You know what’s not quite but almost more annoying than coming up with something for dinner each and every single bloody night? Lunch! Although it can sometimes be good because it’s only you to think about, and it can be grabbed and eaten in the car or on the go. And even though I love food, and I love to prepare food, my lunch is always a cheese sandwich on white bread. Pretty much every. Single. Day. Sometimes its the crusts off the bread of a sandwich I have made my 4 year old. Sometimes it’s 4 milk arrowroots with a cup of tea.

Today I nailed it. May I present to you the best chicken sambo that ever existed EVER:


Phwoooooooar…look at her!


I grabbed a half a charcoal chook from the shops and a baguette which I smothered in dijon mustard, some cherry toms, my beloved tasty cheese, some spinach leaves and lashings of pepper. It’s now sitting in my oesophagus awaiting digestion (slow down lady!) but I’ll always have these photos to remember it by.

When I worked in an office I was never organised enough to bring stuff in…I always went and blew my hard earned cash on some over priced food that was not healthy for me….but DELICIOUS and not prepared by me. But now I work from home or mother from home I have become lazy and predictable and so boring that I’d quite like to poke my one eyes out with a butter knife.

So tell me, what did YOU have for lunch today?
What’s some fool proof easy ideas you can give me to keep me away from the kids leftovers?
What is your all time favourite BEST mid week lunch?


  1. I am CRAP at lunch. I often don’t eat it then crash at 3pm. I even forget to give the kids a proper lunch on weekends. I sometimes eat their leftovers. Sometimes tea and a muffin at 3pm. Bad bad bad.
    So my new thing is soup. I make a bit pot on Sunday then reheat during the week and having with crusty bread. Bacon and lentil. Lentil. Pea and ham. Anything easy and yum.

  2. NOTHING as fine tuning my website which I’m launching on Friday but I’m starving! I hope I get to say hi to you at ProBlogger this week! I’ll be eating the joint out of food at this rate.
    Safe travels

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I am a lazy lunch person too,who I am I kidding also breakfast too.Today I’m home doing not much and it us cold so I am making a bacon and egg toasted Turkish bread roll, it will be yum!

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I am a lazy lunch person too,who I am I kidding also breakfast too.Today I’m home doing not much and it is cold so I am making a bacon and egg toasted Turkish bread roll, it will be yum!

  5. At this very moment I am devouring a bowl of home made chicken soup with about a bazillion veggies. It was made with the breast so I can feel extra pure- but satisfies both my belly and soul. I make a batch on a sunday arvo and portion them out for the week. It doesn’t take that long and I love knowing that there are a family of these soups waiting for me in my freezer. Get on to it Beth. It just works.

  6. Leftovers. I make extra servings at dinner and box it up for lunches the next day. Even the teens love cold left overs Rissoles are delicious cold the next day.

    • I bring out the slow cooker every Sunday as well using up what is left in the crisper to make soup, blend it all up and portion up for breakfasts during the next week. Teens love a little bowl with a piece of toast instead of cereal to kick start a school day.

    • NOTHING better than a cold rissole…agree!!

  7. katie clews says

    Going out for lunch today with a friend, but my lunch normally consists of yummy Baker’s Delight Pana di Casa rye bread sliced thickly (open faced so normally 2 slices, sometimes 3!) with lashings of butter, swiss cheese and salami..Sometimes tomato added.. sometimes just eaten plain with butter or Philly cheese (full fat)…. My German heritage (Dad is German) has me loving all the most fatty, unhealthy cold cuts of meat and delicious cheeses! Your baguette looks smashing.. I love Dijon mustard with egg mayo.. yummmyyyyyy!!!!

  8. Currently obsessed with Ainsley Harriots mushroom risotto covered in vintage cheese. Quick and easy. I just cant face the staff canteen again. They have bolognese one day then the next day is chilli (read: yesterdays bolognese with some red capsicum in it). Ainsley ain’t exactly vegan quinoa, but I ain’t exactly a saint. T xx

  9. Looks delicious! Fresh bread gets me every time. Strawberries dipped in plain CoYo (coconut yoghurt brand) here today. I’m no clean eater (I may have followed this up with a row of Whittakers peanut butter chocolate) but I can’t get enough of this CoYo stuff with my fruit! The chocolate CoYo needs to be kept away from me though, it’s too good. Cheese sambos and the crusts off the kids sandwiches are the norm here though too.

  10. Poached eggs with some tomato, avacado on the side. But today….spectacular baby macs sausage pasta leftover from last night…very nice cold too.

  11. Leftovers. We also usually always have some sliced ham or turkey in the fridge for kid lunches. Usually rocket and tomatoes too. A tub of homemade (not by me) hummus is always a good stand-by too. Cous cous, chickpeas and some leftover roast veg.
    If all else fails, a tin of soup is always a good standby.

  12. Today it was avacado, tomato and bacon on toast. I often try to have leftovers from the night before though. They are my favourite, because they require no thought whatsoever- just a microwave!

  13. I’ve been taking salad to lunch for work this week – with tuna of course. Very easy and good for you. I’ve been loads of Danish feta in it though BAHAHA

  14. currently wishing i had a bread roll to go with my cup of soup.

  15. I became so lazy with lunch once I had kids and would end up eating half a packet of biscuits, a muslie bar or cup a soup! I’m trying to be healthy at the moment so lunch most days is a salad with a soft boiled egg, small tin of salmon, diced tomato, cucumber, avocado, red onion, some coriander and maybe a dollop of hummus or whatever is in the fridge. If I am being lazy I skip the veggies…… I also love Cruskits, usually avocado, cheese, tomato and lots of salt and pepper. I’ve tried doing soup but unless I absolutely love it I can’t face it by day 3 and instead eat the accompanying bread with lots of butter.

