You know what happened when I was away? My blog turned 6.

I knew it when it happened and even raised a glass with Mrs Woog in it’s honour, but I just forgot to blog about it. Ironic really.

Most years I try and pull together a giveaway for you guys, to thank you for coming here most days and having a read, saying something nice, and chatting to me. This year I thought I better get something from my travels. A little something from Anthropologie that sums up what BabyMac is maybe? A little pretty. A little usefulness. A little frivolity.

Have you EVER?

Each time the lucky winner of them bakes they can think of me.

And wouldn’t you just be baking up a storm with these pretties?

My die.

So you want them? Simple. Leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner (through on Sunday 12th August 21012 night 8pm AEST (I’m never one for a long giveaway). You can be from Australia, or from anywhere else in the world, I’ll send them to you. Because I’m kind like that. Go on then…

This is the place where I get all emo and stuff. And try to explain what this place is to me. And it won’t come out right, it won’t even begin to convey what it means to little old me that there are all these people, reading my blog, day in day out. How I can’t quite believe that this is what I do now. What it’s like to do something you love and be acknowledged for it. To see yourself and your talents grow into something that you never even expected it to. How it just fills you right on up with happiness.

Yes, it just doesn’t come out right.

So I’ll just say thank you. Thank you so much you guys. Here’s to 6 more! Now, go leave a comment already.

Also. I am doing a little BabyMac reader survey at the moment (see over there —-> up the top of the right hand side bar?). I’d love it if you could take 5 mins to answer it for me – there’s a $150 Westfield voucher in there for one lucky person too. Click there or here.


  1. kelwoodford says

    These are just delightful.

  2. Thank you Beth for sharing your life with us- Happy birthday Baby Mac, and yes please to those lovely measuring cups! The first thing I’d bake with them is a batch of triple choc cookies, and I’d even give you some, cos I’m kind like that!!

  3. they are absolutely gorgeous, I love to bake and will think of your New York trip every time I bake with them.

  4. CONGRATS! 6! That’s a pretty big achievement in the bloggy world! Well we wouldn’t stick around if it weren’t for such cleverly constructed posts- it truly is a fine art! So hat’s off to you, all the thanks back to you πŸ˜€
    (Also i realise this comment has alot of exclaiming, but that’s pretty much what id be doing if there weren’t a computer screen in front of us- I’m just excited okay!!!)x. Em.

  5. Hip Hooray – Ya know, those there cups are so pretty I think it would be rude not to christen them with a tipple of Bollie with 3 close girlfriends (one each), when I win ofcourse sweetie darling! And I have just the quirky coasters to go with it!
    They are absolutely marvellous!

    • And congrats again on your AMAZING blog…I have only been reading a few months but slowly catching up on your delightful journey over the past 6 years! Thanks for opening your heart, home and life to us x

  6. Love them – new reader to your blog. Found you via Edenland. You all inspire me and just need to find the nerve to start my own blog.

  7. Congratulations, you should be PROUD!!! I would LOVE to bake with those!!!
    Rebecca Simunic

  8. Congrats on 6 years Beth and for keeping it real. These Anthro cups are to die for so thanks for a chance to love ’em close up and personal. πŸ™‚ brrr it must be a weee bit chillybin The Wang today. Toss some logs on the fire for me!

  9. Well, I love ’em. Congrats, to you!

  10. Oh fingers crossed for me!

  11. I loved that you unwrapped these with your photos, they are just divine. I actually gasped when they were unwrapped, in all their gorgeous glory. You have great taste Beth, thanks for the chance to win and HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY, here’s to many more to come (as she raises her cyber champers)

  12. Lizzy Duggan says

    Happy Birthday
    Hip hip hooray
    You know how I love your blog xx LizzyD

  13. Rebecca Jones says

    Just gorgeous, congrats on 6 year x

  14. OMG they are fucking BEAUTIFUL!
    How can you even bear to part with them Beth?!!!!
    Answer : Cause you are totes awesome.
    MWAH to you and your 6 years of BabyMac fabulousness.

  15. Thank YOU, you have also helped to inspire me to move to the country and enjoy a simpler life – it’s a work in progress but we will get there. Loved your NY blogs and now feel slightly obsessed by Anthro too. Keep up the good work! Even if I don’t win, I’ll still be reading πŸ˜‰

  16. Happy 6th Birthday Beth, you’ve well & truly found your way with this blogging caper!
    I look forward to catching up with you, its like visiting with an old friend, I grab my cup of tea & sit down & chat……one sided really….you chat, I read, but I love it!
    Wishing many more blogging birthdays!
    Lisa F xx

  17. Thankyou for sharing with us everything that makes you one of my favourite bloggers.

  18. Those measuring cups are GORGEOUS! I have never seen anything like that before!

    A big congratulations on BabyMac’s 6th birthday. May there be many more to come.

    Cheers to you πŸ™‚ x

  19. Congrats on turning 6! that is awesome. Those cups are beautiful too!

  20. happy 6th birthday Mrs!! What a fab milestone. What a continued inspiration you are x

  21. Happy 6th birthday BabyMac! Anthro must open a store here NOW already!

  22. Beth!! I DIE!! They are too,too beautiful!!!

    Happy 6th Birthday BabyMac!! My daily online life is better because I found you & your lovely words & pictures. Thanks for all that goodness xx

  23. Oh. My. Amazing. I am really hoping you snagged a set of those for yourself too.

    And this is where I admit that you’re one of my bloggy idols and I think you’re a bit of awesome.

    K, as you were.

  24. Beautiful. Maybe I should start baking now? I’ve enjoyed all your posts from New York and LOVE your blog.

  25. Congratulations Beth, I wonder if it is too early in the morning for a celebratory drink?…well its Friday!! enjoy x

  26. Hey Beth,
    Congrats on the 6 years. Loved the New York posts. The cups are very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  27. HAPPY 6th Birthday Baby Mac! Here’s to many more.

    Just wanted to say that I love everything about your blog AND that you keep everything real. And you have such awesome taste!

  28. Sweet jesus, count me in!! Your blog rocks and I read it every day without fail. Thanks for the trip down memory lane in NYC. Now I’m gagging to get back there myself….Happy 6 Betty xx

  29. Happy bloggie birthday to you, Beth. I can’t believe you can bear to give those beauties away!

  30. Thanks for blogging… Especially your NY trip I felt like I was with you!

  31. Happy Birthday! πŸ™‚ Love your blog, love anthropologie!

  32. Happy 6th birthday babymac, I love reading you blog. I am relatively new , so I have been going through the past 6 yrs slowly, I love learning about you and your family. It almost feels like catching up with an old friend cheers to you! Jodie crane

  33. congrats! I’ve been blogging since may 2006 so technically I’m older than you πŸ™‚ Man I adore those measuring cups but then I’ve been lusting after anthropologie for a few years. I’ll go tell my readers to enter and give it to me:)

    well done on 6 years and here’s to many more:)

  34. Congratulations on such an awesome milestone! I love reading about your life and family and now have several more “keeper” recipes since I found your blog – umm Bill Grangers chilli stuffed roast chook drool! Here’s to 6 more hey!

