I am feeling quite frazzled and busy today. And with a lack of caffeine headache. Why no coffee I hear you ask? Well, my barista has been absent of late and I am too lazy to make a coffee for myself in the morning, no matter the headache. In the PAST TWO WEEKS THAT HE HAS BEEN GONE I have made a couple of coffees, but this morning I just plain ran out of time. There are some posts to come re: the solo parenting and my diligence, determination and strength maintained all the while he has been absent, but right now it’s a weekend debrief post. With bonus bad iphone photos! Because I forgot my camera.

Are we ready? Excellent.

The weekend was spent looking like this. Because it was fucking freezing. Again. Windy and cold. Have I mentioned that I hate the wind? Because I do. Thankfully my new scarf from Tilly was wrapped around me. Reduced from $200 to $30 – that will warm the cockles of any one’s heart.

Saturday morning we drove up to Sydney to spend the night with family. Because when you are alone for ANOTHER weekend, it’s best to be around people that love you. And care for you. And will cook for you. And entertain your kids. We stopped off at Bondi to take in the Festival of the Winds. I suppose that’s something good about the wind. The girls were beside themselves. Kites! Beach! Sunshine! WARM WEATHER!

Woollen tights were stripped off immediately.

We then went to Rob’s cousin’s place for a sleepover. The sun was shining, the kids had a ball, and I got to hang out and drink wine and receive notes like this one. Is there anything better than twirly fonts?

I had another man cook for me (Friday night I had Neighbor’s husband whip us up some lamb). This time it was duck risotto. DEAR LORD it was delicious. Washed down with a Sancerre and an early night – it was perfection.

There was a full agenda on Sunday. Two Gma’s to visit. Three houses to get to. It was exhausting.

Last stop of the day was to my little sister’s house to celebrate my beautiful Brother in law’s Birthday. As you will remember, he had a back head injury a few months ago now and while it’s been a long, slow process, he was doing well. He was back to form cooking for us all (on his birthday poor bastard) but doing what he loves to do. It was SO good to see. Poor bugger has had a terrible time and I really hope that he has turned a corner.

Prosecco was drunk. Playing was done. Puppy adoring was soaked in. The sun shone. Perfect Sunday afternoon business.

My Mother is begging myself or my sister to give her another baby so we were thrilled that there was a 3 week old belonging to someone else for her to cuddle. Can report that no clucking was done on my part. 2 weeks solo parenting is all the contraception any woman needs.

We ate this stuff. Make it if you haven’t because it is the BUSINESS.

Why hello there roast potatoes cooked in duck fat and tossed in polenta, how YOU doing? They were very good indeed I can tell you.

My Mum made a trifle. I have issues with trifles for textural/soggy cake reasons (same with triamisu) but it sure was pretty and everyone woofed it down. Bravo Susie!

Kevin Bacon was exhausted by my children. I know how you feel Kevin.

My brother in law takes the beer fridge to new levels I think you will agree?

We stuck around until late to catch up with my Brother who popped up from Melbourne as a surprise. It was good to hug him…it’s been way too long. With family love levels topped up, we hit the road way too late, got home way too late, and collapsed exhausted last night.

One more sleep to go and Rob will be home. I am BESIDE myself with excitement. And anticipation of coffee…


  1. Pheww … what a weekend. Beautiful food and that beer fridge?! Mr SY will be on to that styling quick smart!

  2. Nothing like a bit of family love to ease the load of solo parenting- how sweet is that note?!

  3. WOW! what a weekend!I also cant do trifle because of the texture! Good to see your BIL is on the up, hopefully he continues that way. Kevin Bacon is VERY cute! Loving the Beer of the month concept!

  4. 1. nothing better than duck fat roasted potatoes

    2. Kevin Bacon is tes cute

    3. move here- it is BOILING- summer has arrived

    4. Do not get me started on solo parenting. Mr FF is always away- last week for the whole week when the baby and I were sick. I long for 2 sets of parenting hands.

  5. What a weekend! Sydney’s weather was beautiful too – we were out and amongst it as well. Love it.

    Your BIL might be on to something with his beer fridge et al… I can see this catching on like wildfire! LOL.

    The Provider is away all this week as well. He’s fishing off the coast of Darwin with a bunch of mates, so I know all about the solo parenting thing too at the moment.

    Your girls must have slept like logs last night!!

  6. The only thing harder than solo parenting is solo weekend parenting. Well done pooks, you did good.

  7. Looks like a busy but fabulous weekend! If the solo parenting contraception wears off – just get a puppy! Meanwhile, what breed is Kevin Bacon – he is GORGEOUS!!

  8. Luluisthatyou says

    Lovely weekend Beth! Yes, the need for family while solo parenting is a must. I so know how you feel, love. I’m in my 6th week (virtually) straight of flying solo – the odd weekend here and there when hubs has been back. One more week to go and then he will be on holidays and we’re all going away!
    It truly sucks and until you’ve experienced it for a good chunk of time you really don’t know how flying solo feels. I’m used to it now (3 years and counting!) but it’s still rough. (I miss my hubs’ coffee making too. He’s on barista duties when he’s at home also.)
    Give Rob a hug from his old friend when he’s back. It’s been lovely seeing his travel pics.

    I hope you all enjoy some quality family time together when he returns.
    L xx

  9. No wonder you’re feeling frazzled….what a weekend. A good one. But a big one. Solo parenting can really bite! I take my hat off to the single mums in the world!
    Have a great week Beth.

  10. No fun solo but as soon as he walks in demand that coffee! My machine is broken and I am seriously dying a slow death. How will I go on?! Gorgeous weekend, and duck fat polenta tossed potatoes….YUM.

  11. Gorgeous pics Beth and tell me how do you find all these men that cook???? I’m a want some!

  12. Definitely going to get on to that de constructed business thanks for the wonderful weekend wrap up-looked amazing!!

  13. Crikey!! All in just a weekend??? Exhausted reading it!! Family times are the best ��

  14. What a lovely weekend! My mouth is watering at that spread!

    I too have a lack of caffeine-induce headache. My husband didn’t fetch me one from the cafe like he normally does and I was too rushed getting the kids to school. they start at 7.45am (?!).

    I suspect Rob is going to get some good smooches and loving tomorrow. x

  15. I think Kevin is a highlight, Oh and the potatoes! xToni

  16. What a great weekend of family loving. Photos are lovely, the iPhone does alright with the picci’s. We were at Festival of the Winds too lady, such a fun day. Good to hear your bro-in-law is doing well now. Enjoy your time getting reacquainted with hubs xo

  17. Loving that beer fridge, and hello deconstructed pumpkin salad, you shall be mine. For lunch. This weekend.

  18. Holy moly, I was exhausted just reading about your weekend!

    That dog is devine, I want one.

    Have another baby, go on, DO IT!


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