Christmas Family Palooza 2015

My goodness we had a weekend of family celebrations…full ON family time with 4 catch up’s over 2 days in some of the hottest weather we’ve seen in Sydney in some time. Everyone had a BALL. Mainly. Mags spent a lot of the time like this:


Babies and parties and 15 minute naps between venues and hot weather and ALL OF THE PEOPLE do not mix. We got home at about 9pm last night when the squeals began back up again…she was home. And now that we’ve had a cool change come through the Highlands this morning it’s a much more pleasant 19 degrees out there and she’s been asleep for 2 hours and counting now…

But let’s go back. Strap your elasticised pants on and let’s do this. We left home Saturday morning at 8.30am in time to arrive at Woolwich for Archie’s 1st birthday in the park. It was hot but just so gorgeous…sparkling Sydney at her very best. Speaking of which, my brother in law outdid himself with a Thomas cake with fondant work I’ve never seen before! Youtube tutorials were had last week I’ve been told.

IMG_4438 IMG_4444 IMG_4453 IMG_4458 IMG_4449 IMG_4484 IMG_4485

As the mercury rose we jumped in the car to head to the North Shore for Rob’s family Christmas catch up. A long lunch, lots of swims for the kids and cricket/soccer/you name it outside they were all in heaven. The air con was very appealing for his old girl I can tell you.

IMG_4495 IMG_4504

We then stayed at Rob’s Mum in Balmain for the night before waking up and heading over the the Eastern Suburbs for another Macdonald catch up with Rob’s cousins and another pool! The girls were thrilled, Mags not so much at the morning sleep being cut short.


We then jumped in the car over to Mum’s place in Gladesville for the very last family Christmas in their home. My sister and her kids were up from Melbourne so we had ALL the cousins, ALL the siblings and ALL the food.

IMG_4516 IMG_4554 IMG_4535 IMG_4542

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without every member of your family crammed into a tiny room on a stinking hot day would it? THIS is Christmas for me.


As is food. So much food.

IMG_8325 IMG_4589

I had a few people ask about my Step dad’s pork he does in the Weber. He is a MASTER at it. He said to me that first things first, you need to get the Weber cookbook that helps explain cooking times really well. But a rule of thumb for all his roast meats he does in the Weber is for every millimetre of meat (in diameter or width it’s 1 minute of cooking. So this rolled pork was 100 mills wide, it was 100 minutes of cooking. Pork needs a hot fire (32 heat beads every side) but lamb or beef only needs a medium fire (24 heat beads every side) but a good rule of thumb is this 1ml=1 min cooking rather than basing it on the weight of the meat. Hope this makes sense?


Mum worked the Christmas editions of all the magazines this lunch. A potato gallette from Taste I think?

IMG_4605 IMG_4607

And Matt Moran’s Golden Gaytime Trifle from Delicious.


Safe to say it was DELICIOUS. Mags was very keen on it. And presents? Did I score! We all did…so many great ones!

IMG_4624 IMG_4618 IMG_4620 IMG_4617 IMG_4619

So this Monday I’m feeling very full indeed…sure the food and wonderful loot, but mostly from all that very good family time…we got to see pretty much every member of all our families on both sides which was pretty special.

Now it’s time to focus on dinner here tonight (8 mates over for a friends Birthday) and then my sister and her kids arriving tomorrow for the night and then the big day which will be here before we know it. Busy times!

How was your weekend?
Have some celebrations?
Get some good pressies or cook something great?


  1. Haha love the Kate socks. Also super love the pork. Going to send that to mum to her to have a crack on her webber. Looks like a fantastic and hot Christmas – perfect πŸ™‚

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Beautiful photos Beth ,looks like a wonderful but HOT time was had by all Xx

  3. Thanks for sharing Beth – family ,food and sunshine makes for happy memories πŸ™‚

  4. I am so glad it has cooled down. Maggie’s little face in that first photo is pretty much how I have felt the last few days with Sydney weather. If I had, by some miracle, made that Thomas cake I would have been found sobbing in a corner when it was cut up. Looks like you had a busy but brilliant weekend. We haven’t had any get togethers yet. We will have my parents, my two sisters with their husbands & kids & assorted members of my brother in laws family all at the home of the sister that has a pool on Christmas day. We all bring some food & take turns saying where is ………..? after the millionth head count of all the kids running around πŸ™‚

  5. Wowee, your family sure knows how to do Christmas!

  6. it all looks great beth!
    and archie had a happy time for his first birthday!
    a busy time indeed! … and a little too hot mate!
    yes you all know how to do a gathering of the clan!
    much love m:)X

  7. Wow, that sounds exhausting but very fun πŸ™‚

  8. Oh you have me super excited for Friday now! That pork looks delicious and I can’t wait for our own seafood platter soon. Enjoy! x

  9. Merry Christmas Beth! Thanks for sharing these Aussie family Christmas pics. It’s freezing where I am, soooo missing home and the heat. Enjoy your Christmas morning with your beautiful family πŸ™‚

  10. A very special Christmas and Birthday weekend that is for sure. You and the family do it so well…but with the travel and the heat, I am glad that it’s cool now and some feet up time might be appropriate for today? Merry Christmas Beth to you and the family. XXXXXX

    • Thanks DEnyse…mags still catching up on sleep from it all – luckily it’s so cool she’s all wrapped up and sleeping like a…well…baby!

  11. I think we might have a crack at the Matt Moran Gaytime trifle this Christmas too. Beautiful photos with all of your family xo

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