Holiday postcard day 6

We have finally hit our holiday straps (of course on the last day). The girls, while annoying and frustratingly needy, they seemed to understand that our threats might lead to something. We ate out three times and we didn’t leave once! WINNING. I enjoyed a celebrity moment in Sterling thanks to the spunky mates of Amelia who fussed over me and made me feel far more important than I am.

We then headed down to the coast (Glenelg) for a while to soak up 1989 and watch Rob secure the world’s best claw toy action machine where you have NO chance of winning something but he won not one but TWO soft toy’s for the girls, before heading back into town for a radio interview with Bianca (sorry I don’t have the skills to link it here…I’ll try and work it out somehow maybe on Facebook?!)

Yes, today was a good a day.


  1. 🙁 Makes me miss home!

  2. I pashed my husband on the Glenelg beach as awkward 16 year olds on a school camp lol

  3. Your photos are always amazing. Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a win today, there is nothing worse when you need a holiday after your holiday just to get over their foul behaviour.
    Safe travels home

  4. Glenlg is so beautiful and the cafes with everyone bringing their dogs so cute my auntie lives there I sure do love visiting!

  5. *glenelg

  6. Loving the postcards.. And your photography!

  7. Oh that photo of you and Daise. She’s looking SO much older. GAH.

  8. I wish they’d just call you guys bloggers… but it was great! I just love you guys 🙂

  9. love the polish x

  10. totally yelling at the dog again.

  11. Anonymous says

    Next trip to Adelaide be sure to head back to Sterling and call into Basket Range winery.
    You won’t be disappointed 🙂

  12. Yay for a good day! Have been enjoying your holiday posts and love that scarf!! xx

  13. So lovely. I want to go to Adelaide!!

  14. Lovely photos Bev! Now I want to visit Adelaide more than ever!


  15. I live fifteen minutes from Stirling! And was at Glenelg with Charlotte on the very same carosel only a week or so earlier. You definitely made the most of your visit to Radelaide.

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