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So my brother sent me an email last Sunday with strict instructions to create a playlist. As I usually do as I’m told I went ahead and downloaded it and have enjoyed it. Worth a look in if you’re that way inclined too. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon as well. Off you go…


Anyone else have an almost 7 year old that you’ve realised that you have forgotten to teach them how to tie their own shoelaces? Me too! It occurred to me that velcro has made us lazy parents and that this just won’t do. I spent Tuesday morning last week like a TIGER mother trying to teach Daisy how to do her shoes properly. We both got very frustrated, cranky with each other and tears were shed, but we got there. I had an interesting chat to her teacher about it…have we all forgotten some easy things like this? Or is it just me?

I will NEVER fail to be bewildered at what some people type into google that stumble across to my blog. This week my favourite search term was “can you rinse dishes with extendable tap?” DUDE. Do you really need to ask Google that? You can rinse dishes whichever way you want. You can! No permission slip even required! My other favourite is about cushion placement on a couch. My work in the world is done.


Yesterday afternoon in our last session for the day at Problogger conference we had a few highlights. Clare Bowditch sang this song which was SO beautiful.

And then we got to meet Samuel Johnson and hear about his Love your Sister challenge that he has set out to do. You can read about it here. We also learnt about a cool app that you can download for your smart phone called SHOUT FOR GOOD. The idea of it is you can shout an amount or an item for your favourite charity such as a cupcake for $4, a bum massage for $17.50 or unicycle wheel for $100 which helps charities reach their targets and goals. LOVE this app…a quick $4 shout seems doable don’t you think? Download the app from the app store and donate something today. I’ll be shouting things for Samuel along the way…

I picked up some really great stuff for the kids in Country Target last week. Dresses for $12. CUTE dresses for $12 and the like. Have a look at some of them here.

It’s been GREAT fun up here the last few days. A highlight was donning some of Nikki’s FANCY sandals. They are like glomesh type chain mail scenario and leather tan in a wedge delight package. I felt like Cinderella in them. Perfection in a sandal. LOOK!I couldn’t STOP looking at them.


What’s on your latest playlist?
Love Clare Bowditch too?


  1. Chelsea Sutherland says

    THOSE SHOES!! <3 <3 <3

  2. That playlist! Re-kindled my love for that old song “Dy-na-mi-tee” x

  3. Kimberley Atkinson says

    We were on holiday in England 4 years ago and the kid needed new shoes (I decided to wait to get to a real Clarks store) – we struggled to buy anything BUt velcro shoes for the kid who was then 12 years old. Apparently English kids all wear Velcro till really old!!!! All my kids were taught to tie shoelaces at 6 with a battle and when I was once a cub leader it was me thing I taught the boys. (as well as teaching them how to sew a button on!)

  4. Had to reread this, at first I read “Can you rinse dishes with extendable tape” …Perhaps I’ve had one drink too many tonight?

  5. It’s compulsory at my kids school to wear lace up shoes, Velcro is banned. Miss 7 (nearly 8) got it sorted with no problems, Master 5, nope, he just won’t give it a go. I hosed plates on the back lawn once, very effective! The Sandals look amazing, go on, buy some 😉

  6. Beth I just donated to Samuel Johnson’s charity – I hope that they reach their aim before his sister loses her battle. What an awful thing!!! Cannot stop thinking about her!

  7. Where can I get those sandals!!?? And love the playlist, gotta love the old mix tape!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      So I have been researching them. They are Stuart Weitzman metal mania. Depending on your shoe size, they could be sourced on the cheap. Good luck! I am going to work hard, and reward myself with them.

  8. Daina McCauley says

    Love clare bowditch. She is creative genius. And those sandals are hot!

  9. Have really enjoyed the #pbevent hashtag Beth – lots of pearls amongst the tweetstream. I write for Mindfood Mag and got the chance to skype interview Connie and Sam for this months story about the power of sibling relationships. When I listened back to my recording to pull out all those stunning lines I heard a big sigh from me when Sam hung up. I went straight over to my sisters house and hung out with her. I hate when peoples lives just lurch from sadness to sadness. Sam and Connie’s work is beautiful. Happy return to the land of the living oh and CB love her!! x

  10. Love the shoes, it’s very important to have friends who are the same shoe size as you!

  11. Liz Morrison says

    Love the shoes. But wish I had those pins for them too!


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