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I have long had troubles with Harper’s breathing. From under the age of one she suffered with bad coughs and colds and always with the colds came that blasted cough. The pre-cursor to her disgnosis with asthma a few years later. Every change in the seasons (summer to autumn in particular) for the past few years has meant a stay in hospital with her asthma and ALWAYS throughout winter we have a persistent cough. A cough that occasionally brings on a dreaded cough vomit, but more often than not, just a bloody cough that will last and last and last. These coughs have been at times my undoing…a persistent cough will do that to a Mother. On top of that she also struggled with sleep apnoea from about 18 months of age with enlarged adenoids and tonsils which she had removed when she was 2. With working with her specialists, and with age, I am noticing an improvement with respiratory health (she takes Flixotide twice a day) but I must say I am starting to get concerned with her heavy breathing through the nose again. The snoring has started back up again (and I should know given that she sleeps next to me every night) and the whistling nose. Perhaps it’s time she sees the ENT again for a check up on those adenoids (did you know that they can grow back?!). Are we having fun yet?!

Whilst I strongly believe in seeking medical advice for ongoing conditions that can be managed with my own kids I am always open to natural remedies too. The tip I got from Styling You about having a cut onion next to her bed when she has a cough has literally saved my mind a few times ( and I was keen to try out the only salt therapy device designed for home use when offered by Salin Plus. A desperate, sleep deprived Mother will put Vicks on the soles of feet, with socks, just the right socks, to see if it will work. A desperate Mum will put an onion next to a sleeping child. A test of this machine actually seemed quite logical!


What is Salin Plus?

Salin Plus is a non-invasive and natural way to gain relief from a wide range of respiratory conditions (such as snoring and blocked sinuses, constant coughs, congestion, hay fever and headaches). The device has a purified rock salt filter that sits in the device that is plugged in to the wall and let run overnight. This replicates a “micro-climate” similar to salt cave by removing air borne pollutants and bringing salt ionised air into your nose and lungs.

What is salt therapy?

Similar to the Hindu practice of Neti (washing your nasal cavaties with saline water that my mate Smaggle SWEARS by) salt therapy was discovered over 150 years ago with origins in Eastern Europe when they noticed that miners working in salt caves rarely suffered respiratory ailments. Over the past 40 years research has demonstrated the healing properties of salt. Think of all the times we use salt…water for cuts and sores to swim in, I gargle it on the first sign of a sore throat…it’s natural and non invasive.

So how was it?

I had many people on various posts of mine about Harper’s breathing and coughs recommending the salt therapy like Salin Plus. People raved about it so I was keen to test it out ourselves. I’m not sure I can make a fully informed report given that I have been using it for just over a week now, but I do know that I have slept well (well that’s not hard when you are a tired Mum in school holidays is it?) but I can report that snuffles next to me has seemed less snuffly. Her snoring was getting better each night and the cough that has started up with a new cold (thanks change of seasons) has not being going all night. But as I said, ask me in 6 months time. Ask me after the summer/autumn season change, ask me in 12 months time when we have been through a winter with it. I will be sticking with it, that’s for sure. I mean what’s to loose? It’s natural. Can be used in conjunction with her other medications. It’s quiet. And we can take it with us if we go away.


You can find out more about Salin Plus on their website here (including purchasing them online). Or you can find out more on their Facebook page here.

But over to YOU guys that have been using these machines…tell me what your experience has been like.

Do you use a salt therapy device for any members of your family?
How have you found it works?
Are constant coughs your parenting kryptonite like mine?


  1. Interesting… I am currently in the depths of my very first experience of a sick child – eeeep! Poor little Eleanor has a nasty cold, all blocked up and unable to breathe, now it’s ALL coming out (a good sign it’s running it’s course though right?) We have a vapouriser in her room which I *think* is helping, but so hard to tell. Vicks on soles of feet here also! Her coughing and breathing difficulty is obviously waking her up, so my usual 5+ hours of sleep with a 3 month old has become 2-3 hourly feeds overnight. She needs the snuggles though. I’d definitely try one of these salt thingos, being so little natural remedies are sometimes all I’ve got to treat her, and I don’t exactly want to pump her little body full of nurofen for no reason…

  2. Interesting. The Mr. Snores like a train and heavy breather. I have chronic migraine since 14. Our grand baby she’s 2 and has respiratory issues also. I’m going to look into this. Thanks sweetie. Good luck to the little one and you.