  35. Oh my stars! Happy 6th to Baby Mac – and here’s to 6 more. I’m a newbie, but dedicated.

  36. Wow, six years, what an achievement! Congratulations and thank for sharing your life with us all.
    x laura

  37. Happy Birthday, Baby Mac. I love your stories – thanks for sharing them.

  38. 6 years old. Congratulations. Hope you do celebrate with a good cake at some stage.

  39. Hi Beth, Congrats !!! I love reading your blog eveyrday, and I LOVED reading about your and Mrs Woog’s New York adventure xx

  40. They are beautiful, congrats on 6 years Beth!

  41. Oh pick me pick me pick me!!! They are simply delightful and would look so lovely in my new home. Congratulations and I look forward to many more years of your hilariousness.

  42. They are very cute, think I would do a lot of damage in that store!! Congratulations on your sixth birthday!!

  43. Just gorgeous! Happy 6 years!

  44. Oh my, they are glorious! I can totally picture them in my kitchen, while I bake up a storm to blog about.
    Congrats on six big bloggin’ years. I’m on day one!

  45. I saw them on the website the other day and it was the one thing I really wanted! Congrats on you blog!!

  46. Happy Birthday B’Mac – only recently started reading your blog, but loving it, and found out a good friend at work also reads with you – we love chatting about your adventure’s and what you get up to πŸ™‚

  47. Great milestone…congrats…I loved reading about New York through your eyes…..and those measuring cups are divine.

    Thanks for the giveaway,.x

  48. Oh Anthro – you’ve done it again… those cups are heavenly!
    BabyMac has become such a part of my daily routine… One of my favs. Happy Blogging Birthday! xx

  49. Wow, 6 years and doing a great job. I love reading about yr posts, makes it real for me and I am sure for others who read as well. Continue the fab job.

  50. Super cute! Sure beats the olde plastic boring ones in the drawer.
    Alisa x

  51. Wow! Happy Sixth Blogaversary! It’s well worth some celebration!

  52. Happy 6, Baby Mac. You’ve gone from strength to strength and six is going to be a very good year indeed.


  53. Well done lady! Baby Mac has been a part of my daily life for the past three or so years, I love this little corner of the web. I’m so proud and amazed at what you’ve done, the places you’ve gone and the places you will go! Love ya xxxx

  54. Congratulations and Happy 6th Baby Mac Birthday Beth. I thoroughly enjoy reading your daily posts and look forward to many more.
    Melissa B X

  55. Congratulations on 6 fab years Beth. Those cups are divine, as you said ‘my die’.
    Eliza x

  56. Congrats on 6 years!!! seriously, those cups are the cutest ever.

  57. aballerinasmum says

    Happy B’day! (so that means Daisy is almost 6!! Scary!) xx

  58. Happy 6th birthday. Glad I found your blog! I really enjoy it and appreciate the work you put into daily postings and gorgeous photos.

  59. 6 years… Awesome. Heres to 6 more….

  60. Happy birthday! They are gorgeous. Hope you’ve got another set for yourself πŸ™‚

  61. Congratulations on 6 years. These are just gorgeous!

  62. Jenn bick

    I need them!!

  63. LOVE them and your blog!! Keep on writing BabyMac! X

  64. 6 years! What an achievement! 6 years ago I hadnt even heard of a blog but here I am today reading yours among others, every day. In fact, I read my blogs more religiously than I do the news or a novel. This is a great space Beth… you should be proud.

    And those cups! I have been trying to find measuring cups for this house so that I can stop using that god awful ugly pyrex jug! My partner is not into pretty measuring cups or spoons but if I were to WIN them! Then he just wouldnt have a choice would he!?

    Happy Birthday x

  65. Can’t wait for the next 6 x

  66. I am new-ish avid reader of your blog, to be honest I have been hooked since New York….. I clicked each day you were there and it has HEIGHTENED my desire to go there, and also now your blog is my daily read so thankyou – great getting to know you, well, you know — Congrats on 6 years, that is epic!

  67. Congrats on 6 years! Those measuring cups are so beautiful. Wish we had an Anthro here!

  68. The cups are just lovely! And congrats on blogging for 6 years….nice one!


  69. Hurrah! 6!

    Happy blogversary to my fave online friend x

  70. I have loved reading about your New York adventures. I have especially loved waking up to feed my little girl in the wee hours and having a new post waiting to be read! The time difference was excellent! Nevertheless, I’m glad you and Mrs W are safely home. Keep up the good work!

  71. Happy Birthday Baby Mac, and seeing as its my birthday on 12 August I will keep my fingers crossed to win your give away – oh how I would love those in my kitchen just in time to bake my daughter the rainbow cake for her 9th Birthday Party….

    Debbie xo

  72. Love those cups. Seeing that I don’t cook or bake, they would just be my pretties! Congrats on the big 6. At least you don’t show your age!
    Michelle R

  73. Too too sweet and happy 6th!

  74. Congratulations on making it to 6years. So cute too.

  75. Happy birthday. Gorgeous cups. Have been reading for a little while. Love your stories

  76. Congrats on 6 years that’s awesome. Love reading your blog and have loved reading about your time in NY! Looked up the Anthropologie website after you had mentioned it, let’s just say my credit card is happy I reside in little old NZ and the shipping costs are prohibitive! Good luck for the next 6 years of blogging!! Katie

  77. My fucking die indeed! I LUFF those measuring cups! Man I hope I win, is that bad? I’m being a selfish mole today. Congrats Bev!

  78. Did you buy two sets? Because if was you I couldn’t bear to part with them. They’re gorgeous. Congrats on six years, and even more congrats on doing something that you love. X

  79. They are gorgeous. Well selected. Happy blogiversary.

  80. Happy Blogday!

    You have impecable taste my love… adore them.

    So they are US measurements? Cause NEEEEEEEEEEED. I was about to order some from amazon cause my current ones are getting all grody and crap.

  81. You and your Baby Mac are awesome. You should be very proud and I admire your passion, strength and mofo attitude. You bring something good to my day every time I read your blog. Keep on sista xx

  82. happy blogaversary!

  83. Happy Birthday BabyMac! Love reading about your adventures & viewing your amazing photos. Your inspiring & my husband & I are quite taken by a few G&Ts with massive chunks of cucumber. My kitchen is old & ugly, those measuring cups will surly jazz it up. Jess Lang

  84. Oh they are gorgeous! Makes my tupperware ones feel a bit old hat! Happy bloggy birthday. Still loving your blog!

  85. Happy 6th! I am amazed that you brought crockery all the way back from the U.S.A..especially as it is heavy and breakable. I have the perfect little shelf to display them when not in use. I hope picks me.

