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A sponsored post for Woolworths

You know what’s going down here over the past week and a bit? Cards. Collectable cards. Last week we jumped head first into the new Woolworths Aussie Animal collectable cards. The girls got their books, some cards and took to the organisation and planning like I hadn’t seen before. Having almost all their cousins living down in VIC, they have looked on quizzically to their footy card books and packets of footy cards that they beg us to buy for them when we pass through on holiday. They knew how it worked, and I was thrilled with the 15 minute shower that I got to have without being disturbed once.

Z2 Z3

With books sorted we headed to the zoo to check out some of the animals in their books and see if we could grab some more cards. Sydney turned it on, as she is wont to do, the show pony. We met with the Woogs and from afar we would have looked like quite the scene of wholesome family friend goodness. Come closer you would have heard whinging, complaining about annoying siblings, blisters, sun cream in eyes, nagging, cranky mothers and no water bottles. When will I EVER remember them?

Z30 Z5 Z18 Z29

First stop? Australian animals. I was delighted at the flannel flower display in with the red belly black snake. Mrs Woog was not. At either. Australia! Why so many dangerous animals?

Z4 Z6 Z7 Z9 Z8 Z10 Z11

We walked. We paused. We commented. We snapped. We told the kids to stop complaining. We picked up some cards from various displays depending on whether they were in the book or not. Taronga really is a great zoo – things certainly have changed since we went there as kids.

Z21 Z12 Z13 Z14 Z16 Z19 Z20 Z27 Z28 Z26

There was card swapping. It’s quite the serious business. Harper lost her mind because she was being left out and given all the duplicates.  From what I can see, it appears to be quite tough, being almost 4. She should try being 36 some time.

Z24 Z25

Before we knew it, it was time to shut down all that wholesome goodness and hit the cable car back up to the top of the zoo. THANK GOODNESS FOR CABLE CARS.

You can pick up your own collectables folder from Woolies and right now you get 4 cards for every $20 spent. For me this is a no brainer. I’m in the supermarket already, doing the shopping and now I won’t have an almost 4-year-old losing her mind over not being able to get one more lolly, or piece of plastic crap, or Tic Tac or Kinder Surprise at the check out again. They will be MY bargaining cards, and I’m looking forward very much to playing along.

To celebrate, Woolworths is inviting everyone to attend Woolworths Aussie Animals Trading Days and swap cards with their fellow collectors, with trading days taking place on Saturday 5 October at Woolworths stores nationwide. Head to your local Woolies store for times.

Have you started collecting these?
Anyone else finding dessert animals to be the hardest to get?
What’s your favourite zoo in the world?


  1. The kids are loving them.. Arguments of course and cynical me is pretty sure there will be a few cards that are not even made until month 3 just so we are continually shopping in search of the elusive ‘bladeblahblah card’ either way it’s a great thing for kids and as you say.. I am shopping anyhow !

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I hadn’t even thought about that…my girls really have no clue about it all but are loving the process!

  2. Coincides with a whole term studying animals for my Y2 son. He’s beside himself.

  3. I know people who already have full sets, so they must all be out there. My kids love them too, such a great change from the other crap they normally beg for. Thank you Woolworths.

  4. My little miss is collecting them. Her favourite animal in the world, at the moment, is the kookaburra.

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Enjoy “holding” the cards as Bargaining chips Beth I am so glad my kids are too old for these but they look great for little ones!

  6. ahoy.jenni says

    We took the kids to Mogo Zoo last holidays. Its great, I always get a headache at Taronga Zoo, but nay headache at Mogo!
    Anyway we paid $5 to feed the giraffe, so naturally I asked hubby to take a pic of me and kids feeding giraffe, as you do, and he manages to get a shot of us looking up at something and no freaking giraffe in sight! Can you believe it! I am still paying him out on this one!
    But my favourite sort of zoo is Potoroo Palace near Merimbula. Its a bit of an animal reserve with kangaroos and wallabies jumping around waiting to be fed, koalas, echidnas, snakes etc. Nothing exotic, no imports, but you can hold the animals on the up close and personal tour, and there is a little train ride that careens around the park (the kids love it). Highly recommended for a relaxing kid and parent friendly day.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I love those sort of places too. We have been to the Canberra Zoo a couple of times and it really is great. Smaller, all the animals and no headaches!

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