There’s always a lot of scrawling going on around here. Harper with her little people and now that Daisy is getting the swing of it, writing her stories. So many stories. Late afternoon, pre dinner is a good time for this sort of business. Quiets the mind.

A G & T usually does the trick for me. Quiet time for all the ladies. I like it very much.


  1. beautiful…if only I could get my 2 crazies to sit quietly like that…and actually draw on the paper!

  2. I can’t get enough of Harper’s little people!

  3. I loved it when my boys were little & they were constantly drawing. There were always scrapbooks to fill, a crazy amount of textas, pencils & crazy laying around & pages full of robots !!!
    I miss it….

  4. Perfection. A lot of that here too, though no G&T for me at the mo. x

  5. Looks as though there is a second accountant series brewing……

  6. I love doing this- it’s a great way to channel my little boys energy into quieter activities!

  7. Awww, look at Daisy go. A mini-Mama in the making, with her story telling and writing. Stunning images lady, so well captured xo

  8. These girls, like this, good lord they make my ovaries ache. They are just perfect.

  9. Me too πŸ™‚ I love it when the kids are quiet drawing or reading. It makes the house feel civilised…an often distant hope πŸ™‚

  10. Gorgeous. As a non-child person, I feel inept to comment usually, but serious that second photo is just gorgeous. I’d buy her book.

  11. That light through those windows… Magic.

  12. That’s exactly what me and my gals do. Soothes the pre-dinner time chaos, doesn’t it.

  13. A wonderful quiet time. A perfect way to spend the late afternoon. Jx

  14. My P1 (nearly 5) would draw all day long if she had her own way. She’s started writing too. During the week she scrawled “Poo, wee” on a white piece of paper and threw it off the top balcony, sending it wafting to the courtyard below. It was a good effort for a pre-school kid.
    Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weekend.

  15. Gorgeous girls – loving Harper’s drawings!

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