  86. Beth, big huge congratulations on turning 6. Your blog is old as my 2nd daughter πŸ™‚
    (but much less demanding lol)

    I read your blog everyday and while I don’t always comment, I am always reading, such a stalwart I am πŸ˜‰ and I loved going to New York with you, thanks for posting and sharing so much, I know we all adored it and that many of us are still comiing down from the New York high (and we didn’t even physically go!).
    All the best from Noosa x

    ps – I MUST have those measuring cups!!!

  87. LOVE THEM!! Happy birthday BabyMac xxx

  88. Ruth Mason says

    Just lovely! A cup of sweetness, just like your blog!

  89. 6 years? Wow! Great job. Love your blog and love those little pretties!

  90. Happy blog birthday Beth!! Thanks for sharing your life with us. Not only do you make me feel way more normal, but the beautiful pics of your home give me the motivation to just keep going with my own attempts at making my home a little bit pretty. Those cups will help πŸ˜‰

  91. Happy Bloggy Birthday Beth! Thankyou for sharing so much of yourself with us. Thankyou for keeping it so real. And as for those cups….sigh….my die……

  92. honeybegentle says

    Hope your proud – you “built” something – something that reasonates with a lot of people. Well done you. Want the cups – the dog ate my 1/2 cup and my cakes are fucking dreadful.

  93. Those cups are gorgeous! Hope you got yourself some too. Loved reading the New York posts. Happy no.6 BabyMac x Susan

  94. Happy birthday! Love, love, love!

  95. Happy Birthday ! I friggen love those cups.

  96. Happy 6 years! Love your blog! Would love those cups in my kitchen! Mx

  97. Happy 6th Blogging Birthday Beth! As a relative newcomer to blogs in general, I was excited to stumble upon yours. Your love of Anthropologie even had me looking at their website last night and wondering if I could justify $25 delivery on an $8 initialised mug (I have fallen in love with yours!) Thank you for sharing your world, thoughts and rants with us, I now find of an evening when my boodles are in bed, that I turn to reading blogs over watching TV, accompanied by a lovely glass of vino (just recently stopped b/feeding so excited to be back on the alcoholic wagon).

    Keep up the great work…and here’s to another 6 years of blogging!

  98. Love the cups, and your blog (thanks Mrs Woog).

    I don’t bake, but my husband could make excellent use of those beauties.


  99. I’ve been sitting on the sidelines all this time. But, now I figure is the time to say, congratulations BabyMac! Six years is an amazing achievement. Thank you for sharing your stories and your joie de vivre. P.S. No alcohol?

  100. Love them! Congrats on 6yrs!!

  101. I’m a fairly recent reader of your blog, but luckily I can read your back catalogue so I don’t feel like I’ve missed out! Congratulations. Keep doing what you love, the way you’re doing it because we love it.

  102. Congratulations Beth! Your awesome little blog isn’t so little anymore, growing each day with all your love and passion for life.

  103. Can’t even imagine 6. I’m lucky to get six weeks at a time happening – although I just renewed my domain so must mean I slipped over a birthday and DIDN’T EVEN REALISE. Happy days xx

  104. Happy 6th Blog Birthday – these cups are amazing!!

  105. They are gorgeous and practical with a lip to pour from.

    Happy blogiversary.

  106. Congratulations Beth on Baby Mac’s 6th Birthday! I have been following for a few months and would like to thank you for sharing your everything! Have especially loved reading about your NY adventure, truly inspiring, I will get there one day too! Love the little measuring cups, gorg!

  107. Beautiful… Congrats on 6 years! Love reading your blog x

  108. They are the best measuring cups ever!
    Congratulations on 6 years, love coming here everyday. x

  109. Happy 6th Blog Bday Beth!! Love reading your blog. Also LOVE those measuring cups!! If I don’t win, can I purchase these anywhere in Aussie land or do I have to make a little trip to NY? Raising my glass to you and your blog!:o)

  110. 6 years, wow. Congrats my lady!

    Love the cups too. So adorable!


  111. Congratulations on 6 years! I love coming here every day, seeing your beautiful home, gorgeous girls and hearing how you’re doing in general … and the fancy bins and correct way to unpack the dishwasher are added bonuses πŸ™‚ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  112. Congratulations and Happy Birthday =]]

  113. Leanne Murch says

    Happy 6th Birthday!!! I am a new reader of your blog and just loved your NY posts! Loving all things Anthropology x

  114. Congratulations on being 6 babymac! You have inspired me to be a better blogger and all the inbetween. Hopefully one day we will meet up in the flesh and I will bake something for you xx

  115. Congrats Beth and wish you all the luck for all you endeavors.. Life is just so beautiful at your side of the fence. It’s a treat to see beautiful photos and read wonderful posts to start my day everyday.

    Love to be part of your journey and thanks for allowing us to take a ride of your beautiful world with you.

  116. Congratulations, what an achievement! And the cups are gorgeous too!

  117. Happy 6er BabyMac! I have my own Daisy (7 months), and reading your blog makes me so look forward to the days to come with her! Thanks for sharing x

  118. Best wishes and longevity for your blog. I have loved alot of your stuff but the NY stuff really rocked.

  119. Great effort Beth! Never stop writing, your words are wonderful. Much love. X

  120. Happy Birthday BabyMac! I’m a new reader of your blog and blogs in general and it has been such a joy getting to know you and your family PLUS all those handy hints on housekeeping are hilarious as well as educational!! Xx

  121. Happy 6th birthday! the cups are devine. i hope you have 2 sets as how could you possibly part with them??!!

  122. Happy birthday old girl! (not you, the blog of course!)xxx

  123. Congratulations on 6 Years of Blogging…..Oh, and further congratulations are in order for you fabulous postings on you trip to New York – Thank you Beth for all your hard work and dedication to your followers.

  124. so. in. love. with. them. x

  125. They are too cute! I wouldn’t want to give them away, but I am happy that you are!!! Love your blog!

  126. Welcome home and happy 6th birthday for Baby Mac.

  127. Happy Birthday BabyMac…6 years wow! That means in 3 months I have read those 6 years of your blog and loved every minute of it. I hope there are many more to come. Your blog is fabulous and so bullshit here! I only wish I had found it sooner. I have been very addicted to catching up and now I look forward to it every day. Thanks Beth for sharing and inspiring…and I would just love those cups. Congratulations x Annie M

  128. Happy 6th Birthday πŸ™‚

  129. Happy birthday gorgeous lady!

  130. Oh they are just too charming!

    Congratulations on six years of BabyMac

  131. Hey BabyMac. I’m a recent convert, but you always remind me to stop, breathe and appreciate. Thank you and congrats on 6 years.

  132. Lisa Smith says

    Congratulations on six years of blogging! I LOVE reading your blog, and look forward to checking in every day with a cuppa πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway and I would LOVE to win, they are devine!! xx

  133. Wow 6 years, I have alot of catch up reading to do. I only discovered your blog about 3 weeks ago and have been reading ever since. As an ex NSW resident, I love the Southern Highlands and miss the weekend drives to Bowral or Berrima πŸ™‚ Enjoy the celebrations of turn 6, which will no doubt be celebrated with a fine Champagne!

