instead of being brave and going out to shop would mean there is something under the tree that is magical, and I didn’t stress about it, so my family get me happy and healthy, which is what we all need.

  27. I would love to win this for my best friend. She has had such a shit year. Her mum has a mystery disease and can’t walk let alone make the 4 hour trip to visit. Her husband had a brain growth removed a week before her bubs first birthday. She has no family within a 4 hour drive. She is such an amazing person and has been battling PND through all this. She needs a freaking huge medal for the love she shows her family and friends. Seeing as medals are hard to come by, a gorgeous hamper of goodies would be amaze balls. I love her dearly and want her to know how much we all care for her. Cheers x

  28. Thank you Oxfam and Beth, what a special giveaway. I’d give this to my best friend who has lived in an abusive relationship for 14 years. Last week with police help she found the strength to leave and get a DV order in place. She and her 3 kids have left with nothing and are piled into a family members spare room. She is a beautiful generous person who has always been a giver and I would love for her to experience what receiving can feel like.

    • Michelle! You are the winner of the hamper! I really hope your friend enjoys all the goods and it puts a smile on her face. What an amazingly brave thing she has done, I wish her and her kids all the best for their new life x Shoot me an email with your address details (or your friends) and we can get it sent out today ([email protected]). Merry Christmas!

      • Thank you Beth and thank you Oxfam! This is going to mean so much to her, especially at this time of year. I’ve sent you an email with her details xx

  29. I would love to give this hamper to my parentals – they are best and love everything from Oxfam.
    I haven’t bought them their Christmas present yet as I have been trying to survive motherhood and distracted by a 3.5 month old baby.
    Thanks for the reminder of the fabulousness of Oxfam (baby brain) will be doing the Christmas shopping online pronto!

  30. Jenny McMahon says

    Hi Beth, your blog is a bright spot in the weeks! What a year it has been, and here is Christmas, again… It has been a year that has seen us tested in many ways – hubby losing his job at the start of the year, me juggling a lowly-paid job in a disadvantaged school, my children, and running the house. It is a year that seems to have been hard for many of us. I have 2 friends who are single mums (one is a single carer- Gran), whom I can’t support enough as I’d like to as worn-out and very little funds, and I would love to share some Christmas joy with them.

  31. Oh I’d love to win this prize (Please!) Every year my family celebrates a Handmade Christmas. We either make gifts for each other or buy handmade – supporting local craftspeople. I love Oxfam, and have already bought my dad some gifts from there. I would share these gifts with the family too. I see that blue vase looking great in my mums house, and the Foodie Diary for my sister. I would definitely be keeping that lovely bright rug as a gift for myself – to brighten up my bedroom!
    Thanks heaps! xx

  32. Hey!
    I love that vase and the planter from recycled tyres! That’s has got me intrigued.
    x Marn

  33. Hi Beth. I would like this for my father-in-law and his lovely partner. She is a foodie and he is a garden gnome and they both love oxfam so the pressies would be winners. They have been having a tough time for a variety of reasons. This would make them feel special and loved. Thanks.

  34. Hi Beth, firstly I’d just like to thank you for your blog. It’s my little break of sanity amidst the chaos of moving house/ parenting/ work/ life and I really value it! Hope you have a lovely Christmas. With so many deserving comments not sure how mine stacks up, but I’ll throw it in the ring anyway… This hamper would be shared amongst my family and friends and would help me both save time in shopping and feel good about supporting the amazing work of Oxfam.

  35. A big fan of Oxfam products; just got a new Christmas tree ornament yesterday. Love the philosophy and love the products which is why I need this under my tree.

  36. I know I’m probably meant to say I would pass the hamper on to someone more deserving, but the truth is I would just adore this for myself and my husband after a pretty tricky year. It’s our 8th wedding anniversary today but we are struggling to celebrate. Between a baby who hasn’t slept all year, parenting 2 little ones with no family support nearby and crippling childcare costs, there hasn’t really been time, space or money just to celebrate us. So, I’d love this just for us- gorgeous things that are for grown ups, because we have become too good at putting ourselves last lately.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours Beth and thanks for providing lots of lovely reading and laughs during late night breastfeeding sessions.

