Pantry basics

A sponsored post for Woolworths Macro Gluten Free Range

Woolworths have a great range of Gluten free goods under their Macro range that are perfect for keeping in the pantry. You can grab all the essentials that you normally would use – flour, breadcrumbs, pasta and chips but in a gluten free version.

I still remember the first grocery shop that I did when we moved down here to the country. I was like a woman possessed – starting from scratch with all the basics, not to mention cleaning products and all the annoying things like garbage bags and cling wrap. Even though the supermarket is just 20 minutes drive away I had an irrational fear of RUNNING OUT of stuff. I mean, I couldn’t walk to the shops anymore if I needed something. The nearest shop for bits was just 10 mins drive away, but I got my city self all worked up into a frenzy and I ensured that my pantry was stocked good and proper with a few things that just always need to be there. If these are used and I don’t know we are out of them I get myself nice and cranky.

Salt & Peppercorns


What is it about peppercorns that make you forget them each and every time you go to the supermarket? Or is that just me? No matter how many times I write them down, they are forgotten. The spice aisle is like some kind of vortex in a supermarket. That and foil and wraps – they just disappear and are never where they should be!

Packet cake/biscuits mixes


Yes! Packet. Some times you just need to whip something up quickly and somehow I always seem to be just out of self raising flour, or baking soda or something and these just fit the bill. If it comes out of the oven, you BAKED. You just did OK? I usually grab a gluten free one as well to cover my bases – they are delicious and no one knows the difference.



Nothing says “un Australian” like running out of vegemite. There was even a time when I ran out of Vegemite AND peanut butter at the same time. I failed as a provider that day, I still remember the shame of it. I NEED to have jam, vege, PB at all times because sometimes a PB sambo is what I roll for dinner.

Oils and Sauces


At a very minimum I need to have a good olive oil, soy, chilli sauce and sesame oil. I also keep in the fridge jarred grated ginger and garlic as a back up if I am out of the fresh (which is preferable).

Canned stuff


If you have tinned tomatoes, you can make SOMETHING for dinner. I usually keep about 4 tomatoes, some tomato paste, coconut milk and some beans (cannellini/baked beans and the like).



If you have kids like mine, they will happily eat plain boiled pasta for dinner with a few raw cut veggies on the side. Who knew dinner could sometimes cost under a $1? These are my favourite kinds of dinner to cook.

Gluten Free Stuff

Chips Brownie

More often than ever before I have noticed that people have gluten intolerances. If I have some gluten free chips, a cake mix, pasta in the pantry I can have those people covered if they pop in for a drink or coffee or are coming over for dinner. The must have’s that I keep in their Gluten free Macro range are:

  • Gluten free corn chips (we eat these all the time anyway as I prefer the flavour) they aren’t as covered in powdery cheese and are perfect for nachos or dips. Kids and fussy step dads have commented that these are yummy. If you have not tried the beetroot chips too – do yourself a favour – they are AMAZING.
  • Brownie mix (or any packet cake in their range). These are delicious and moist and completely not what you might imagine “gluten free” to be. If I know that one person has an intolerance I just make everyone gluten free – it’s just easier. No one notices the difference anyway – especially when chocolate is involved!
  • Pasta. Same rules apply here – if someone coming to dinner is intolerant, everyone is! I have noticed that you just don’t cook gluten free pasta as much as it can be mushy.
  • Bread crumbs. If I am not making my own bread crumbs then I will use these. They taste great and no one notices the difference. Hello crumbed cutlets!!

Woollies have a great range of gluten free stuff available with the Macro range growing each time I check them out doing the shopping. The quality is improving all the time and I can grab it at the same time as I’m grabbing everything else – just in the Macro aisle of Wollies (saves me going to speciality stores separately).

Other Stuff

: long life milk (because we ALWAYS run out)
: bread (I try to keep a loaf in the freezer now too)
: stock (liquid beef, chicken & veggie)
: flour (all kinds)

What do you NEED in your pantry at all times?
Do you forget peppercorns too? Or something else?
What’s your favourite gluten free product that you use?


  1. Peppercorns! Yes! And glad wrap. And sponges! So annoying! We always have a good stash of toothpaste and toothbrushes though – I grew up in a house that was perpetually running out of toothpaste (we were always cutting open the tube to scrape around for the last bit!), and sporting sad, overused toothbrushes. So now we keep a good stock on hand! I’d really love to build a litte ‘cellar’ under our house, accessed via a trapdoor in the kitchen floor (this isn’t a fairy tale dream, I’ve spoken to a builder about it!), so we can buy even larger quantities of things! Especially since Costco opened up 5 minutes from my house!

  2. Tinned tomatoes, pasta and some frozen leftover shredded beef saved us from takeaway last night. I very much endorse a well-stocked pantry and yes, you’ll find plenty of the Macro range in there.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I don’t know how I am going to make dinner tonight – eggs! The pantry is bare! On account of us going away Monday x

  3. My husband has coeliac disease so we have a lot of gluten free products in our pantry. It’s great to see Woolworths stocking their own range of gluten free, there is so much more out there now for gluten sufferers than what there was 10 years ago.

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    True these are all pantry basics and it is great that you can get gluten free everything now.

  5. I am having déjà vu, I just bought those gluten free things today….this is eerie, were you following me in the supermarket?
    And even more eerie, I am out of peppercorns and keep forgetting to buy them and only thought this evening that I must buy some.
    Now for the Woolworth’s marketers who might be reading your blog…
    What the fuck is the rewards card for when I never get any rewards for scanning it, please explain?
    I have not had any discounts for at least 6 months I swear!
    Rewards card my A………
    Thanks Beth that’s been annoying me for some time.
    Are you sure you weren’t stalking me in the aisle…..

  6. I’m with you on ALL of this, Beth! We don’t have gluten intolerances, but I prefer gluten free pasta cos I don’t feel as bloated afterwards and my carb-o-phobe husband thinks it’s better for him so will happily eat 3 servings…!

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