    V πŸ™‚

  134. Congrats on 6 years of blogging – i really enjoyed your latest escapade in NYC – so jealous.

  135. Congratulations on your blog! I enjoy reading!

  136. Hey BabyMac – I am a long time reader, first time comment-er! I love reading your blog – and your minced asian chicken recipe is divine πŸ™‚
    Here’s to 6 more years x

  137. 6, congratulations! Bet you couldn’t have imagined being where you are now, when you published that first post 6 years ago.
    LOVE the measuring cups, aren’t they gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  138. Oh my goodness, lady! What a wonderful prize!

    it just occurred to me that not only is your BLOG Baby Mac six years old, but the ACTUAL Baby Mac is growing up so much

  139. Oh my. Can you really bear to give those away?

  140. Congratulations on 6 years – what an achievement! 6 is my lucky number so I have a good feeling about this giveaway… although I can’t believe you are parting with such prettiness! xx

  141. They are delightful, I desire them (but not in a weird way).

  142. josy adames says

    I’m sure these would improve my cooking, just like your blog improves my day. CONGRATS!

  143. Happy 6 years BabyMac!!! the cups are so gorgeous what a wonderful giveway πŸ™‚
    Wendy Panagiotakis

  144. Adorable! Congratulations on your 6 years of blogging. Here’s to many more πŸ™‚

  145. Oh, they are gorgeous! Happy Birthday Babymac!!!

    Bec J

  146. Claudia Rowe says

    I discovered anthropologie, probably 10ish years ago on my first trip to new York, from the moment I walked in I NEEDED everything in there. I love love love it & everytime I have been back I whiled away many hours imagining choosing dreaming & purchasing( not enough)
    When oh when will they open up down under???

  147. They are gorgeous!!

  148. OMG, they are so devine. I would go to America just for that shop, now that you have been so kind to share it with us all. Congrats on 6 years, I think you will be going for at least another 60! I love, love, love the blog, I am a fellow city chick turned country. Congrats again. Sue N.

  149. οΏ½οΏ½these! Am a fairly recent reader also, loved the NY blogs & piccies! Kelly Walters

  150. Oh damn they were meant to be love hearts but came up as ??!

  151. I would even consider taking up proper baking instead of out of a packet just to use those cups.

    too cute.

    even though I only found you 2 out of those 6 years, I have enjoyed the journey. Don’t ever stop.

  152. Happy Bloggy birthday!!!! Congratulations on reaching a fantastic milestone and may you continue for years to come.

  153. Wow, love them almost as much as I love reading your blog. Yours was the first ever blog I ever read, and it’s still my fave. I am raising my glass to another six years!

  154. Squeeeeeeelllll! I love these πŸ™‚

  155. Happy six (I bet Daisy sounds funny saying that at the moment without all her teeth). Beautiful gift, would love.

  156. 6 years! That’s a lot of blogging. I recently returned from NYC too and I think I love Anthropologie as much as you do. I didn’t spy those measuring cups in the store, though. They’re divine.

  157. Happy Blogaversary! How sweet are those cups!

  158. HB lover. Bloody love these. Thanks for filling our lives with awesomeness! That is all.

  159. Geez, it’s a long scroll down to here…. Love ya BabyMac!! I work from home with kids & get alittle excited to see a new blog post from you!!! I loved your trip to New York (wished I was there too). Thanks for introducing me to Anthropologie!!! Love browsing their e-store.

  160. Congratulations on turning six! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your New York trip πŸ™‚

  161. Can somebody please pass me a paper bag? I am hyperventilating over those measuring cups. Happy 6th Birthday Beth. Are blogging years like dog years? Bet it sure feels like it sometimes, but I am sure the absolute best is yet to come. xx

  162. Kairan Meek says

    Wow so many comments! Anthro love for all! Happy anniversary πŸ™‚

  163. Wow! Thank you for the giveaway. But how can you not keep them yourself? They are delightful.
    Thank you for your blog, it gives me a daily dose of LOL.
    Chelsea D

  164. Congrats. 6 years is awesome. Your blog rocks. Those cups are devine, I see them in my kitchen.

  165. Happy blogoversary/birthday! I love those cups. I want them. I completed your survey. Pick me pick me!!

  166. Love the blog, the recipes, over the back fence, photography – its all fabulous! PS Considering I live in the armpit of the world, you can send the cups to my mum in Victoria πŸ˜‰

  167. Congratulations on your 6 year anniversary – I’m annoyed with myself for only discovering you a little over 6 months ago. The measuring cups are gorgeous and I’d love to win them. I’m surprised you can bear to part with them, I always buy gifts for friends and family and it kills me to give them away – though I know they go to a loving home! My fingers are crossed!

  168. Oh those are so cute! I’d have to bake every day if I had those!!

    Huge congrats on the anniversary xxxx

  169. Highlight of my commute reading your blog!! πŸ™‚

  170. You are a lovely person and just seeing your gift – those magic measuring cups, makes me happy. Kathy Pi

  171. Lazzarooch says

    I’ve emailed you before to tell you this but I want those damn cups so I’ll tell you again – I love your blog! I love your life and the inspiration I draw from you and your writing.

    Congratulations on 6 years and doing so well in the blog world! Now to find the time and the courage to start my own. Cheers to BabyMac!

  172. Loved the New York posts and have enjoyed the posts post NY too! (i think that makes sense?!)
    Leanne πŸ™‚

  173. These are GORGEOUS!

    Would love to win someone but should I not win – where do you buy? Simply gorgeous!

  174. What do you get a 6 yr old blog? Comments, of course! Lots and lots of well deserved praise & merit.

    Happy Birthday BabyMac. Now blow out the candles & I hope you get all your little bloggy heart desires.

    Lots of love,
    Gabs x

  175. Happy 6th Birthday Baby Mac. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a little while now but this is my first comment. Loved NYC. Loved looking back over your move. Nearly 10 years ago we made the big move from the city to a regional town. We haven’t looked back. Best thing ever. I think your blog hits the spot because it is all HEART. And that heart would be yours. It beats and pulses off the page. Congratulations.

  176. Happy 6th Birthday Baby Mac! xx

  177. 6 years? Wow! I only discovered your blog a few months ago, and love it!
    Well done πŸ™‚

  178. 6 wow thats great. I missed my 1 yr but ahh theres always next year. I hope to someday be celebrating my 6th year coming back from NYC too. πŸ˜‰

  179. Happy birthday Baby Mac!

    I could use those measuring cups when I make your banana bread…which is now just about a weekly occurrence!

  180. Happy Birthday Blog! I love NYC and Anthropologie!

  181. Happy, happy birthday to youoooooooooo! I wish you 6 more great years to come xxx Those cups – well they are just too special…

  182. Absolutely love everything you do. I am a long time reader and a ‘never’ commenter…I bet there are stacks like me! Keep up the awesome daily read!