  3. My 6yr old sons adenoids have grown back! He is a shocking snorer and it pains me to watch him sleep (then there’s the eating, does Harper struggle to breathe when she has a mouth full of food?) We go back to the ENT tomorrow, I’m reluctant for him to have another operation, the steroid nasal spray we were given at the last appointment was supposed to shrink the adenoids but it has done jackshit! It’s so hard being responsible for making big decisions like these! I might just have to look into this salt therapy. I will definitely be interested to hear how you go long term with it. Jess

  4. Definitely go back to the ENT. I had my daughters Adenoids checked 12 months after the works (tonsilloadenoidectomy + grommets) and she was straight back in for another adenoidectomy, tissue had grown back so they scraped it back down again. She had the tonsils out because they were enlarged and almost touching together and she was choking on food about 3-4 times each meal.

    I will keep reading to see what you think of the Salin Plus after a few more months. My daughter gets recurrent colds and ENT issues, and those coughs, oh those coughs.


  5. I have never heard of this before and even though we don’t suffer from sinus etc I do have friends that do. Thanks Beth!

  6. My daughter has a constant cough – we thought it was a form of Torrets (truly!) she’s had sinus surgery, dozens of oral and nasal spray steroids and been to a kineosologist with a thousand different vitamins prescribed – did jackshit – (although the Lysine for coldsores – thumbs up!) we even went to a some women in the hills of Belligen for a consult. Daughter sprays FESS up her nose (apparently cough is from a post nasal drip?!) in the shower every day but mayb this is a go’er… will suss it…. thankyou 🙂

  7. OMG! My husband brought me home one of these (his work sells them) last week when I was in the depths of congestion and desperately needing a good night’s sleep. I’ve slept like a log ever since I’ve been using it. I think there’s definitely something to be said for salt therapy and I figure there’s no harm in trying something natural like this…and it seems to be working for me!

  8. I’d never heard of this! Must file it away for future reference.

  9. I think I had 2 hours sleep last night listening to my 2 year old cough. She coughed allllllllllll nighhhhhhhhhT! All. Night. I’ve done the onion, I’ve done the Vicks on the soles of her feet and now I will source this machine. My Mum has looked after her today and the cough is still there in full force. Yay. Tonight will be fabulous!! Poor little poppet.. Coughing is shit.

  10. Poor little Harps has not had a good time of it!

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Good luck Beth I do hope it works ,poor Harper ,and poor you!I have a salt lamp but I really think it’s not close enough to anyone to be of any medical use I should put it in my bedroom Xx

  12. Gibbergunyah says

    I found Dr Greenberg (in St Jude’s St) a great ENT. Alas there’s a long wait for an appointment (a good sign, I think). All the best to Harper.

  13. Poor little darling! I have no experience with salt treatment, but I swear by old-school humidifiers with the eucalyptus smell. Hope Harps is well soon. x

  14. I have a 5yr old boy that has been on Singulair and ventolin since 2 when asthma was first diagnosed. Just last week we had a long night of vomiting from coughing, his poor body was ravaged it by it all night long, its heartbreaking! I have definitely seen an improvement this winter with the Singulair however the change in season is killing us. I am very interested to see how you go with this, we have tried dehumidifiers, vaporisers, vicks etc etc Anything to help those big and small babies of ours sleep and in turn us Mummies is worth a try.

    • It sure is…I feel your pain and know that I will give anything a go! We have been pretty good this spring changeover – hope it continues as she gets older.

    • Does your son experience any side effects from Singulair? My son took this for some time however we had to stop due to the bad experience.

  15. My boy has asthma , flixitide tide a day and often a terrible cough. The other night I was BESIDE my self with the cough, I started the prednisone , sat him up did it all, nothing then I remembered the onion from your blog ! Thnk god I might not have milk but I always have an onion ! Success and the next night I started with the onion not one cough ! Thank you xx

  16. I’m so happy that the salt therapy appears to be working for you, nothing worse than listening to your little ones breathe with difficulty! I dont have any experience with them but would like to suggest looking in to the Pure Air Revitaliser by Nature Direct if you haven’t heard of it aleady…. a cold air purifier, humidifier and ioniser in one. Used in conjunction with Enviroair concentrate (made from 100% organically sourced essential oils) it is amazing for anyone with breathing difficulties (asthma, hayfever, sinus, croup, colds, flu etc) as well as other things. Yes, I sell them… i became a distributor after using all their products for sometime and loving them…. so i dont love them because i sell them, i sell them because i love them. Would love to discuss further if you’re interested in finding out more as another option. xx

