Homemade cold remedy: Hot Toddy

Is there sickness going around your place at the moment? Rob has had a nasty cold last week which he has recovered from, and almost every parent at end of term assembly yesterday was sniffing and coughing. It’s the season for it I guess.

Here’s my recipe for whipping up a hot toddy. While not entirely curing you, will certainly make you feel better just before bed.

Hot Toddy

Rind from 1 lemon & squeeze of lemon juice
1 teaspoon honey
1 cinnamon stick
2 cloves
1 nip whiskey
1 cup boiling water (or tea)

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[gmc_recipe 13578]

Have you got a dreaded cold or flu at the moment?
I hope you feel better soon!


  1. Sounds a lot tastier than my Dad’s recipe for blasting the sniffles which is to dissolve blackballs (those nasty boiled aniseed lollies) in whiskey. He keeps it in the fridge for emergencies! Blech!!

  2. Several shots of tequila preferably the mescale and not cheap nasty stuff lol. I had three shots on Wednesday and by Thursday I’m sure it shocked the cold out of me. Might not work but hey it’s a fun way to try fight the dreaded lurgie

  3. Lorelle Coates says

    This great! Thanks for sharing Beth, winter sickness is the pits especially with 3 kids under 5

    Lorelle x

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    That would make a warming drink even if you weren’t sick! thank you Beth x

  5. Looks and sounds great! I currently have the flu, hubby has a cold. I must make this for us, now!! Thanks Beth.

  6. I’m trying this tomorrow 🙂 We’ve all been sick, but now as the grown ups are getting better, our toddler gets croup. Yay. Not. School holidays are nearly here and I’m sure someone else will come down with a lurgy of sorts. After all, winter in Canberra, you just know you’re going to get some bug.

  7. Is it okay to drink this even when you’re feeling well? I’ll be right back… 🙂

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