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The holidays are coming to a close…we have been away for 3 weeks(!) and had the very best kind of holiday: lots of time with family, and visitors, good food and friends, and LOTS of time swimming in pools and in the ocean. Man, it has been GOOD. I have read books, slept well, watched my belly grow before me and see the girls relaxed and happy. We are all just about ready to head back to reality. I’m ready for some home time and getting my head into the new year space AND the fact that my BABY IS STARTING SCHOOL IN 2 WEEKS TIME. But enough about that, let’s look at the present. Mindfulness! Or the very close past. As it’s been so good.ย My favourite bits:

All this reading! I actually stopped on this one as I was in the wrong head space and I knew I wasn’t giving it my best attention but I will be back for it as it seemed great and lots of you had great things to say about it.


I’ve also liked reading some stuff online, well looking at stuff online.

Like this Nat Geo website of all the best lodges to stay in all around the world. Perfect for your next holiday planning (or dreaming) which is half the fun of planning a holiday.


And this hilarious website Ship your Enemies Glitter make sure you read the Frequently asked question section especially.

And I bet you have seen This Girl Can around the traps as well. Wouldn’t it be good if advertisers realised that we want to see NORMAL people? I like normal. And jiggly. Because? It’s NORMAL.

I have been enjoyed an iced dairy beverage almost every single day. That’s in the form of milkshakes, iced coffees, and the good old milo.


Someone wrote a great line on my instagram the other night that milo is the pregnant woman’s sauvignon blanc. I think she may be right. Others thought my ratio was out 4 scoops/milk not enough? I’m willing to test out a few more samples. I’m good like that.

I’ve been eating some GOOD stuff. Lots of cooking though…I think tonight we need to get someone else to do with work.

IMG_2117 IMG_2112 IMG_2141

I have been eyeing off some seriously amazing stuff at various Sydney Festival sites. Rob informed me yesterday that In and Out had a pop up restaurant for only 3 hours yesterday (they sold out in 1.5 hours) and I have been DROOLING over some of the images from Double Down Diner (a collaboration between Porteno and Gelato Messina) creating food that looks nothing like ice cream but IS ice cream.

We’ve had so many lovely visitors and tomorrow my big sister and her kids arrive from Melbourne for a few nights. My big brother is over in Japan at the moment…isn’t instagram just the BEST for staying in touch with people when they are OS? Love it!


Speaking of social media have you seen on Facebook people putting up their very first Facebook profile pic? Here’s mine. Look at Daisy! A touch of the Archie’s don’t you think? I joined FB in May 2007 and this is what I looked like:


Somehow they just grow. So nice to see happy kids and of course a VERY happy hound on this holiday. I wonder if he will be depressed when he gets home? He could certainly do with a trip to the groomer that’s for sure. He’s also booked in for his man puppy “procedure”…yes the cone of shame will add to funk I’m sure.

IMG_2185 IMG_5060 IMG_2177

Couple of things lastly…I have a $20 discount for any online orders for Sandy Feet Australia swimwear (one use per customer) just enter the code BABYMAC20 at checkout for $20 off. Be quick it ends tomorrow (Friday 16th at midnight). Thanks Sandy Feet!


And I curated my first ever newsletter for Down that Little Lane yesterday with a selection of 20 products I would be grabbing from their website RIGHT NOW. Be sure to go over and have a look.


What have you been reading over the hols?
Seen anything online worth sharing?
Been to any Sydney Festival things? Experienced the In and Out or something from Double Diner?
Had some good sale shopping experiences?


  1. That IN AND OUT Burger pop up shop was in my thoughts all day yesterday.

    • Oh dear LORD. I actually looked through the hashtag #inandoutburger on insta last night just scrolling, scrolling through the snaps. MAD!

      • Beth, you know I live under a rock up here….but could you please explain to me what the hell a “pop up shop” is, I have heard it so much lately….god help me I need to get out more don’t i……

        • It’s become a “thing” the last couple of years. It’s basically just a smaller version of a shop/franchise away from where it would usually be…a pop up!