  183. So gorgeous! Love your work Baby Mac.

  184. Well done babymac. I love that you do love your life lots. All the best for more- ain’t no stopping you now. Emma

  185. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR – they are totes adorbs! I only just found you so what joy to hear there is 6 years of back blogs to read through YAY!
    HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY – that’s a great achievement! PS: I don’t want to be Anonymous but clearly I have to set up something from the drop down menu?? Which I haven’t done. Which one do I pick Beth? HELP – Shelley McLean πŸ™‚

  186. So stylish, Happy Birthday x

  187. Happy bloggy birthday – 6 is a super age too! Congratulations on being able to do what you love – I’ll toast to that!

  188. Congrat’s and here’s to many more posts!! Thanks for brightening my days.

  189. Happy 6th Birthday! Only recently discovering your post I’m so grateful that I can see your funny and inspiring posts from the past 6 years. (particularly love The Big Issues and your journey to NYC) Loving your gorgeous photos too. Thank you for being so generous.

  190. Pick me! I swooned when I saw these. Congrats on six years, according to the official anniversary gift giving recommendations you may now give yourself candy and iron (??)

  191. Happy Bloggy Birthday, although I loved your NY posts, I missed your home posts. I loved that first one with your living room, the flowers. Geez if I missed it how did you cope?

  192. Congratulations! I haven’t been around for so long, only a little bit over a year and a half, but your blog is on my daily check list! I don’t comment too often, but I appreciate everything you share with us.
    And of course I would LOVE to win these beauties! I have been on a journey to find some non-plastic measuring spoons, but it’s not easy here in southeast Germany to find some…
    Here’s to many more years of BabyMac!


    P.S. The survey won’t let me click Next after the first page, will try again later…

  193. Happy Birthday Baby Mac Blog! I’ve really enjoyed reading for the past couple of years and loved hearing about the NY trip. Love the measuring cups and love Anthropologie. Pick me!!!

  194. Oh how gorgeous! (That’s you, your blog AND the measuring cups!)

  195. I heart your blog!

  196. jenelle newton says

    Love the cups – much nicer than my rather crusty plastic ones!

  197. If I win this I might cry a little bit.

  198. Whoo hoo, congrats on 6 fab years!

  199. me pick me, pick me πŸ™‚ from Greece with so much love and admiration to your blog oh! please pick me, HAPPY BLOGGY BIRTHDAY!

  200. Seriously, you rock. I feel like you are one of my ‘mates’! Loved hearing about your Nu Yark exploits with The Woog. Xxx

  201. Want, love!!!!!! Beth, you just know these will go fabulously with my new house…just saying…

  202. Congratulations on 6 years blogging! I am going to New York in 18 days (not that I’m counting!) and you’ve got me even more excited about it. Thank you! xxx

  203. Gorgeous measuring cups! I’d like to drink tea from them!

  204. Congrats on 6years! Anthro amazing! Love your blog πŸ™‚


  205. wow six years! Congratulations. Quite fitting then that you are in NY at a blogging conference on your blogoversary which really demonstrates how amazing your blog has become!

  206. Congratulations on your 6th birthday year of baby mac, love popping over for a read and anthropology is a fav store of mine

  207. oooh, something all the way from New Yawk!!! Yes please!! Thanks BabyMac – love the blog.


  208. Jenelle Coote says

    Congratulations on 6 fantastic years, your blog certainly brightens my day. Those measuring cups would too xxx

  209. Happy 6th Year, fantastic, I so love these measuring spoons, with little lips and handles and all in different designs, they would be so well used in my kitchen

  210. as i have been living vicariously through you and your trip to new york, I clearly need the measuring cups as a memento ;-> congratulations on your anniversary!

  211. I had never heard of Antropogoli or whatever until I found your blog. I know…..don’t judge me……anyway after following you in NY, I agree, I think you are kind too! Keep it up, cause it’s special.

  212. Traci Sparkle says

    Thank you Beth – for your six years of stories, all your pretties and especially your funnies!

  213. Hell yeah I want!
    Happy 6 years. Cheers to many more.
    Man that was a lot of comments to scroll through!

  214. OMG, I need these almost as much as I need gin……..and that’s a lot! Love your blog and its’ “GINSPIRATION” you have made me a convert to Hendricks, much appreciated.

  215. Ok, yum, this prize rocks! Thank you Beth. Thank you for the awesome prize, and chance to win, but also for writing such an awesome blog. SIX years – wow – amazing effort. Cheers to 6 more successful years of recorded memories & fun.

  216. 6 years, wow!! That’s practically forever for an Aussie blogger. Well done Beth, you’re going from strength to strength!

  217. Woo hoo, 6…what a great age, wish I was back there.
    Love these cups, would be perfect for a tea party with my best girlfriends.

  218. Congratulations on 6 years of blogging. Those anthro cups are divine. Thanks for all the fantastic posts. Your posts from NYC were fantastic. I lived vicariously there for a week or so.

  219. A lovely present from a lovely store. If only anthropology existed in Sydney.

  220. Oooh yes please. Congrats on turning 6. I love reading your blog – it’s always funny and puts a smile on my face.

  221. Forgot to say who the comment was from… Kerryn, thanks πŸ™‚

  222. These cups are just beautiful, just like you blog!

  223. Loved your New York posts. Thanks for sharing. Those measuring cups are BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for the chance to win.

  224. These cups are just beautiful, just like you blog!

  225. wow,you have introduced me to so much during your trip to NY – now I am a lot in love with those delightful measuring cups – I do hope that you brought a set for yourself!

  226. Oh my stars they are fantastic, asalways love your blog & happy Bloggy 6th birthday……

  227. hmmm my comment keeps not publishing! anyway for the 4th time congratulations.

  228. Those measuring cups are calling my name ;]

  229. What gorgeous baking cups,
    So small an utterly sweet,
    Great designs any girl would love,
    Fingers crossed the winner is ME! πŸ™‚

  230. Happy birthday!! Absolutely love,love,love those measuring cups!!! X

  231. They are goreous! Definite show pony factor,
    love your work,

  232. Happy sixth birthday ! Those measuring cups are just gorgeous , though in my house with twin boys helping to cook -I’d have to hide them.

  233. Happy 6th Bday Babymac. Hope you had a great one! Love your blog, the way you write and your funny attitude. Oh also love your style! Keep blogging and take care!

  234. These are absolutely darling!! What a gorgeous giveaway. You are very generous!! CONGRATULATIONS!…such a great milestone. I am new to your blog and wish I had been here for the last 6 years. I love checking in with you daily. Keep up the good work. Have a great weekend with Hubby and your girls. Jx

  235. 6 years old, such a lovely age xo

  236. Kate McDonald says

    Happy Birthday BabyMac! I am also a new reader and I love your writing, thankyou for sharing your life with us all!
    Gorgeous cups picked up in NY by a gorgeous lady xx

  237. Thanks to your inspirational NY accounts and photographs, I now have a new holiday destination and new store wishlist! Thanks for sharing, you have a passion and convey so much through your posts!

