One thing: Teeth


Oh my goodness this week was a not a good one for me and teeth. You will remember that a while ago I was terrified of going to the dentist but it had been 10 years for a check up, and it was well and truly time to go and get a loose filling sorted. Well that passed, a simple request for a return visit to get that filling replaced when we got back from Italy and then an eventual appointment getting that replaced made me think I was sorted.

Alas, this was not the case.

That replaced filling started to give me grief with hot and cold, needing panadol all the time just to get through the day for a few weeks culminated at the start of this week with me being in AGONY and another bloody trip to the dentist to start root canal therapy. I got the pain sorted though (THANK GOD) but I can assure you that my one thing of going for a check up all those months ago has turned into quite a few things that seem to be costing me quite a lot of money.

For those of you not playing along, #onething is where I do just ONE THING from my to-do list, but not your every day to-do list. Oh no, this is the list of non essential items that sort of kind of need to get done but it’s no biggie if they don’t get done until next week, or next month, or um, next year. Those things. Just one. Every week.

This week I decided despite all my bad teeth experiences that I had to book the girls in for a check up. It has been well over a year since the last time we went, and given what I had been through, I could have easily just pushed it aside. But no! I put on a brave face for the girls, I told them how nice the dentist was (I wasn’t lying he has been wonderful) and I wanted to tell them that (unlike how I was) the dentist is NOT a scary place to go. It’s just like getting a hair cut, or a needle at the GP, it’s maintenance, it’s important, it has to be done, and it’s no big deal.

So we went. And they were great. All smiles and laughs, a really positive experience for all of us, that made me realise that dentists really aren’t a scary place to be, and it’s silly to leave things for too long because it will inevitably bite you in the bottom. They might not be scary, they can just be very expensive.

Which is kind of the same thing.

What was your one thing this week?
Anyone else scared of the dentist like I was? Don’t be!
Got a niggle you are avoiding? BOOK IN BELIEVE ME DEAR LORD BOOK IN.
Go choose something, right now, just have a look around and there will be something waiting…


  1. I’m trading #maintenanceMonday for #Ikeafunday tomorrow. Going to snag some presents and perhaps some new Chrissy decorations.

  2. I went to the dentist last week for the first check up in 9 years. I’m not terrified of the dentist but I was terrified she’d tell me my teeth were in a bad way for leaving it so long – I really don’t know why I did! Alas, it was all good news. Well, aside from her telling me I’ll eventually need to have my wisdom teeth out… but surely I can leave that for another 9 years…right?!

  3. took my 5 and 7 year old to the dentist this week as it happens and wouldn’t you know they both need fillings, one under sedation the other under a general anaesthetic because he has tonsils the size of golf balls. Not a good trip and not a good week ahead. We will never miss a scheduled dental visit again!

  4. I am totally terrified of the dentist after having a horrible, grumpy one as a kid. I still make myself go for a check/clean every 6 months though because if you have a dody heart like me tooth issues can be very dangerous. Unfortunately any dental procedure can be a worry too. In 2012 I wasn’t prescribed enough antibiotic cover for a clean. Mouth bacteria went to a heart valve & from there travelled to my brain causing an abcess infection. After major brain surgery, that I was given a very low chance of surviving, 6 weeks in hospital & a long time trying to recover I make sure I have a very large dose of antibiotics before & after seeing the dentist now …… & am even more terrified than I was before.
    I made sure to find a realy gentle, friendly dentist when I started taking kids to one so they didn’t end up a scared adult.

  5. So glad you got the pain sorted. Nothing worse than toothache.

    My one thing. I cleaned my fridge … including the doors that hold all those delicious (and mostly unnecessary) jars of condiments. I also sorted out my cake tins and the drawer where the pots live. So two things. A highly productive day. I have no life. LOL.

  6. I have only ever seen one dentist my whole life and I’m 43! I lived overseas for 14 years. His practice is in Sydney. I now live in Perth. Every time I go home (I’m heading home in 2 weeks for Christmas) my Mum books me a dentist appointment . But this time, this time I’m freaking out even more than normal. My dentist has retired!!!!!!! I’m going to his practice but some stranger will be looking in my mouth! Dear God I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it Bev!!!!!!!

  7. My lovely dentist (with the most calming voice) has retired. I discovered this when booking my yearly appt. It has thrown me as I have been seeing him following a horribly experience with the school dentist when I was in primary school. Not sure why its come as such a surprise.

    My one thing for today (just moved so too much to do for it to be weekly) was cleaning the fridge drip tray. Sadly very satisfying.

  8. Lisa Aherne says

    I did it! As a long time golfer, my skin has been exposed to the sun for many years. All those around me were going to the Body Scan clinic and coming out with assorted spraying which turned into scabs and then fell off, or stitches or discreet bandaids on their faces. I have a spot on my back discovered by my radiation oncologist on a recent visit and his stern ‘get that looked at’ frightened me into making an appointment. I went today, easy, and have been sprayed and made a further appointment to get my back spot biopsied. Cross fingers all is well.

  9. Amanda (Archie Lane) says

    I do believe our family has financially invested enough over the years at our dentist that it could easily fund one of his children university degrees.

    My one thing this week was having all the house windows professionally cleaned. Is there a better feeling than looking at clean windows?

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