Blind leading the blind

Yesterday we were heading home from 3 days at the Problogger conference in Melbourne. It was early, we were tired and somehow I lead us to the wrong gate for our flight. We even got so far as lining up to get our boarding passes scanned when we were informed that it was a Jetstar flight and we needed to be at Gate 11, not 31 where we were. I couldn’t believe I’d gotten that wrong (I always get that stuff right) and the others just followed me and my confidence without thinking too much about it. Mrs Woog was most unimpressed with the run to the other gate and incidental “exercise” she was unwillingly participating in.

It was symbolic really, of the weekend of learning. Darren started the conference on Friday morning talking about how ALL blogs start at the beginning. They ALL start with one post, with no one reading. The theme was “From little things, big things grow” and I was the perfect person to stand up in front of 300 bloggers who all want to learn to monetise their blog or “brand” somehow and tell them just how small I was. It was a big wake up call me for me to realise just HOW small my blog is. But it’s bigger than it was when I started, so that’s something right? He talked about all bloggers – even him – and even Sarah Wilson – spend their entire careers not knowing what the hell they are doing. We stumble and bumble through, making mistakes as we go, and getting through. I’m doing that every day – making mistakes and just doing what I do (whether that’s the right thing or not) and that’s OK. I am doing OK. And small or not (damn stupid google analytics with their stupid small stats) I should be extremely proud of my achievements.

Some other things I learned over the weekend were:

: Staying with your friends together is just about the best fun you can have as an adult. It was like a slumber party, for adults, and I have never laughed as much as I did. Nor eat as much crap as I did. There’s something really fun about eating as much stuff as you can that you tell your family not to normally eat with gay abandon. You can also spend $40 on Magnums. It’s possible.

: Bloggers spend a whole lot of time on their lap tops and phones. The whole time. And it’s quite refreshing to all have them out whilst still talking to each other and not have anyone think you are a weirdo. One day our husband’s will catch on…one day.

: If you are going to be Professional, you have to be “on brand”. Fox in Flats was “on brand” with hot shoes and looking impeccably fresh.

: Hair Romance was “on brand” doing braids like it was nobodies business. She couldn’t braid my hair which made me a little sad.

: Kim from All Consuming was “on brand” with hilarious microphone shenanigans and apparently now hot style. Look at those shoes! And fish nets!

: Gourmet Girlfriend was “on brand” as she took control of the menu and ordered delicious Asian treats for our dinner. She was also awesome, gorgeous and fabulous which is COMPLETELY “on brand”.

: I was “on brand” when I got home. I was a cranky mole to my kids and my husband. I was tired and knew I was getting sick again and I knew Harper was getting sick again. I was sighing and cranky and huffing until I eventually got things back to order. Well to the order that I like anyway. I sat in the sun for a bit. I hemmed two uniforms, I cooked my family a roast chicken dinner and then we all sat on the couch together and watched a movie.

I have all sorts of action items and plans for my blog. I will continue to work hard on it and I’ll continue to tell my story and share my life with you all, because, well that’s what I do.ย 


  1. An I for one happen to TOTALLY LOVE your unique Beth Brand hun. Rock on! xx

  2. Detox. That’s the theme word of this week. Love yah guts Bev x

  3. I love love loved your little stats! And I think you made everyone in the audience breathe a big sigh of relief and think ‘see it’s, true what they say about a small but VERY engaged audience

    • Thanks Kelly! It’s like the purpose of my blog is to make people feel better about theirs! I’m very much OK with that and my engaged audience. It was so nice to see you and your gorgeous bump x

  4. Yay Beth. Glad you had fun.

  5. Yes stuff google analytics. xT

  6. I found the last magnum in the freezer and ate it while having a deep, scaldingly hot bath.

    At 8 o’clock in the morning.

    TOTALLY on brand.

  7. lol I am just like you when I get home from having too much fun. My partner scolds and says that he wont let me go out anymore if I’m going to come home so cranky…let’s let him have his little fantasy that he has any say ;). I think it’s important to remember why we blog, and if having many many visitors was why we started.

