Wh wh wh wh what’s it all about?

So. I could write a post about how on Monday night I had dinner with 4 other bloggers, 2 people from the PM’s office and the PM herself. I could write about how it was a lovely evening – great company and food, interesting discussions about some complex issues like asylum seekers, hospitals, teachers and the education system, the carbon tax, the NDIS, and the not so complex ones (those usually led my me including exercise regimes, nail care, the merits of a bath before bed and the correct way to fold a fitted sheet).

But that would be enough to get everyone’s knickers in a knot.

I mean why wasn’t Julia eating with people in the bistro?
Why she did or didn’t look people in the eye when she walked into the RSL en route to dinner?
Why she was even sitting with stupid Mummy bloggers in the first place?
Why those Mummy bloggers weren’t even from the Western suburbs?
Who paid for the dinner anyway?
Why she wears glasses?
Why she holds press conferences on the side of a road?
Why she’s even bothering because come September she will be gone anyway, right?
Why this?
Why that?

I don’t know exactly why I was invited to come along on Monday night. I’m not from the Western Suburbs. In fact, the Southern Highlands is far from the Labor party heartland. There are far too many strings of pearls and quilted puffer vests round these parts. I’m not someone that is generally across politics and current affairs. I don’t claim to be and my blog that focuses on home entertaining, recipes, family life and correct dishwasher stacking procedure reflects that.

I do know that I have a loyal base of readers that visit my blog every day and enjoy it. I know that I am now making a living from my writing here, and that’s a great thing for me, as I can work from home while looking after our two young kids. And I know very well indeed that I am in a very fortunate position. I do know that I am disillusioned by our current state of politics in this country. That for the most part, the politicians in our country behave like naughty kids stuck inside on a rainy day – bickering and fighting, mudslinging and no one seems to be in the business of you know, making policies and leading the country, let alone in an inspiring way. I know that our leaders need to keep the economy ticking over, without getting us into more and more debt, which will have to eventually be picked up by someone along the way. I know that I care about issues that other people probably do not. Things like making sure Public Schools get funding without Private Schools getting all the advantages. Things like correct treatment of asylum seekers. Things like the environment, legalising same sex marriage and making sure that women can continue to hold powerful positions as CEO’s and business women, leaders in Government and departments so that my girls grow up never doubting gender equality. And I also absolutely know that people don’t come here to my blog to read about my views on politics.

So I won’t write a post about any of that.

For the record, the PM and her staff were highly impressed with my demonstration on how to fold a fitted sheet and correct linen cupboard management. It was quite tricky to correctly show using just a napkin. My skills know no limits. Although the PM did say that I lost her at linen cupboard…


  1. I’m pretty disillusioned with politics right now too and a dinner like this has nothing to do with why that is and I think people that are focusing on it are missing the point. Maybe the media could do us a favour and focus on the policies for a change.

    • Carli, I really enjoyed your post on this topic too. I feel like we have a long and negative campaign ahead of us and I can’t wait for it to be over. Except, I’m also scared about the outcome.

      I’m somebody who thinks carefully about my vote and I’m furious with our political leaders for making me choose between two poor options. Like you, I’m waiting to hear some actual policy discussion.

      I’m so glad to not be living in Western Sydney right now!

    • It would be a novel idea wouldn’t it Carli?

  2. I have spent countless hours trying to fold my fitted shits!


  3. But the burning question for me (as I am probably as interested in politics as you are) is did you show her how to put a tablecloth on the table using hospital corners? THAT I would pay to see. Kx

  4. Anonymous says

    Re last line of first paragraph – I’m dying to know how to fold a fitted shit. What is a fitted shit anyway? πŸ™‚

  5. Fitted shit – made my day! I’ll still be laughing about that tonight!

  6. I read a quote today by Katie Couric that I thought I’d share with you. She says, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” I tend to agree! (And perhaps for linen cupboards too, LOL, sorry Beth πŸ˜‰

  7. I think that more politicians should ask more bloggers to have dinner with them. Once upon a time they door-knocked us, which quite frankly I’m glad they don’t do now. The energy sales people are bad enough. But I guess it was a way for them to hear direct from certain members of the public what exactly is on their mind – good, bad and fitted sheets. It makes complete sense in this modern world where so many of us connect and share opinions online.

    • Anonymous says

      But wouldn’t that mean you’d have to have a voice? Not one blogger who dined with the PM was an advocate for her and spread any pro government messages to her followers. What’s the point?

    • Anonymous says

      I think the point is that these bloggers are in daily unfettered contact with a substantial number of women. Rather than thinking that they should have come away singing Julia’s praises and spouting Government spin or otherwise why did the PM bother – did you think that possibly the benefit to the PM was to hear the opinions these women have and what things are important to them and their significant collective audience? Maybe – just maybe – when people meet without agendas then real discourse is able to occur… something not possible with MSM and interest groups. AND YES – the bloggers aren’t from Western Sydney (although several grew up there) but I’d wager that many of their readers are.