  37. Such beautiful colours and would love to share with my friends and family who have been there for me this year as it has been the toughest year ever for me and my husband (have just lost our third baby in first trimester) and I would love a little way to say thank you from the heart and Oxfam. I used to raise money for Oxfam at call centre’s in the UK and also in Australia with the 100km walk so would be such a “Donna” present!!

  38. Emma cochrane says

    I’m only buying for my family this year and have said not to buy for me as many can’t afford to buy gifts for others. This would be a lovely surprise under my tree x

  39. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous prize! I’d love to win coz I’m in complete denial over Christmas this year, and there’s a little something for everyone in here! Except the vase. I’m keeping that.

    Merry Christmas!

  40. The gifts you have chosen capture the essence of the Oxfam Australia shop – they exude quality, quirkiness, colour and care. Just the kind of gifts I would love to give this Christmas!

  41. I’d love to get this and share it amongst my family so we could all have a reminder in our day to day lives that we are fortunate and that it is important to help others all through the year. #loveoxfam

  42. I would love to win so I could have some chrissy presents for my family & share with some great friends doing it tough!

  43. Jackie reilly says

    I would love town this for my twin sister its our birthday on the 17th of decemberand she is expecting her first child after Christmas

  44. I would divide this between:
    – myself for surviving my first year as a parent to twins Henry and MAGGIE
    – my mother in law for surviving her first year without her husband
    – my mum for copping double baby vomit whilst I was partying at my husbands work show Saturday night
    – my sister who endlessly gives to everyone despite being a single mum of three and managed to knock a year off her teaching degree in 2015

  45. I would love to give this to my work colleague at the kindergarten I teach at as she has had so many deaths in her family this year and it is all bright and lovely stuff from the Oxfam shop and it will brighten her outlook on life

  46. I’d give it to me! I highly doubt my husband will come up with a gift any better than the nit prevention spray he gave me last year (long story-you don’t want to know)!!!

  47. This would be amazing under our Christmas tree ~ I could give some to friends that do a lot for us during the year. Living remotely I don’t get to see the shops much, but this will definitely be on my list next time we are in the big smoke! Thank you Beth ~ I love your Blog ~ have a wonderful Christmas Xx

  48. This would be perfect to spoil all the ladies in my life.
    My mum who is selfless beyond comprehension
    My SILs who are painful but I love them anyway #hopetheyarentreadingthis
    and my beautiful niece because she clearly takes after her aunt.

    So many beautiful things to share.x

  49. Wouldn’t it be a reason to be jolly…. Tralalalala, lalalala!!

  50. Because this afternoon my 7 year old ran into the House very excited “mummy what is all that stuff in the boot, there’s even an aquarium!”…. Um yes that would be her aquarium (minus this fish obvs!) and all the Santa sack goodies. My hiding spot FOUND and now back to the shops to return/rebuy and try and keep the “magic of Santa” alive for another year!!

  51. If give this to my brother. Before children he volunteered many many hours at Oxfam on a Thursday night & Saturday morning. He’s now a stay at home dad & this would be the perfect way to spoil him for Christmas xx

  52. My sister recently became a single mum, six weeks after giving birth to her second child. This is her first Christmas on her own and I know she won’t buy herself anything. I would love to be able to suprise her with this gift just for her, she is always doing so much for her girls and everyone in her life. She is my inspiration xx

  53. I’d give this to my mum as she has just started speaking to me after 4 years of being angry. It’s been a bit hard but this year we’re spending our first Christmas together in what seems like forever! So yep…..would give these to her.
    Great comp ?

  54. Fiona Lambell says

    I’d really like to share the prizes with some of my students and colleagues who need some TLC. The students have just competed in our public speaking competition and many of them spoke passionately about global and social issues. I have a super keen girl who would be thrilled with the unwrapped card plus an agricultural one who would really value the recycled planters. One of my seniors would love the diary because a) he loves food and b) I’d be able to write reminders about homework. The vase and the frame could be just perfect for two colleagues who’ve each had ordinary years. The cushion could be a great raffle prize for our SRC and as for the cup, I need a new one for my daily brew before class. Great prizes from an excellent organisation.

