Instant interior boost: Indoor plants

I’m no interior designer but you know what works in your home for an instant boost? GREEN STUFF. Now flowers are perfect for this and can give you gorgeous pops of colour that will brighten anyones day, but unless you have a rambling English cottage garden, good flowers can be hard to come by…especially in the coming months we have ahead of us. If you buy them it can also be expensive to keep up each week (unless you have a superior quick sale bucket at your nearest Harris Farm) so you need to look at other solutions.

You know when you look through home magazines and everything looks styled and perfect? Same with Pinterest, thousands of images of fabulous homes – all different styles, textures, colours and of course tastes. But you know what is common in EVERY single shot?

Something green!

You can go with a great indoor plant – like the fiddle leaf fig that was so popular last year, or the classic Mother’s in law tongue which never goes out of style I reckon. My all time favourite is Zanzibar Gem which is near impossible to kill…it needs only to be put in a  sink of water for 30 mins every 3 months and that’s IT. I have a couple of these around the house and I just love them…my Step mum has the most amazing collection of them at her place and I just love how fabulous they look…on a shelf, bookcase, bathroom…anywhere!


But if you need an instant boost of green why not consider a few branches or leaves thrown into a vase? Same effect, quicker and you can change it more often too. I always go and cut some branches…the bigger the better and they instantly make an empty space feel warm, and just right. There is something about nature inside that just makes a space work better….the green just has this magic effect…pulls a minimalist space together. Creates another texture for your eye. Who knows…as I said I have NO idea I just reckon it works. See?

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Go cut down some branches from a tree, or pick some cuttings from an overgrown fern and bring them in. Maybe even a potted herb onto your kitchen bench. Some maple sticks into your bathroom. Even if it feels weird while you are doing I bet it will work when you whack it inside.

Go on!

Do you have indoor plants in your home?
Ever cut some branches of a tree and whacked them inside?
What’s your favourite green something in your home?


  1. Yep. I love me some greenery. Just planted some herbs in the kitchen and the best live thing I love to have inside is when the trees are full of blossoms. Despite the loss of potential fruit, I Iove having a smallish tree branch inside full of pink pretties.

  2. I scored two 1970’s bentwood side tables last weekend and decided an empty corner of the lounge needed a lift so threw one in with a huge vase, Mrs Darcy Candle (Beth you have to try!!), a frame of my sisters and I and a blue wooden owl. Went out to the garden to pick some flowers and damn it I have none! SO I cut down branches of a tree and viola! So pleased with myself. Hanging out for cherry blossoms now 😉

  3. Hi Beth, I’ve been following Baby Mac for a couple of weeks now and am really enjoying it! I couldn’t agree more re the greenery indoors…. definitely pulls a look together and has a wonderful calming effect. All the ideas and pics above are great. And if the greenery is actually growing it’s great for the atmosphere – not only oxygenating the room but also eating up the bad ions (or something). Anyway, greenery indoors can only be a good thing!

  4. Nashuagirl says

    Go the Zanibar. Architectural, lush dark green and a cinch to maintain.

  5. Indoor plants are so hot right now. x

  6. yep, i agree and loooove indoor plants, but never have been able to have any due to my cat who likes to eat them…. but i recently moved house and have a “spare” shower…. problem solved!! my indoor plants are protected in the shower… recent pics on my insta: @bronzecopperandgrace

  7. Margaret Elvis says

    Fantastiic idea but unfortunately our house is not large and trying to find a spot for greenery is difficult. I think mother-in-law’s tongue fantastic and have lots in the garden and have been meaning to buy a nice pot to put some inside if I can find a spot for it. Had a really tiny one in a tiny pot for years but it gave up the ghost last month. I think I watered it too much. My bad as they say. Aspidistra is also a good choice as it will grow in the darkest spot and is seemingly indestructible. I have some of that in the garden too. Cotoneaster is good to bring inside as the berries brighten the place up. Maybe some of the pics were a little overgrown with green stuff but they certainly gave the right idea of how great it is to bring outside inside. Great post Beth. xx

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Totally Agree about green stuff inside especially when you have no flowers amazing what works in a a vase or a jug,great post Beth!

  9. MotherDownUnder says

    I have been injecting a bit more green into our house and I love it.
    I have a fiddle leaf and some cool cacti that don’t look like cacti and of course a few succulents.
    I recently found a big old enamel bucket a the op shop and I have been enjoying keeping it full of greenery and what can only be described as weeds…although I like to call them wild flowers!

  10. The Plumbette says

    I have fake greenery which probably needs to be rid of because it’s so 90’s and gets covered in dust. This post has given me another gift idea to add to my list register when my parents ask me what I want for my Birthday.

  11. Sarah Derrig says

    I’ve just started pottering around with outdoor and indoor plants. I have a black thumb so am trying very hard not to kill everything. My only problem is my two bloody cats like eating the leaves of my indoor plants. I love brining the outdoors inside and apparently indoor plants have a lot of health benefits so they look good and are good for you!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I never knew that cats ate indoor plants…you are not alone Sarah someone else mentioned this problem too!

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  13. Funnily enough i have bought a Zanzibar gem today! and have a [what do you mean hot last year?] Fiddle Leaf Fig on its way! i love plants inside. Now i just need to find some gorgeous pots. Love some of the basket ones in your images.

  14. Rebecca Mossuto says

    You inspired me! I’m starting small with some basil on my bench but I love the freshness it’s bringing!!


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