I hope your weekend includes some sunshine. Some walking. Some coffee. Some cake. And plenty of smiles.

These girls have forged a lovely companionship these School holidays. Harper has adored the attention given by her big sister and has in turn grown up too. They have played and laughed and cuddled and screamed at each other. And now they both sleep in the same room each night. It fills my heart with happiness.

Look at that wobbly front tooth would you? Sticking out at funny angles and being wobbled endless times a day. It’s only a matter of days before it pops out.

I’m off to Sydney for the day and night for a long overdue catch up with some old friends I used to work with. Three of us, all without kids and husbands for the night, and for a long boozy ladies lunch at Chiswick and then a night in a hotel. I’m so looking forward to it – so many laughs coming my way today!

Happy Weekend x


  1. Beautiful photos of your girls. Enjoy your weekend away. xT

  2. You have fun Beth. And really is there nothing better than when your kids get along & love each other?! Enjoy xx

  3. Enjoy! Well deserved I say! X

  4. Anonymous says

    Let us know about Chiswick. Been wanting to try it. Have fun.
    Rebecca Simunic

  5. Enjoy! It’s the perfect day for a long lunch! Wish we could’ve had time for one before I left. Xxx

  6. Yes please Betty! We need a Chiswick review!

  7. Gorgeous photos. Have much fun.

  8. They’re beautiful lady. Such gorgeous photos of your little partners in crime xo

  9. Gorgeous photos of your 2 little girls. Love that 4th one of big sis helping little sis – very sweet.
    Have an awesome time being child & husband-free. ENJOY!

  10. Sounds fab, love the old W hotel. Had my 21st Birthday there actually.


  11. Great shots Beth! I love the ones of the girls together, so sweet. Glad the room sharing is going well. Mine love sharing and have both slept better since. xx

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