  55. Tania Simmons says

    This would go to the very person who first put me onto the Oxfam Shop, Charmaine Cook. (I had a very successful Christmas expedition to the Turramurra store.). Charmaine is a truly good woman living on the land with her family and as farmers they provide for us all. A farmers life isn’t always an easy one so a parcel of goodness from one of her favourite charities would be a great way to say thanks for feeding the nation & would be sure to brighten her day. She is also mad for her beloved chooks, so that mug is perfect!

  56. I would love to be able to use some of the things for Christmas gifts. Our 7 year old was rushed to hospital yesterday with an awful bout of tonsillitis. Poor poppet could open her mouth it was so bad. Thank God for good health care and amazing access to medicines we need. Id be delivering some of those gifts to the staff at the kids hospital!

  57. This year has being a roller coaster of a year for me. Going through divorce, 3 boys under 5 and fighting depression. I would not have got through this year if it wasn’t for my family and friends and I would love to be able to give them something to say how much they mean to me. I have Xmas and 3 boys birthdays all in the same week. This year I can only afford small gifts for my boys and no one else, unless I find some time for baking. These gifts would mean the world to me to be able to share around. Bring on 2016.

  58. I’d love to give all the home stuff to my dear friend whose recovering from PTSD and domestic violence, she’s just about to move in (Monday) to a new place and live on her own for the first time. Such a brave and precious lady, I’d love to be able to give her these things to make her house feel like a home as she makes this fresh start.

  59. I’d love to receive these as I have just had some delicate emergency surgery downstairs and am housebound for a few weeks. So shopping is out! But lucky me has an army of angels from my community delivering children, dinners, and shopping when I need it. So I would love to repay kind with kind by having a gift to give them at Christmas to show just how much they all mean to me. Because that’s really what Christmas is about..

  60. For my sweet dad who raised the three of us on his own (now I’m a mum I totally understand what a feat that was) and who is always there for us (even though I’m in my 30’s). He got the call today to say he has cancer and is so down and flat. It totally sucks balls as its so close to Christmas and no one ever wants to get that call. I would love to distract him for a minute or two with a cold beer, some good food and that amazing hamper.

  61. We’ve been ‘downsizing’ our gift giving over the last few years as our children are all in their twenties now. It would be lovely to share the goodies around, as well as knowing that Oxfam is able to ‘do more good’ in the world.
    Cheers and Merry Christmas

  62. Oops pressed send without checking the email address was right ?

  63. Wowzers, so much fab stuff. I’d defs have to split it up and spread the love around. My quirky neighbour, who has a fabulous garden made up of cuttings from here, there and everywhere (which also includes a bright pink bike!) would love the recycled planters.
    The felt rug is a favorite of mine, and I might even let my two girls 3 and under share it……maybe!
    Cushion and frame in “my spot” on the veranda; green vase for my mum.
    Such a good feeling to know that there will be more than one “winner” of this prize – well done Beth and Oxfam. xx

  64. L Peltohaka says

    I could use a break…
    My cousin’s feeling blue*…
    There’re some things here she’d really love
    (and a couple that I’d love too!)

    *…she’s just escaped her abusive husband, and moved herself and kids into their own SAFE place! I actually just got off the phone from her again after another 3hr+ chat…
    Yes, we’d BOTH get a couple of little ‘pick-me-up’ gifts out of this fab OXFAM pack!
    Ta, Bev, for the chance to win!

  65. Beautiful selection of goodies Beth, I was in the Canberra Oxfam store recently and found so many delightful goodies – my personal favourite was the gorgeous hand painted wooden nativity play set made in Mexico, which Miss 2-going-on-14 is loving playing with this Christmas.

    While I would love to keep your collection, if I won the prize I would use it as Christmas gifts for family and friends to share the fair trade love (and message!), particularly with my teenaged nieces and nephews to show that we can make a difference for others.

    Merry Christmas!!

