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You know what I love?


This tablecloth blowing in the summers breeze drying in the sun. It belonged to my Grandmother, Dot. And I love to use it. I often wonder what tables she used it on, what she cooked, if she had to soak it to get stains out. Maybe she never used it at all? In any case, I love it. And I use it. And I’ve had to get stains out of it too. Hope the girls have it one day…

IMG_5453 IMG_5455

How is everyone? Hot, right? And a little bothered. You poor bastards in Vic and SA and everywhere in fact. It’s been HOT. We have even had hot weather here but have been lucky for it to be cooling down at night to about 15/16 degrees…but never fear a cool change is on the way. I hope that you can sleep with your windows open and a cool breeze drifting in…nothing worse than sleeping in 30+ degrees.

You know how earlier in the week I wrote about Christmas pressies that worked (original post here)? Well there was a book that Harper LOVES that I forgot to mention. Ruby Red Shoes!


Do you know Ruby? I didn’t until my Step Mum gave the girls a copy of her second book for Christmas. Gorgeous story, illustrations and all round fabulousness! And you know the best bit? The author & illustrator Kate Knapp is Australian! If you are looking for a sweet little story hop to your local book shop for this one!


Our place has been looking a bit like this week. Towels from the pool drying in the sun, lots of sunshine, sprinklers on the trampoline in the afternoon, looooong days with the kids, movies & TV shows watched, books read, games played and EVERYONE is a little weary. It’s quite exhausting doing nothing much isn’t it? Anyone started to count down the days until School goes back? It’s 11 in case you were interested…

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Speaking of movies and Apple TV (game changer/life saver these holidays) Daisy watched The Sound of Music for the first time. She LOVED it, I mean why wouldn’t you? And I finally got to see the end of it for the first time (never had the stamina as a kid). We also watched The Princess Diaries (1 & 2) which she also loved. She came up to the conclusion that Julie Andrews from Sound of Music became the queen of that land which in turn became the place that is in Princess Diaries….so Anne Hathaway is ACTUALLY Maria’s Granddaughter. Has your mind just been blown?

Booked a hotel in Croatia this week for our big trip in July. NOTHING more exciting than planning a trip OS is there? Working out where to go, what to do, researching on Trip Advisor and then choosing hotels and becoming an expert all within a few hours. Next week we need to sit down and plan it all out..day in day out and start to get focused and make bookings – it’s going to be high summer so very busy. Perfect time of the year to do it though isn’t it? When you are staring down the barrel of a new working year.  Anyone ever planned a trip right down to hotels and flights (with no intention of going) just because? I have! I am a little weird though.


I loved seeing all the photos of people playing along with the Recipe roulette over the past week. You can count on one of these every other fortnight on the blog…I even came up with a hashtag for it #babymacreciperoulette which is long-winded and ridiculous as any hashtag should be. Make sure you tag anything on Instagram with it so I can check them out!

One  more week of holidays friends, one more week. We are heading to beach for a few days next week to completely soak up every last bit of summer while we can. I plan on reading a few more books, eating some salty prawns, drinking some crisp white wine, spending time within family, swimming in the ocean, playing some cards and running along the beach. I hope that your week is filled with good times, non whinging children and an uninterrupted nights sleep.

Do you own any linen from your Grandma?
Read the Ruby Red Shoes books?
Watched any good movies these holidays?


  1. Don’t you just love summer holidays! We have just confirmed a trip to Europe in July too so now I have to start planning … so much fun .. where to begin???!!!!

  2. Cassie Webster says

    Will put that book on the list! We have just booked to go to New York, LA (Disneyland) and Hawaii in March/April. All five of us. Can’t wait! Will be using your blog (again) as a source of inspiration and ideas for New York 🙂

  3. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Ruby is great. Have you found her blog? Part author, part Ruby…… gorgeous

  4. Janice McKeaig says

    Yes I am a linenholic! Have literally hundreds of tablecloths/doilies/runners etc that would be close to 200 yrs old. Was devastated when a pipe had leaked behind the linen cupboard and we hadn’t realized, so alot of them now have marks and rust stains 🙁

  5. Ooh we just adore Ruby Red Shoes! When I discovered the first book I ended up having to back and forth to the bookstore buying multiple copies for family. My Auntie in LA has a copy to read to her adorable Grandkids and I am in the process of making a special Ruby stufffed toy to send over with book 2 as a surprise.

