Over the Back Fence {Season 3 Ep 6}


A School holiday treat for you all! This week Neighbour and have a natter and discuss general sexism, our Kylie, Lego faces, kinky trends and trendy diets. You can listen here:

Or you can download/subscribe through iTunes here:

Over The Back Fence (mp3)



  1. Trishles says

    You entertained me thousands of miles from home – well done

  2. elisha hayes says

    Aaaggggghhhhh you crack me up. Love your work and blog. See you tomorrow!!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it…I LOVE doing these with Neighbour. It took me a while to work out how we were seeing each other tomorrow when it occurred to me…telly! DER. See you then!

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