    • Great – thanks for the suggestion Susie – appreciate it 🙂

      • You’re welcome! I’d be happy to help if/when you’re ready to find out more 🙂 Good luck with finding something that works and helps your daughter………. and maybe you already have with the salt lamp xx

  17. Hi Beth, see if your Dr can recommend Singulair. My Miss was like Harper and had seasonal asthma and ‘the cough’ changed her over to Singulair from flexitide and pleased to report no coughs at all during winter! My little girl also is being looked at for sheep apnea and the Singulair reduces inflammation in the airway.

    Worth a look! 😉

  18. Hi Beth
    I’m with your mate Smaggle, my husband and daughter both get bad hayfever, cat and dust allergies, daughter (26 now) has always done the most disgusting snorting in the morning to get rid of mucus. They both now use daily a variation of a neti pot which I bought from Amazon. Husband uses his with the recommended amount of salt (they supply a small long handled spoon to use) but daughter says the salt burns and she just uses warm waster.

    I don’t know if this would be suitable to use with Harper but I don’t remember how old she is, though I do think this would be ok and easy for older children and adults to use.

    Don’t be put off by the look of it – it looks extremely rude in shape (see picture or is it just me?). It is simple, easy to use and works well. I use it if I get a cold or congested sinuses. You fill with luke warm water (with or without salt as instructions), lean over a basin and pour up one nostril and it comes out the other side. Then repeat for other side. Both are now converted, having been very reluctant to try initially.
    Good luck. x

    • That’s fabulous! Thanks for the link 🙂

    • Hi Jenny
      Its better to use an isotonic saline mixture for neti, its better for the delicate nasal membranes. I think water alone can dry the membranes out too much, saline balances the electrolyte function in the membranes (trying to remember my anatomy and physiology…) Too much or too little salt usually burns, anyway I guess its better your daughter is doing it with warm water than not doing it at all. And yes, the pots do look rather rude, I know what you mean! They look like they are meant to be poked in an orifice!

  19. II’ve been asthmatic since 5 years old (not that long ago really..) and I can tell you, while preventers and ventolin may keep the asthma away they give you one hell of a cough. As an adult I stopped using Flixotide and the other one (serotide ?) because my throat felt hoarse all the time, and boy could I cough. I manage my asthma now just with ventolin (as recommended by specialist) but even after using that it leaves an irritation and I have a deep cough from it. I have found a combination of dietary (following a diet that reduces inflammation in the body) natural medicines like herbal mixtures, vitamins etc and exercise helps keep my asthma in check.
    And neti is fantastic but you really need to be taught how to do it properly. you need to drain the sinuses properly after, and you need to use a correctly mixed saline mixture (don’t just throw some salt in some water) otherwise it burns like hell!
    I am interested in this salt thing Beth.
    Thanks for sharing and please keep us up to date!

  20. I’ve seen these salt therapy places pop up in Melbourne and wondered about them for my three kids who suffer from asthma and dust mite allergies, especially at bed time. I never knew there was a portable, in home option.
    We are trying some full on hippy-la-la ideas for my kids allergies, so this seems quite normal… off to check out the website!

  21. Hi Beth, This is very interesting. My 7yo has CF & studies have shown that lung damage is greatly reduced in surfers ie those who spend a lot of time near salt water. I wonder if this machine would deliver similar results. Seems like it would be worth a shot…although it would almost be more exciting if it helped with my husbands snoring. Thanks for sharing & I will be interested to hear what you think in a few months. I really love your blog and your writing. I follow quite a lot of different ones & yours is my absolute favorite.

  22. Hello Beth,
    I realise this post was some time ago now but I was wondering if you would still recommend the salin plus machine? My 14 mo daughter has a cough that wont seem to budge and it’s worst at night. I am wondering if it is worth buying this machine to help her?
    Thank you!

  23. I recently bought this and would like to know what strength do you have this on for an 18mth old, no guide with the product on this issue.

  24. Talisha Davis says

    I am trying w my son, who is 6, w similar issues and it has helped! Curious on an update on your sweet girl?!

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