Around the grounds: Autumn

Because I am old, pregnant and boring if you were to run into me today you would hear me gushing about the weather because: SUNSHINE! (cue sound of choir as well). And after SO much rain and drizzle we have SUNSHINE! And WIND! It’s what I call a superior washing day. I’ve got 3 loads on the go out there and because we have more SUNSHINE! planned for the rest of the week I am holding off on the baby washing, towels and sheets throughout the week, best not to overdo things right? I had a great #maintenancemonday yesterday that involved freshly mopped floors AND clean windows (see: nesting madness) and today I can smell a Beef & beer casserole bubbling away on the stove top due for the freezer (see: nesting madness). There are sunny spots to sit in, daphne starting to bud on the bushes outside, a chook pen slowly drying out, happy citrus plants (lemon & cumquats), blue skies, flowers in vases, clean washing and me twirling around the garden singing “Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!”.

It doesn’t take much.

IMG_6737 IMG_6719 IMG_6706 IMG_6694 IMG_6695 IMG_6690 IMG_6702 IMG_6705 IMG_6692 IMG_6716 IMG_6727 IMG_6704 IMG_6708 IMG_6720 IMG_6713 IMG_6723 IMG_6715 IMG_6712 IMG_6699

I hope you are enjoying some sunshine on your back if you can get it.
What’s making your heart sing today?


  1. Ditto!!! Tra la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaa from north coast NSW.
    Can’t wait to see that daphne burst forth.

  2. Ahh country living, I miss it. Now while we’re talking citrus plants. How can I stop my lemon tree from dying? One is growing great guns the other very sad. They are planted about 1.5m away from each other. Enjoy the nesting!

  3. We had the most epic winds and rain during the night/early this morning. It took every ounce of strength for me to get dressed and leave the house to go to work. And now? Sunshine! Crazy weather for sure, but at least I got to wear my new faux fur vest and enjoy some chicken soup for lunch. x

  4. Nic Wesley says

    I just booked tickets to see The King and I at the Lincoln Centre. In New York. In a month’s time. That’s got my heart singing today. Woot!

  5. Same here girlfriend. Everyone relax, there are clean couch covers and floors tonight in Dungog. It rained for so long here my baby grew out of the clothes that were on the line!

    • Oh you poor buggers had a terrible time up there…hope you are OK and the town is recovering OK? Long may that sun shine down on Dungog x

  6. recipe?

  7. Stunning pics from your “neck of the woods”. Enjoy that SUNSHINE Beth 🙂

  8. merilyn says

    looks gorgeous beth! … enjoy!
    we are having wild weather today stuck inside but foofing, drawing and painting!
    happy chappy! … waiting for my daphne!
    love m:)X

  9. I could just feel your joy while reading this – it was almost like I was in the sunshine with you! The sun is shining here too, but it’s SO COLD! x

  10. Debs Sutton says

    Envy, such an awful thing but I’m bloody envious that you have dry,sunny weather! Here in the U.K. we have rain, oh so much rain, and the forecast is for storms & winds of 50km later today…What joy!!! Oh well holiday to Sri Lanka is now just over 2 weeks away.
    P.S.Fabulous photos Beth

  11. All we have is sun and heat, cooler mornings which I’m loving, but I’m hanging out for cooler weather.

  12. Have always loved the look of those bird feeders – do you find the birds actually use them? If so I’m going to make it my next garden treat.

    • I’m not sure…I just whacked this one up yesterday as it was a gift from my sister in law on the weekend. I hope they’s adorable!

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