  238. NO WAY! You seriously can’t give those away! They are GORGEOUS! I hope you got a set for yourself??

    Congrats on 6 great years of blogging! xx

  239. love the cups x

  240. Love, love, love them. Divine. (not just being sucky to win as it’s a random draw, right?)

  241. Holy smokes lady! You are one popular little lass. There was a whole lotta scrolling to do to get to the comments box thingy. What can I say? I’m a JOINER, so here’s my little entry to say Happy 6th Blog-iversary, and keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re obviously doing it right. Love your work. C xo

  242. Happy 6th Birthday! Love your blog- here’s to another 6!

  243. Oh Bev must love those measuring cups…hope she has a set too…lol… Happy 6th Bday xoxo

  244. Something tells me in the 6 years you’ve been talking to the world this way, you gathered more and more people around to listen. Very well done. Would love this little gift.

  245. They are so beautiful and unique. I would love these in my kitchen!

    [email protected]

  246. Happy Blog-Birthday!

  247. I am a new reader but am enthralled, captivated and bemused by your adventures! Here’s to many more years! HBB (Happy Blog Birthday!)

    Michelle W

  248. Caroline Coady says

    Oh my goodness those cups are divine… and so is your blog. It’s the only blog I read and it always brightens up my day!

  249. My son demands I enter so that he can claim my current, metal measuring cups. Happy blogoversary, Beth! Keep bringing the luxury!

  250. Congrats Thank you Thank You Thank You for ALL your posts I have loved your oversharing, bins and flowers. You have made me feel like a normal mum and wife!!!! I would love those cups – love to be able to say when my envious friends come over, see them and say where did you get them ……”Oh these are from NY- can’t buy them here” and I too could love myself sick!!!! Thanks Foxy3
    (I can’t log on ??Help)

  251. So glad you have kept up the blogging for so long. Love my daily dose of BabyMac!

  252. 6 years!! Congratulations on keeping your blog a wonderful place to visit every day πŸ™‚
    Also how adorable are those cups?!

  253. I am in… Happy Birthday! If I win I am so lying and pretending I have actually been to Anthro..

  254. I’d make the BEST birthday cake with these fabulous measuring cups!

  255. SIX years! Fantastic lady friend, Happy Happy Days BabyMac!
    As much as I love those dandy measuring cups… I’m at the end of a bloody long line, so I’ll just admire and be on my way, thanks πŸ˜‰ xoxo

  256. Happy Birthday Baby Mac! LOVE the NY posts. I also happen to LOVE those cups – wow and wow. jencgay (at) gmail (dot) com.

  257. Six years – Wowzers! Open the Prosseco and clink the glasses. So happy that you’ve been in my world for the past two…here’s to many more! Xx

  258. Wow!

    6 years.

    That’s really something!

    I wish I knew what a blog was before I became a Mother. Because my Mother’s group didn’t hit the spot when it come to my need for honesty in this mothering caper, but your blog does Beth, every time.

    You’d never know it, but I’ve read your blog when I’m having the highest of Mothering high’s & thinking I am doing a flipping awesome job, & I’ve also read it when I’m laying on the floor holding my son’s hand while he sleeps, because it’s the only flipping way he will, & it was around the time of your sleep deprived posts, & I needed them so fucking bad while I laid there on the floor.

    Thanks for your honesty. You’ve helped people. You maybe wouldn’t know it, but you have.

    It’s a wonderful space for Mothers to come, or non Mothers, just women, who crave HONESTY.

    So thanks for that x

    P.S love anthro, frothed at the mouth when I attempted to check out with my purchases once, & the postage was nearly the same.

    I die!

    Happy 6 x

  259. Happy birthday from an obsessed daily reader who has compiled a list of all your places to see in NY in 5 weeks’ time.

  260. Congratulations on 6 years!

    Here is to another 6!! Cheers

  261. Congratulations!!! I loved reading about NY & I love those sweet measuring cups too!

  262. I like your blog but I love those cups

  263. Michelle Gray says

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you………. would love to make you a cake πŸ™‚ I have fallen in love with those measuring cups, they are SO SO divine!!!!

  264. I’m just looking forward to your 69th birthday ; ) xx

  265. What gorgeous measuring cups. So nice to re-introduce that which is quaint, compared to the slickness of most kitchen items these days.

  266. I have been watching your NY journey with Mrs Woog and really identify with Pensive Beverly – I think she is in all of us. Now, these scrummy kitcheny things! I want them I want them! I’m sick of using my plastic 1/2 cup (it’s all I have left now) to guestimate amounts.

    Happy Blog Birthday xox

  267. Amazeballs! Big hip hip hooray and hootenanny to you BabyMac! Your blog is always the highlight when I hear the teeny ‘ting’ of my emails! Ironically enough I was hassling the shit out of my boyfriend showing him your incredible snaps from NYC and Anthropologie…something like ‘wow! see that babe? I would take this, and that, and this, and that for mum and sister, and oh my wouldn’t I look cute in that dress for Christmas and on and on…these divine measuring cups would be the perfect icing on the cake!

  268. hi, love those cups

  269. Katherine F says

    I can already taste the yummy chocolate cake I am going to make with these divine cups. Happy 6th Bday!

  270. Happy 6th Birthday BabyMac! You’re sixth year coincided with your move to “the big leagues” just like going to “big school”. Congratulations.

  271. Leisa Flanigan says

    Wow those measuring cups are gorgeous, I’ m not a very good cook, but they would lovely on my kitchen bench!!! I found your blog just recently from the attendees at Blog Her in New York. I couldn’t get enough of all the blogs from NY. I like reading your blog, you have a great sense of humor. I’m crossing my fingers and toes for those little beauties πŸ™‚

  272. Bloody love your blog, bloody love to win it. I am a comment virgin.
    Helen Hurst

  273. Ooh they are gorgeous! Happy Birthday…

  274. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you, you have beautiful bowels and you are giving me one TOO!!!
    (comment to the tune of happy bday!!)

  275. Wow 6 years..I am in awe! I’m a newbie to your blog but am so pleased I’m now joining your joy.

  276. It’s been wonderful reding your blog, over a good little while.
    Love, love, love those measuring cups and have so enjoyed being on your NY trip with you and Mrs Woog.

  277. Hello Beth, I have been going to write to you to thank you for so many reasons and today is the day! I subscribed to your blog through a family member that shared your blog. At first I thought I would just connect to see what ‘blogging’ was about………I never thought I would get so much out of one persons journey. I myself have questioned so much of my life through some pretty major stresses in my life including the loss of a very dear and young friend. I have been on my own ‘internal’ journey to find out who I am and what I want in life. Through an amazing place in Kiama called the ‘mind, body, spirit centre’ I have been able to connect to the many aspects of me that I realised were missing and through your blog I have come to love the person I am! Although my children are a little older reading your blog has not only help to heal me but it has made me love the ‘home parent’ I was and

  278. Congratulations on 6 years, those cups are just gorgeous, I hope I get to display them in my kitchen!

  279. Happy number 6! I have only been a follower for a couple of weeks, so it looks like I have a bit of reading to do :-O

  280. Still am in some ways. Through your blog I have been so very inspired by your photographs, your words and your reality in life. I have come to realise that we are all in need of a little adventure and your trip to NY has shown me what was missing from my life. I don’t have the funds to take a trip OS but I have managed to be so inspired by you that I am currently camping in the freezing cold, windy and wet weather……but……it is all part of the adventure and I am here connecting with my wonderful husband and two girls that I love so very much. I find myself talking about you to so many people and sharing your days with them. I have even decided to change how I write my girls diaries and blog them in a similar way you do with photos. From the bottom of my heart ‘thank you’ for ‘everything’ you have opened my life to. Happy 6th Birthday!!! Lyn-Maree

  281. Wow 6 years. That is a milestone, Well done you.
    I really enjoyed your posts from NYC. I have started thinking about traveling there myself. You showed me a taste of the things that I know i would really enjoy.