  8. I adore your blog. I read it faithfully (and share with others) – love it xx

  9. I wish I could have been there to cheer you on!
    I just installed the dreaded Google Analytics…it took me three days to figure out how to do it and I am sure it will tell me that I have about two readers!

    So happy for you that you had a great weekend with your friends.
    Friends are the best.

  10. I have no idea about blogging, but reading yours and a few others daily beats anything on the telly or those crap ‘women’s’ magazines. I am the richer , literally and metaphorically, for it. The only other ‘informed’ thing I do as a mum is grab a coffee at my gorgeous local cafe after the school run daily and read the newspaper. Then its off to my formal workplace or a day at home washing, cleaning, walking the dog and that workplace aint bad either.
    Love your stuff.

  11. Oh Lordy Beth! If your glorious images and word filled blog that gets such a loyal and loving response is little – then pull out your microscope and check me out!

    Numbers schumbers (?!) – you resonate my friend – and that’s all that matters.

    Gabs xx

  12. carohutchison says

    Beth, my sister and I read your blog every day and love it. We thing you’re a big blogger ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. And I, for one, love what you do. Am currently on holiday in NY, but make sure I check in each day to read your story!

  14. I’m sure my stats are beyond tiny compared to yours, but really, it is about the joy of writing and sharing isn’t it? I love the insights into your world Beth.

  15. We love your blog at our place!! Thanks for sharing!

    Holli xo

  16. Keep sharing Beth as you do, that’s why we’re here.

  17. Stats ????? I just love the interaction and social side Nx

  18. well, i for one am bloody glad you do Beth!

    xo em

  19. stats schmats! your blog is amazing, i love it as it is, but if you are changing things, I will love the changes too because i trust you. don’t doubt yourself beth, your blog is a joy to read. honest, funny, insightful, informative. everything i want in a blog.

  20. Love it, Beth. Would have loved to have had a chance to talk to you – next time! I guess my “on brand” would be Highly Opinionated Potty-mouthed Wench hauling caffeine drip. On second thoughts, maybe you wouldn’t like to talk to that… Kx

  21. You are fabulous ms babymac! I always look forward to a little surprise in my inbox and I find the HUGE blogs so tedious with all their whingey comments on absolutely everything. You’re just fine my dear!

  22. Your stats are massive babe. Massive. xx

  23. Love this wrap up, and glimpse into the event and “on brand”ings!

    Aaaahhhhh, but you are not really that small! I mean, you just spoke at ProBlogger conference!!!

  24. If I could figure out what my brand was I’d do my absolute best to embrace it x

  25. You are small? well I disagree but either way, as the boys would say it is what you do with it that counts and you my dear are a true stud muffin in the blog world x

  26. If you knew how many times Ive googled “why are my google analytics so different to my blogger stats”. You have a gorgeous blog, one that I check into each day.

    I went to the conference “virtually”, and bloody loved it, I also have some plans, plans that have had me sitting up at 1am thinking of all sorts of exciting things to do.

    I love this blogging caper, much more than I love google analytics ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Beth your conference sounds very exciting and lots of fun but don’t forget that lots of your readers don’t have their own blogs. We aren’t interested in stats or connecting to your blog to increase traffic to our own or make our own look good. We just love your blog because it is a bloody good read and you make us laugh, cry and think about life sometimes in ways we never thought of! So please never give up or worry about how you compare to other blogs. We love your blog because it is written by you in all your wonderful uniqueness!! So please just keep on doing what you are doing..I for one love it..xx Annie M

  28. Made me laugh! We are a funny clan, we bloggers, think we should have a ‘blog state’ where we could all hang out together. My hubby, sitting beside me asked what I was reading and I said about Baby Mac being ‘on brand’ and he said ‘does she need a lot of fibre then! ‘ As you can gather, he is not a blogger!

  29. Geesh, how did I only just read this?! Was a great weekend. Must say, I was feeling less “fresh” and more “hungover” that day. I’m easily persuaded to ‘detonate the bomb’ when I’m away from the family.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ x A

  30. Good laugh. Thanks lady…



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