Drink it in

Sometimes at the end of the day that first swig of a G&T is just the ticket for letting the day wash away. The chores, the cleaning, the feeding, the everything is done. It’s almost bed time for the kids, it’s almost some time just for me.

Other times you just have to go outside and take a deep breath and drink in the sky. The cold air blasts your face. You wrap your cardi that little bit tighter around your body. You can smell the smoke from the fire in the cool evening air. The smells, the sounds, the colours, the day is done.

And now I can actually capture it. The auto on the DSLR used to blow out any colour in a sunset and now I know how to steal it away into my computer. I haven’t quite figured out how to process it and edit it, but it’s a start and this pleases me no end.


  1. Stunning x

  2. Magnificent! And now I crave a G & T……

  3. Oh I so hear what you are saying! That tired mummy end of the day gig – sometimes when my head is just about done in a stroll down to the dam to get some kindling, breathing in the cool air and watching the sky means that I can make it through to bedtime without falling apart. Thankyou

  4. Pony factor!

  5. Beautiful photos!

  6. Fire in the sky 🙂
    Awesome pics Beth. Good job!

  7. Gorgeous photo’s Beth!

  8. look at you all Miss Manual. stunning. x

  9. It’s a delightful sunset lady, you’ve captured it beautifully. Ah, to be skilful enough to go it alone, without the fallback of auto. I’d love to learn how to… one day xo

  10. Loving your new photo style babe. LOVING it!.

  11. oh man! those colors are absolutely stunning!

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