  2. Beth: Your holiday looks wonderful and so relaxing being by the sea and having fun with your girls and family. I love your photo circa 2007. I think I joined Fb then too, when my son was just a newborn. Soon you will be re- embarking on a newborn journey all over again. Amazing.
    I love it how Rob lets you know what is hip and happening, Sydney festivals and pop up restaurants. In my family I let my partner know about certain hip things if I read about them, but I guess it is because growing up we always went to arty farty things with my parents, Sydney festivals, Sydney film festivals, Bill and Toni’s in Darlinghurst for cheap pasta dinners, inviting strange artists “La Fura del Baus” from Spain to our house in Bondi when Bondi was not a hip place. Anyway my partner is more of a nerd but has been listening to podcasts longer that I so I guess he is hip too! By the way when are your podcasts coming back! I miss them! “Rant over ” take care xx

  3. Thanks so much for this code – I have been eyeing up one of these beach dresses for Maddi for ages! And now I have one on the way! I do love IG, it gives a snapshot of what people have been up to when I’m too busy to read lots and lots of blogs. Less than two weeks and I’ll be losing my middle to school… such a big event!

  4. Hi Beth, your mention of the down that little lane list reminded me to tell you how helpful I found you post last year about the Christmas presents your kids really liked. I’ve used a number of the suggestions for birthdays during the year and they were all super successful. Thanks!

  5. We just got back last night from our break away. It is always so hard to get back into the swing of things. I am so not ready for school to go back though. It looks like you had a great time away.

  6. Oh Beth, I’ve been living your beautiful summer vicariously via FB. What a lucky bunch you are! I can totally relate to the iced dairy bevy – both times I’ve been preggo I have downed lots of milk – lately it’s been vanilla milkshakes when I’m out. Recently the staff at the cafe where I ate lunch forgot my milkshake order and I was SO hungry and desperate for it, I felt like crying!

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Your holidays look great Beth I am glad you’ve enjoyed them.I have trouble reading books sometimes too,like Gone girl ,I don’t think I like it,those milkshakes are good for your calcium levels,keep on waving them Xx

  8. Aah holidays. I’ll be glad when we have some routine back in our lives, methinks. I’ve decided 2015 is the year I get my reading mojo back and am aiming for two books a month, so far I’ve read Big Little Lies, and am currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird for my book club.

    Bargains have been a doona cover from Target and bamboo sheets from Temple and Webster.

    Enjoy the rest of the break Beth!

  9. Loved your very first DTLL newsletter! So happy you’re part of the gang. x

  10. What a wonderful holiday! I’m a four scoop of Milo girl, sadly my milo rations are almost out and I didn’t buy any more while I was in Oz as I didn’t have any room.

    When I first saw that pic of Archie the first thing I thought was ‘Oh my he looks like Daisy.’

    How re-entry to real life is smooth. xx

  11. OK, so my prank obsessed uncle is SO getting a spray of glitter at some point. I might wait a few months until his birthday ๐Ÿ˜‰
    That video is awesome. Makes me actually want to get my arse moving. Kind of.
    And Milo. When I was pregnant, I suddenly craved cold Milo like it was going out of fashion. Actually forgot about that craving until I saw your post!
    Thanks for sharing. I love your miscellaneous posts x

  12. Loving all your holiday snaps. looks like you are enjoying every minute, before you know it, it will be school time. Bleuch! I bought the animal print maxi from Bohemian traders on Boxing day and its pure love! Haven’t read anything apart from magazines and stuff online, just not in the right head space.I need to be in the mood. Have booked holidays for April though, Yay!

  13. I really love these miscellaneous posts. So much goodness.
    And oh my, all that squishy baby goodness!!! He’s adorable, as are you and little Daisy from 2007!
    Loving the holiday pics, I feel like I can holiday vicariously through you while I’m at work.

  14. I love when family visits or we travel to visit family to make special memories. Loved your first profile pic. I love your DTTL picks so many fabulous products. I have been thinking about buying that book but not sure. I look forward to hearing what you thought when you read it. Take care and enjoy. V x

  15. I totally love the This Girl Can clip. We should all feel comfortable with our jiggly bits and seriously who does exercise full made up with perfect flowing hair anyway?!
    I’m so glad you’re posting all your book finds. I never know what to read and it’s just plain helpful to have a recommendation from someone I enjoy reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. You’ve done holidays very, very well! I realised today, as I wrote my ‘welcome to the new school’ message, that I have had quite a boring holidays indeed. Probably far too much work than is wise, but I can’t help myself! Also, I just had a milo. 3 scoops for me.

  17. Your BIG sister? Have I missed a sibling? I have read every single blog post and have never heard about your big sister. I know I’m sounding like a stalker but seriously – how have I missed this? We’re not talking about Archie’s mumma are we??

  18. Oh my goodness Beth – I linked through to the Send Your Enemies Glitter site and was crying with laughter! Thank you so much.

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