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yes I do own linen from my grandma it is beautiful and I treasure it.Yes it has been very very hot too.i do hope your last week of school holidays is lovely at the beach sandy feet and ice creams in the afternoon and prawns yes prawns for dinner and fish and chips xx

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yes I do own linen from my grandma it is beautiful and I treasure it.Yes it has been very very hot too.i do hope your last week of school holidays is lovely at the beach sandy feet and ice creams in the afternoon and prawns yes prawns for dinner and fish and chips xx

  8. Ummm, we’re thinking about spending the summer in Croatia rather than going home to Oz. Perhaps there could be a cheeky catch up??!!

  9. Rhi@FlourChild says

    I just booked flights to Australia! Whirlwind home tour coming up in March for me and the littlest one. I CANNOT WAIT! Apart from the 24 hr flight with toddler on my knee bit… Going to get the Ruby books while I’m there and maybe go ‘borrow’ some linen from my Gran 😉

  10. We love Ruby here too C: Dreaming of days of sunshine again and laundry outside. We’re going to escape down south in a month just to get our bones warm again.

  11. Have your girls seen Mary Poppins? Another Julie Andrews gem!

  12. Beth, I have planned and not gone on SO MANY TRIPS. I am on this one though, New York woohoo! Very exciting news about Croatia!

  13. Karen Fiebig says

    I am one of the mums counting down until the end of school holidays. We’ve had a lovely beach holiday and spent lots of time at the pool but it has been so effing hot here in Adelaide. I turn into a terrible human being when I can’t get cool!!! I also haven’t had a day away from my children since the 13th of December!!!! I’m ready…. to be alone….

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I have had a night away from them last week and it was SO needed. Hope you get that break (from the kids AND the heat soon!)

  14. Margaret Elvis says

    i just typed a really long comment and it disappeared. I seem to have so much trouble maintaining connection with your blog.
    I have a very, very large white cloth that belonged to my mum and when I’ve used it I’ve had to send it to the laundry as it is far too large for me handle adequately. I will hand it down to my daughter who, hopefully, in turn hand it down to one of her girls.
    That same daughter of mine saw the Sound of Music for the first time with her grandmother and fell in love with the film and still, at aged 58, it is one of her very favourites and I know she watchest it from time to time.
    At our age we don’t think too much about the school year beginning except of course there will be smaller crowds at the shopping centres but much more traffic on the road in the a.m. and p.m. I guess we can’t have it both ways.
    I liked the look of the Ruby book so must ask my #1 granddaughter who has 2 girls aged 2 and 5 if they know of it. They are book mad and we are always looking for something different.
    We’ve not booked any holidays since the early 1980s and then two wonderful trip to New Zealand which, from Perth, is quite a distance away. They were glorious holidays and we have great memories of our time spent there. These days we don’t even holiday in our own state….guess we’re getting a little past it and after all, when you’re retired, life is supposed to be one big holiday isn’t it? It’s not always though but at least it’s never dull.
    This post of yours was so varied and full of interest so thank you for it Beth. xx

  15. YES YES YES! I have my great grandmothers table cloths. I love them but do not use them often as i am scared to ruin them. They are hand embroided by her and her sisters. Very special and i would had to wash them and it fall apart. None the less, i keep them in my linen press like i will use them one day.

    • I have a couple like this … I dress the dining table with them mid-week to look pretty and then drape an older table cloth over the end we’re eating at and then just take that away after dinner … Get the prettiness without the risk of stains.

  16. Mandi Jones says

    I do have tablecloths from both grandmothers, all hand embroidered heavy linen gorgeousness and I just adore them.
    We too love The Sound Of Music and my wee girl has reached the same conclusion as yours re Maria becoming the queen,etc. she does think “the dad (in TSOM) is a bit cross and mean, really” which makes me giggle. We’ve done a sterling job, if I do say so myself, of brainwashing the kids into loving really good old fashioned classics – Singing In The Rain, the original Parent Trap, Herbie Goes Bananas. They love ’em and so do we.

  17. I’m so jelly! I want to go to Croatia!
    We watched ‘We Are The Millers’ on Friday night and laughed ourselves stupid. Haven’t had a good belly laugh from a movie for quite a while. Recommended!

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