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Yesterday afternoon I whacked this snap up on Instagram. It’s of a corner of our kitchen and my newly created spotty wall. I am both in serious love and am astounded at my skills (of which I have NONE) when it comes to projects. But look! I made a spotty wall!


Last week I somehow had a hankering for some spots. So I jumped online to my trusty old Down that Little Lane and grabbed some silver ones. Whilst I am all for some colour, I thought a little silver might be subtle. I got out a MOFO spirit level and then guessed as I went. Not bad hey?


That calendar is a white board decal number which I got when we moved here a few years ago. I ran out of the years so have a make do dodgy thingy. It’s been FAB. You can get some more here…look at this one that combines polka dots AND a calendar!


Meanwhile, I’ll just keep asking everyone here “do you LOVE the spotty wall? How clever am I? Look how straight!!” and go about my crafty business.

P1 P3 P4

Next thing we know I’ll be fucking knitting something!
What’s your latest crafty project?


  1. Your spots are impressively straight … and you are impressively crafty. I am looking forward to your next project … I believe crochet is all the go at the moment :0)

  2. Bree Di Mattina says

    You know me I’m a bit of a craft whore. At the moment I’m knitting a scarf, crocheting a baby blanket and hand stitching a small quilt for a charity auction. Plus last night I made your banana bread!

  3. Can’t wait til you get on with that fucking knitting!!

  4. Love your polka dots and the calender. If you like Liane Moriarty books try ‘What Alic Forgot’ – brilliant:) All the best, Denise

  5. How do you make it so straight?! Looks fab

  6. I don’t generally LOL, but… LOL 😉
    I love me some spots and those silver ones are the bomb-diggity.

  7. Martha-fucking-Macdonald!

  8. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Love the calendar…… your link didnt work though. Where did you get that one?

  9. Emma Steendam says

    Oh Beth…are you on the Emma pleasing band wagon this week or what? Chickens one day, craft the next. STOP IT! Who are you? Have you gained an Emma gene by virtual ozmosis?! Love your dots, I’m mad for a polka dot wall myself, or those awesome gold bees Em from The Beetle Shack is rocking in Elke’s nursery. Sweeeeeet! I can teach you to crochet if you like – HA!

  10. Haha! What on earth is next for you in the world of craft Beth?! Lol

  11. Oh seriously.. my office is like a friggin’ shrine to DTLL (obviously gorgeous) but I am now looking at the wall by my door and just know by this time next week it will have the Chicken Pox!!.. I LOVE it!. Did you mark the wall with pencil to keep you straight?.. share the secrets Mumma craft…..

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I just used a spirit level and guess work. Seriously took me about 20 mins. I have no patience for measuring…I think I fluked it x

  12. Love your work!! Very crafty indeed. My latest project was knitting a blanket for our the unborn baby girl!! Hehehe. Jx

  13. I want a spotty wall SO bad, but I just know I’ll have an OCD meltdown trying to get it straight.

    We need a how to. Simple as that. Because my how-to would be something along the lines of; go to, find wallpaper-er, outsource.


    Cherie @ Raising Master Max

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      DUDE! I was so random with it, it was a miracle it worked out. I DID use a spirit level, but chose a random spot at the top and seriously guessed the distance between the spots to the sides and down the next row. I TOTALLY fluked it! I would have gone mad otherwise…measuring like a crazy.

      I think it was the small size of the wall that helped me out. That and luck! YOU CAN DO IT!!! x

  14. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love your spotty wall,clever clogs,I will knit you a tea cosy if Ya want.The last thing I made was a crochet blanket i think!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I think tea cosies are only a step away Lisa…I’m going to get my friend Mrs Munro to show me how! She doesn’t know it yet though…

  15. MotherDownUnder says

    What a pretty little corner…I love the spots!
    Last time I got down with some carpentry stuff it was with a stud finder…I failed to find a stud and endless stud jokes ensued. I now leave all measuring and hanging jobs to Daddy R.

  16. Knit away. I love DTLL. And I think you’re pretty crafty 😉 x

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