  66. Oh I used to shop at Oxfam at Warringah Mall but they closed down and now only have a retail store in Broadway. I loved wandering through the shop and buying xmas presents with a broader message that have an impact on the world!

  67. I’d gift this to my beautiful mum – she’s had a very tough year but you’d never know it…I have fond memories of her taking me to Oxfam when I was a kid to buy gifts for my school friends (a looong time ago) – The little worry dolls were a hit!

  68. I would love to give this hamper to my parents for Christmas, it would bring a little bit of joy to their lives! Firstly because I’m out of work after giving birth to my little man two months ago and secondly because my dad has a rare disease and is in a wheelchair, this means my mum cares for him 24/7. It’s a tough gig for both of them, had been for many years but more so as they get older. They both love gardening, have done for many years and still manage to get out into the garden to do a bit of gardening when they are up to it. They need special surprises in their life to brighten things up a bit and this hamper would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity and wishing your family a very happy Christmas! xxx

  69. Kelly Penning says

    I would give this to my Mum, with no hesitation!
    She works full time, is in the midst of her nursing degree and is so close to finishing, taking on placements at the hospital and pumping out assignments and exams on drug calculations like Stephen Hawking! She has worked so hard this year (and has every moment of her whole life) and yet has always been there for me, my kids and still done everything to support my Dad who had knee surgery this year. Honestly, if anyone deserves a break it’s my Mum!!! To say she puts everyone before herself is an understatement and I know she would love to have a gift that was helping other people in the world while bringing a fabulous smile to her face.

  70. Melissa Pimentel says

    Hey Beth,
    I love receiving your blog emails and today as I sat down on my couch during my son’s nap all cuddled up with my cat (Katie Nanna) I hoped that the one email that was new would be from your blog because it’s a great read during a breather in the day. It was! Selfishly I would love this gift because I used to live in Burrawang and had my first kiss with hubby there after he arrived from the U.S. to propose. We now live in Michigan and something Aussie for Chrissy would be lovely.
    Each year I put a koala atop our Chrissy tree, kind of an homage to Oz and my roots. I make sure to have my pantry stocked with Vegemite. I have three sons but only my youngest (2 yrs old) had a taste for that glorious black spread (I was determined that at least one of them would like it). There’s a little country town near me that is kind of my stand in for Burrawang but nowhere near as good even though it’s full of cottages that could fill a Home Beatutiful magazine full of images of perfectly painted abodes with ornate woodwork (commonly called gingerbread) adorning their structures, for an entire year it’s still not that sweet little town that has captured my heart for all time. We took little with us when we moved from Oz but I have kept a sweet tea set that my hubby bought for me when we were still dating. It’s from the Burrawang General Store and he had phoned them from the US and had their help in picking something out for me for my birthday. I’ve gone way off track but just know anything from Oz would be amazing. I love your blog mostly because it’s a bit of home getting to hear about a village that is so near and dear to my heart (I still watch Babe, Pig in the City just so I can catch glimpses of the Southern Highlands countryside when I need my fix of those rolling green hills (we own the movie because I’m an extra in it as are my sis and Dad).
    Keep up the amazing tales, they are wonderfully entertaining.
    Have a happy Christmas with your lovely fam,

    Melissa Pimentel.

  71. I’d love to give this to my friend who is just going through a divorce. She has two kids and her ex has not allowed her to take anything from the house so she has to buy everything from scratch. I think it would put a huge smile on her face after a rough few months xx

  72. I would give this to my bestest friend Elke, who seems to attract hard times, but remains positive and Happy always! A marriage breakdown, an epilepsy diagnosis, loss off license due to epilepsy, little to no family support and raising three beautiful children whilst working full time. I would love to spoil her this christmas, make 2015 end on a positive note. Merry christmas Beth xx

  73. This just screams happy. I love it. I would also love to be able to give my Mum that feeling. She is at a low point at the moment after having to cancel christmas plans to visit family in Brisbane this year. Mum and Dad live 100km’s north of Winton in Central western Qld right in the guts of a crippling drought and will be hand feeding hungry cows on Christmas day. If I can’t make it rain maybe I can brighten her day with some happy goodies. Love your work Beth x

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