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I’ve just not been round here these past few days. There just hasn’t been time – I would say sorry, but it is what it is and hopefully in a few days time (and this event is done) life will be back to some kind of normal. Until then? Well, there’s still some stuff, the occasional Facebook update and maybe something from Instagram. Maybe.

Today I am over at Ruth’s place! For the first in her series called The Family Table. I love Ruth. Her blog. Her 5 (can you EVEN imagine?). Her handsome husband. Cool house that is currently being renovated. And her approach to food and life. If I could have half the patience, determination and humour as her, then I’d be doing alright. She also loves to swear as much as me, we are long-lost sisters I’m sure…

I also did a video for on how to make gravy. Because who doesn’t want to know right? Beware there are ads that play beforehand, one reader telling me she had to endure Vagisil. Eeeeeew!

Alright then. I’m off to tackle a to do list that goes over the page. I hope you all have the BEST long weekend x


  1. GourmetGirlfriend says

    I am SO pleased you are my very first guest at My Family Table. xxxxx

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I am SO pleased to be there! Even better that I have ACTUALLY sat at your family table x

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I always make it like that,doesn’t everyone? I can’t wait to have a look at My family table I really don’t know how Ruth does all that cooking and looking good with 5 children she deserves a medal!

  3. bbeingcool says

    You… are living my DREAM life!

    Have a blast, love reading all the fabulous things you are up to.
    (also testing whether disqus is letting me back in, I have been trying to comment here for ages, and I have not been able to. So, if you get this long rambling message, I will be doing a strange geeky dance.)

  4. All righty then! Its about time I perfected the gravy from scratch – last time was 2007 and it was only because I was living in Shanghai and couldn’t rustle up any Gravox there! inspired!

  5. Have a great weekend! Thanks for the heads up of another great blog.

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