    • Anonymous says

      Haven’t they already had her ear? She has focus groups already. Why the mommy bloggers in Rooty Hill? It was all for publicity but look how it backfired, like every other policy decision she has made. Like watching a slow motion train wreck. Her best bet is to do nothing, say nothing, make no decisions and stay in bed. Australia’s worst PM ever. Our country is remarkable shape IN SPITE OF labour’s policy decisions, as the majority of credible economists have said. Thank you China. Thank AUD exchange rate. You’ve kept us afloat even with 5 years of record deficits thanks to labour.

  8. And that post is why I keep coming back!!! Gold Beth…just Gold.

  9. No matter who she’d met with that night, someone, somewhere would have had an issue with it. Glad you went along. Can you teach me to fold a fitted sheet?

  10. Ohhhh I am so interested to hear your views and lots of peoples actually and a wee bit jealous of you hanging out with the PM- BUT I totally understand why you wouldn’t on your blog either – I certainly hold off on mine! It’s so risky because its something people are so passionate about. For the record I think Julia is awesome. I think she has done an incredible amount for someone who is in by the skin of her teeth. People seem to forget that Australia is one of 4 countries in the world that has a AAA credit rating. And those 3 others aren’t China, the USA or Britain right now. We are in such an amazing economic position we are incredibly rich but people love to cry poor – often at the expense of a) helping the disadvantaged who are genuinely struggling and b) the arts But y’know: Im totally biased – aren’t we all. One thing I have noticed about my tree change is that while it is more conservative (Im in a safe national seat – le sigh) people also tend to be more accepting. Like: “Oh your a flaming lefty, but thats okay you seem alright to me”. Which means you are more likely to meet people who are different to you, that said political conversations are also avoided because we all live in such close proximity, no one wants to be the pain in the ass neighbour that no one likes!!
    Anyway – I wish there was some secret way for you to tell me what you think though – without blog readers with different opinions getting huffy/agressive and you losing any readership. Because OMG you make a living off your blog and that is SO COOL.
    Soph x
    ps. I struggle to imagine Julia Gillard organising her linen closet, probably a good thing – whilst it is an awesome trait and one that i regularly partake in, its not exactly prime ministerial is it….

    • So agree shine little light. Julia has done a great job to keep this country afloat whilst many have come a buster.

      But it certainly has got to a stage where many of us are afraid to discuss politics due to the ugly bad manners of many on both sides of the fence. Which is sad, because it silences the quiet people who just might have some intelligent things to say. And instead leaves us with those brash brazen loud ones who often THINK they have something important to say, or think they are speaking for everyone. I

      I’m also concerned that large companies and individuals can buy opinions and media space under the cover of ‘responsible fair journalism’. It makes it even harder for the average person to know what to believe anymore.

      Think it’s a fantastic honour and a privilege that Mrs Woog & Babymac & co got to have dinner with the PM. No matter who the PM is, I respect the post. You honestly couldn’t pay me enough money in the world to be a politician, I’d crap my pants & cry the minute someone said something horrible to me! πŸ˜‰

    • You are dead right ladies. It was humbling experience, regardless of who was in the position as PM, to be invited to sit at a table with the leader of our country.

  11. Anonymous says

    How to fold a fitted sheet.
    1. Set alight
    2. Walk away

  12. I expected, and gladly received, nothing less from you Beth. Thank you, this post is utter brilliance. It is exactly what should’ve been written here and now, you’re just a wee bit clever. Well done you x

  13. The ridiculous nature of Australian politics seems even more ridiculous from a distance!
    I care about all the things you care about too, I hope people keep caring about them.

    The other thing that is amplified from a distance is the whining over ridiculous, trivial things by the Oz media and people. It’s painful, more painful than when I was at home. Press conferences by the side of the road? Mummy bloggers having dinner with the PM? FFS get over it. Whine about things that matter.

  14. Anonymous says

    I think this is my fave post from you – but I’d like the political one too. This just kept you in my blog list.

  15. Anonymous says

    Ha, fitted shits!! Reminds me of the doctor who used voice recognition software to ‘write’ his reports and a report came for my client with a back injury talking about ‘smoking vaginas’ !!

  16. Oh, so funny! I love it. You’re all about the real stuff Beth. xx

  17. The spin doctors at the PM’s office could have considered staging a free event for the good people of The West atop that very Rooty Hill. They could have showcased former Western suburbs celebrities like the Field brothers (Wiggles) hosted by Toni Collette (Blacktown born) with the PM delivering the perfect pitch to the masses as a finale… everyone loves a community event right??

    Glad you got a meal out of it Beth. Still it is an honour to be invited. You could have dined with the PM, Toni and the Wiggles – that would have been a interesting post!!

  18. Anonymous says

    So why go? Why be a part of this media revamp that the PM is going through. I love your posts but I am left scratching me head as to why a free meal becomes more publicity for more spin.

  19. Forget the PM. What I would really like to see is a vlog on folding fitted sheets and organising linen cupboards. Please Beverley, please!?

    Just for the record – regardless of politics being asked to share a meal with the PM is a special thing.

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