Sunday roast

I am hopeless. This weekend I checked the diary and saw that the weekend was free. And for most people that would be a chance to relax, read, get stuck into the garden and do, you know, nothing. For me though, I get itchy feet. I can’t sit still. And while we had a day yesterday to do all of the above, today it was not going to happen. We were forecast 15 degrees and sunshine so of course that meant a long lunch to me. A text later to Neighbour and we were sorted. Lunch. 1.30pm. DONE.

It wasn’t anything fancy – a couple of roast chooks, some salads, some cheese, some store bought desserts and some champagne (OF COURSE) but it was JUST what the Dr ordered. Some old friends. A completely relaxed afternoon. Kids playing, picking flowers and running around. Adults having a big laugh and catching up on lots of things. These are the kind of afternoons I thank my lucky stars that we live where we do. Live in the little village that we do. Have made friends with all the wonderful people that we have. Nothing fancy. No bullshit. Just a lovely afternoon.

I made a couple of roast chooks. We had risoni salad. I outsourced dessert which meant that it was outsourced to Gumnut patisserie. And I did my old favourite of a block of Lindt chocolate on the table for the adults. And can we take a moment to look at my hellebores?!

IMG_2585 IMG_2586 IMG_2589 IMG_2590 IMG_2591 IMG_2594 IMG_2601 IMG_2605 IMG_2607 IMG_2608 IMG_2611 IMG_2614 IMG_2617 IMG_2620 IMG_2622 IMG_2624 IMG_2627

Hope you had a great Sunday doing whatever it is you did.
What DID you do?


  1. You take the most divine photos Beth! You always manage to paint the scene beautifully.
    We went to a proper country bush dance near Mum and Dad’s farm this weekend. Fantastic fun!

  2. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday Beth! We have spent every Sunday this month attending various university open days. Our son is off to uni next year and our daughter the year after that. It’s a little daunting to see them growing up so quickly and making such ADULT decisions, but it has been really lovely to spend this time with them, discussing their futures and sharing in their excitement.

  3. We made brownies and took them down to the river to enjoy an ‘it feels like spring’ celebration.
    It was lovely and then I had a nap, perfection.

  4. Sunday lunch is just about my most favourite thing in the world to do.
    Although Sunday is a work/school day here. Sent hubs off to work, the kids are still on holidays (1.5 weeks to go!!) one has a perforated eardrum and the other two coughs so they are still in their PJs at 1pm.
    On our version of Sunday (i.e. Saturday) Clint and I ate delicious lamb cutlets with an even more delicious Middle Eastern carrot salad and drank a delicious Sancerre. All in all โ€“delicious.

  5. Looks utterly delightful Beth! I baked for #sundaybakingsunday on Instagram – I lolled about – I discovered The Everywhereist (winning!) and am making mushroom risotto for din-dins.

  6. Love your work Beth!

  7. Gorgeous. Food for the soul as well as the belly.

  8. How decadent but simple! Birthday party in the morning, housework and then clothes shopping for ProBlogger, 3 dresses were bought, not sure if they’re trendy but I like them!

  9. We had a lovely relaxing day at home….and no rain!!!!! A visit from a friend for a catch up this morning over strong coffee and banana muffins. Lunch on the deck was steak sangas and a glass of plonk……now the fire is on along with the slippers!

  10. You set a cracking table Mrs M.

  11. Simple and stunning! Could you please tell me the recipe for the tomato and garlic dish? thank you.

    • I kind of made it up…threw some cherry toms, quartered red onions, garlic, thyme and oilivce oil, salt & pepper into a baking dish for an hour on about 150 degrees then we smashed it onto bread…delicious!

  12. Well, it’s only Sunday morning here. I’m sitting with coffee, the laptop, and the cockatiel on my shoulder while hubs takes the dog for his “constitutional.” And I am enjoying your scrumptious looking table and beautiful flowers. And I still have time to get up a Sunday lunch!

  13. A forced nothing day after a bout of gastro wiped out our weekend social plans. Cup of tea on the sun lounge and an afternoon/evening of Lego building once the rain arrived…hubby and I still building hours after the girls had gone to bed!

  14. We washed windows so I think you won Sunday Beth! What a cracker of a day.

  15. I am loving your hellebores sick, and kicking myself that I perhaps didn’t plant enough recently? How many do you have? They look so good en mass. That looks like absolute Sunday perfection, we had the most lovely, happy weekend at my husband’s parents home down by the sea. Hubby’s birthday dinner of butterflied leg of local lamb, marinated and slow roasted for four hours, big glasses of red, poached pears for dessert, a baby who SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), long walks along the foreshore with my little family and the dogs, good coffee with my ace mother-in-law at our favourite cafe, lunch with old friends at their new farm, planning their dream home to be built soon with their own hands for their family of six…AND THEN a flying visit to Melbourne to meet our nephew who was born in the wee hours of Sunday morning, new baby snuggles, high fiving my sister-in-law on all things birth related now that I am in the mama-club, Eleanor meeting her new cousin, heart explosion weekend. Boom! BEAT THAT!

  16. Beth there is definitely nothing better than Sunday lunches like that….NOTHING! Perfect. We went to the local country race meeting and then of course we couldn’t stop at that….so there may have been a tiny Sunday session for “just one drink/hair of the dog” before my Sobor Bob husband (god love him) drove us home. There is just nothing better than hanging out with great friends on a Sunday. We too had a brilliant day.

  17. Yum cha with good friends in the city, a nap in the sunshine & then a fab 60th bday party for a dear friend- best Sunday:)

  18. We took my grandma out for lunch yesterday and sat out in the sun at a beachfront pub. It was perfection. We then followed this up at another pub with friends for dinner. Best Sunday I’ve had in a long time! x

  19. That looks like a wonderful dinner.
    Sunday…we went to a flea market here in Leipzig only to discover it was actually a fabric market! Sooo much fabric, most of it from the Netherlands. Then off to the Stasi museum for a sobering look at recent local history. Then a ride to the laundromat, and an evening in a bar named after a daschund, watching Sherlock dubbed in German! I got far too tipsy!

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