  282. Thanks for letting us follow your adventures.
    Happy birthday blogger

  283. 6 years, fabulous!! Congrats Beth, love having this gorgeous space to visit xx

  284. Oh my! Even if I can’t win these you have to tell me where they are from! So so so amazing and they BELONG in my kitchen!

  285. Congratulations on turning 6 πŸ™‚ Well done, I love reading your blog, seeing your lovely home and family, and lots of champers!! And I have to say, I would love to win those beautiful cups, I love baking so they would have a great new home, and also, thats about as close to NY as I am likely to get lol. Congrats again, thanks heaps Beth xx

  286. Thanks for taking us all on this wonderful adventure that is your life! How blessed we all are πŸ™‚

  287. Oh my goodness, they are tdf. Just wow.
    Congrats on the 6 years of the blog xx

  288. This comment has been removed by the author.

  289. Happy Blogiversary! Only just become a recent reader and really enjoying your blog. These little measuring cups are just devine – beautiful to use and sure to be on display in my home too.

  290. Congratulations and Happy 6th Birthday BabyMac. You deserve it. Looking forward to many more years of reading your fabulous blog.

  291. Congratulations on 6 years! I’ve been reading your blog for the last year or so and enjoy your writing style so much. Two years ago we went to NY, took the 2 and 5 year old with us, made for some interesting travels! Loved reading your NY posts though, and beautiful pictures…I had no idea I missed so many great shops!

  292. Well done on 6 years! I adore your blog, Leah

  293. Love Anthropologie, Love that you’ve been around for 6 years, but I really love that this is not another “only Australian residents apply” giveaway.

  294. Congrats on 6 amazing years! πŸ™‚

  295. great work, keep on sharing the love πŸ™‚

  296. This comment has been removed by the author.

  297. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now, and have just realised that I have never commented, how rude!!!
    This post/competition definitely deserves a comment though. I never ever thought I would drool over measuring cups, but DROOL!!!!!!!!!

  298. Ooh, could I be lucky twice ?? Skye

  299. This comment has been removed by the author.

  300. love the cups, at present i use a teacup and more or less guess

  301. Yes Pleeeeaaasse !!Happy 6 years

  302. I don’t deserve them but really, really want them.

    Happy 6th Birthday!

  303. Congrats on 6 years! I’m only new to your blog, but a fan since I jumped onboard! Absolutely love anthropologie!

  304. My Die! They are all sorts of amazing. If that doesn’t make you want to bake I don’t know what will!

  305. Happy 6th Birthday Babymac x

  306. Happy blogday Beth!

    I have already done your survey πŸ™‚

    Jane from My Encore Store

  307. Oh but you did say it ALL right when you said….
    It fills you up with Happiness!
    That is exactly what a blog should do.
    Its your space to do with what you want and that should be to bring you happiness first.As when you are filled up with happiness it comes through your wonderful words and flows onto us.
    How great is it to have that ability.
    So thankyou for having this beautiful space and inviting us in to come see and comment.
    Thankyou for taking the time to share your amazing photographs and thankyou for being so openly you.
    Big hugs of appreciation always.Xx

  308. Congratulations for 6 years of blogging. Wow, I love the prize. Good luck everyone.

  309. Love it all BabyMac x

  310. They Are gorgeous! May have to invest in some! Happy 6 th birthday baby Mac
    Cindy McGuigan

  311. Now we are 6! Well your blog is, but you get my drift. Happiest of blog birthdays to you. Thank you for the chance to win these measuring cups, they look full to the brim of cheerfulness with all their glorious colour. I have loved reading your (and Mrs. Woog’s) blog updates on your time in NYC, I am so inspired to go there now!

  312. No thank you. You are kinda part of my everyday, so thank you for sharing.
    Sarah from Canberra

  313. Gosh! Oh Gosh!! Happy blog B’day to the #1 blogger to me.cheers Beth

  314. Happy 6th blog Birthday BabyMac. Thank you for sharing your fabulous world and for introducing me to My credit card is in for a treat! All the best, Ella x

  315. Congrats on 6 years Beth!

    I cant believe I just found the Anthropolgie website – and was THIS close to buying these measuring cups and spoon rest on Thurs night…… will hang out now in the hope I win one here – they are Divine!

  316. Happy 6th blog Birthday BabyMac! Thank you for sharing your fabulous world and for introducing me to Oh my, the credit card is in for a treat! Best wishes, Ella x

  317. Happy Blog Birthday! What an amazing giveaway, they would have pride and place in my kitchen.

  318. Happy Blog Birthday! What a great giveaway and those would have pride and place in my kitchen.

  319. they are so damn cute, those measuring cups! I’ve never seen anything like them before πŸ™‚ They’re gorgeous, and so are you. Very inspiring to a new blogger like me…

  320. Gorgeous cups. Happy 6th Birthday. I have loved following your posts from New York. I will have to go there now!!!

  321. How cool is it being six! Happy birthday. PS Swooning over the Anthro love!

  322. How cool is it to be six!?! Happy birthday. PS Swooning over the Anthro love.

  323. Pick me its my 30th birthday. 12/08. They are devine. Love Anthro.

  324. what an original idea, I love them very quirky

  325. Congrats on six years!

  326. Ooh. Yes please! Congratulations! Loved reading about your travels πŸ™‚

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  328. Congratulations on 6 years love reading your blog. Thanks for the chance to win these amazing measuring cups.

  329. These are lovely

  330. This comment has been removed by the author.

  331. Happy Fantastic 6th Birthday! What an awesome achievement.

  332. Love your blog, read it most days, rarely comment though….those pretties have brought me out of the shadows.

  333. Well done on six years! I made your lemon syrup cake the other day and it was as easy as you made it look πŸ™‚ especially with my own toddler helper.

  334. oooh they are so cute!!! I don’t think I’ll win because life has been pretty good to me, so Lady Luck usually avoids me like the pest πŸ˜‰ Worth a try though πŸ˜‰

    Congrats on your Blog’s 6th birthday xxxx

  335. Rebecca Nolan says

    Congratulations on 6 years πŸ™‚

  336. ShanGleeson says

    HBD BabyMac!