  16. My absolute favourite lunch is leftovers from dinner the night before. Unfortunately we seem to eat like it is an olympic sport in our house so no matter how much I make there are not often leftovers…….oops. My lunch is often the good old cheese sandwich unless my husband has been near the shops & I can convince him to bring home sushi.

  17. Fiona Guglielmi says

    Omg I just finished my cheese sandwich ….

  18. I hardly ever make myself lunch. Usually it’s a coffee with a digestive or a coffee with 5 jelly babies.
    However yesterday I made myself a wrap! It had tzatziki, cucumber, tomato, spinach and pepper.
    I was so impressed with myself and wondered why I wasn’t staring at the pantry at 3pm. Today I had your leftover chicken noodle soup. I’m on a roll…..

  19. Peta Venus says

    Packet of shapes. I’m terrible at lunch.

  20. Leftovers are a winner in our house. Cook once, eat twice (or more, depending on how organised I am). Today it was chicken and chorizo pasta. Yesterday it was leftover curry and rice, the day before- roast chicken and veg. I always make enough for one or two leftover plates- hubby works from home, and I am home at lunch time a few times a week, so I know we’ll eat it.
    If all else fails, a ham cheese and tomato toastie does the trick for lunch too. I love our sandwich press!

  21. Omelettes. Stuffed with any bits from the fridge – olives, fetta, tomato, mushroom, leftover baked veg (especially pumpkin!). Some rocket on the side. Done. I do love the ease of BBQ chook though!

  22. very similar to you actually – bbq chook with salad over pesto on cruskits. Yummy!

  23. I try to always have good bread in the house.
    That way I can slap some pesto, hummus, mustard, butter…whatever on there, add some cheese or some meat or some leftovers, perhaps a few veggies and I have lunch!
    That being said, I often end up skipping lunch and then eating half a bar a chocolate at three…cramming it in my mouth while vowing to be better about eating lunch!

  24. We were at the Newcastle Museum cafe for lunch today. We shared ham and vegetable soup, a steak burger with fries and then a really nice scone with jam and cream. Yum!

  25. For lunch I ate two chocolate cupcakes followed by an entire packet of crunchy spicy peas.

  26. You know what dresses up a plain cheese or cheese and salad sandwich? CHUTNEY. At the moment I have a jar of Berenberg on the go but my absolute favourite is from a WA olive oil/condiments producer called Olio Bellio, they do an amazing “tomato jam”. I also like cauliflower pickle. Go hit your local church/school fete for jars of homemade goodness!

  27. kaye yaager says

    Well toasted fave bread spread with mashed avocado mixed with big dab of yoghurt, chopped vine ripened tomatoes, sprinkle aust bush s+p and a crumbled topping of cheese of choice, yummo

  28. I had my “I better eat something healthy today” quick and easy option: tuna, brown rice and some frozen veggies (broccoli, beans, peas and corn). It’s surprisingly filling and yum! I would give my left testicle for your lunch, though.

    • You are VERY good eating brown rice. That stuff is nasty.

      • Beth! You’re one of my food idols, yet you just broke my heart with this! Brown rice is good!

        • I have obviously never have cooked it correctly myself…please forgive me!!

          • Oh, I don’t cook it… Too much work! I make most things from scratch, but buy the 90 second microwave sachets of brown rice – perfectly and easily cooked with NO effort. Because it’s already pretty much cooked when they seal up the bag too, I use it to make brown rice risotto or brims rice fried rice – the quick bit of cooking at the end makes it the perfect consistency. Geez, I’m prattling, but it’s that good. Give it a whirl!

          • Thnaks Rosie….will check it out!

    • I do the exact same too, I always have those things in my cupboard/fridge/freezer. Feels so much more satisfying than a boring sanga.

  29. sardines on sourdough toast with tabasco sauce is a favourite of mine at least twice a week…..tinned tomato soup (the only soup i will eat tinned!!) with herbs or some fried bacon or basil and pinenuts….in summer i eat salads….

  30. Lunch is probably my best meal of the day because I can’t guarantee I’ll get to eat dinner ( babies!!). I have a bit of a rotation happening this winter- toasted ham, cheese & tomatoe on sourdough. Mushrooms, tomato, spinach & feta on sourdough. Soup. Dumplings. BLAT on sourdough. Clearly I’m obsessed with sourdough! And recently mini quiche have been making an appeance. Most days it washed down with a can of coke because that’s how I take my caffeine, not real healthy but fuck it , I need to stay awake!

  31. After being in Australia for 7 weeks and eating out most meals and devouring all the things we miss (like Polly’s bakery in Moss Vale) my daughter and I have been very boring with our lunches. We’ve eaten toasted cheese sandwiches pretty much every day for the last 10 days! Today I had enough, I got us in the car (it was over 50 degrees) and we went to a cheap Mexican eatery and chowed down on some chicken tacos, guac and chips. It was SUBLIME! With a little over a week to go of the Summer holidays I know there are plenty more cheese sandwiches in our future but I’m going to make your sandwich tomorrow! My taste buds are already tingling.

  32. I usually have a baked potato with salad and cheese and beans on it, or a cheese and tomato toastie. Otherwise tofu noodles. If I’m really hung over, a visit to Burger King is inevitable

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