  337. Congrats on turning 6! These measuring cups are gorgeous!

  338. These are sooo cute and colourful!!

    Oh and happy 6 birthday!! =)

  339. They are glorious, gorgeous & adorable, what a fantastic gift. I do hope you pop the Anthropologie wrapping in with the winning prize when they get posted off to the lucky reader. Happy blog birthday, love Posie

  340. Sadly my comment has gone from yesterday πŸ™ so glad I checked cause I’m day dreaming about those lovely measuring cups. I checked their site yesterday & they have lovely measuring spoons to match. I have only started reading your blog from other bloggers I read who were in NY. You seem like a fun lady. Maybe I will have to choose anonymous today for my comment to stay. Happy 6th birthday & thank you for the competition. Leisa Flanigan

  341. Wow, six years is pretty darn amazing in blogland, well done you! Love your work Beth, a new post from you is favourite thing to see in my reader. Those measuring cups are just gorge too, would love to have them in my kitchen

  342. Helen Gray says

    Wow thats commitment, I bet that time has flown by

  343. Congrats on 6 years. Well done lovely lady

  344. SIX YEARS! Sooo good! And they are Sooooo beautiful *s*

  345. Wow six years ..thats awesome! Look at all those comments you are one popular girl. x
    P.s really need new measuring cups I’m down to two. One cup and 1/3 cup. I’m stuffed with most recipes.

  346. Congrats!
    Having to delurk because I am so in love with those cups!

  347. Happy 6th Birthday Baby-Mac!

    rachel xoxo

  348. Better than plastic, better than steel, they would cheer up this baking Mummy who will probably have 2 parents on chemo at the same time next week… [email protected] is my email

  349. happy 6th birthday!! and OMG these cups are just to die for !!!!!!

  350. Yes please, Thank you very much!!! Your blog is a little drop of joy every day. Congrats on 6 years! Kirrilly x

  351. Very simply – thank you for allowing us to share your life – it is most enjoyable!!!!

  352. Here’s to six more years. Happy be-lated birthday you fucking mummy blogger!!

    FYI – those are the cutest measuring cups ever.

  353. oh my they are divine!!!! Mrs w and and you have inspired a MUST SAVE for my 40th… new york bound with some of my favourite girlies!!!! hahhahI am a planner its in 3 years time! congratulations and I love reading!

    [email protected]

  354. Love love them !!! Emma O

  355. They make my heart hurt a little from the cuteness

  356. fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed!!! and congrats on 6 years!

  357. Congrats on 6 years!!
    I hope you get back to NY soon, I miss reading about your adventures!

  358. Cute cute. I want them. Happy 6 years!

  359. Happy birthday x x

  360. Lisa Whinnen says

    I promise to shoot (in manual of course!) a day in the life of the Anthro mug if I win! Just love them!

  361. Big plans to shoot a dy in the life of these fab Anthro bowls (in manual of course!) if I win! X

  362. You are amazeballs. Congrats on the big 6! You should do a sponsored post with NYC Tourism or something.. because of you and Mrs Woog, I now have an urgent need to visit New York!

  363. Nicole McClure says

    Those cups are delicious. I just went to NYC with you & Mrs Woog – loved every word & have just placed my first order with Anthropologie…… πŸ™‚

  364. oh my gosh! are they not the sweetest things EVER! Happy 6th blog-year! Cant wait to follow you for many many more! x

  365. How lovely to do what you love and for 6 years – cheers to that!
    I have loved hearing your adventures, both daily and New York.
    The last time I went to New York was when I was 9 and had such a profound impact on me. New York will see me again….I may be married, 4 children and nearly 36 – and although may currently seem like such a pipe dream but I am keeping it on my vision board IT WILL HAPPEN – BELIEVE!!
    I <3 NY

  366. fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed! Happy 6th blogday too!

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  368. Happy birthday BabyMac and Congtratulations on the last 6 years

  369. Love the cups! Helen

  370. They are to die for – I don’t think I could use them for measuring though, I would just have them on my mantle to stroke as I walked past! πŸ™‚ Happy 6th birthday!

  371. Congrats on 6 years… such an awesome job!!

    And those cups are just divine!! love love love them! xx

  372. Happy happy birthday Babymac! Always reading yourself and Mrs Woog, wish I was as eloquent! Thank you for writing your life, makes me feel connected somehow. Thank you thank you thank you

  373. Happy 6th birthday.. such an awesome blog!! and the cups are nbt too shabby either.. who am i kidding they are gorgeous!!

  374. Beth , Pretty please pick me !!

    Emma O

  375. MY. DIE.

    You have my heart and soul every time you write so eloquently about your life and loves.
    Our dream of the South Coast tree change is slowly but surely developing and getting closer all the time. Thanks for the inspiration x

  376. Too cute – they’d have to go on the dresser and not in the drawer! And to quote A. A. Milne – “Now we are six we’re as clever as clever, I think I’ll stay six forever and ever”

  377. Cheers to 6 years! Your blog has been the salve to the wounds of the day….here’s to more cluster fucks of awesomeness!!

  378. Happy Birthday, BabyMac! Love reading your blog, it helps to know I’m not alone, and we can all do something little to make this world beautiful. Thank you.

  379. Love your work. Happy 6 BlogYears! X

  380. I’ve been coveting these for years. I hope your outrage over shipping costs to Australia was heard. So…love these, love your Jasper Knight and love your blog. Don’t change a thing.

  381. You have twisted my arm! I would love those cups! Your blog is inspiring me to fill my house with things I love and not be so beige!

  382. Love it! Happy 6 years. x

  383. Happy bloggy birthday! Six!?!! Amazing. Love anthropologie…. Xx

  384. Okay … so I’ve laughed and cried alongside you on this crazy ride called life .. congrats on 6 amazing years!! Thanks for taking me with you on your trip to NY .. what a blast (and yes, I laughed and cried some more reading it all … and the best part? No jet lag for moi!!) Keep up the great work Baby Mac, what an inspiration you are! Cheers! Karen πŸ˜‰

  385. Oh my gosh, they are freaking adorable. And congratulations on six years. I think I’ve been a reader for about…. 3 and a half? Still love it as much as ever. Thanks for being awesome

  386. Congratulations on 6 years, love your blog, thanks for sharing.

  387. Congrats. Love your blog and LOVE these cups. Would just adore these little buts of pretty in our house!

  388. I love it – the blog and the cups!! Happy Birthday!! πŸ™‚

  389. yummy….

  390. please please please let it be me!

  391. Found you after you appeared on the Project. Now have the pleasure of catching up!

  392. Hi Thanks for all the laughs you have given me – really hope you are rewarded this year for all your oversharing, bins and flowers – I need these just to be able to say to admirers – “They come from NY sorry you can’t get them here” and I might just love myself sick too!!!! Love your work girl!!! Foxy3

  393. Now you are six! Congratulations and happiest of blog birthdays to you. I am so inspired to get myself over to New York after following you and Mrs. Woog on your trip of a lifetime.Thank you for the chance to win these gorgeous measuring cups, all that glorious colour makes them full to the brim with cheerfulness x Denise

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