Shit Bloggers Say

Cause we do. Right? Follow on twitter here.

And BTW? How clever is my husband for putting this together for us! I really owe him a blozza this time…


  1. Shut. The fuck. Up. This is gold. xxx

  2. Loved it!

  3. Fucking BRILLIANT!!!!!
    Totes posting a link to this on FB.


    be nice, make it two blozzas…

  4. Love it, linked it. My husband says I owe him shit loads, I don’t know if I’ll every pay up. Does that make me a bad wife!

  5. You no longer need to construct any form of e-mail.

    Because this hit the fucking spot.

    Merci beaucoup Beth & Rob!

    Brilliance xx

  6. Absolutely L.O.V.E I.T!!!

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  8. Fantastic! You are very clever ladies and one clever man. Thanks for sharing. Rachel xx

  9. Pure bloody gold…so clever YAY!!

  10. When are the Blogging Academy Awards? I’m so nominating this. Of course it’ll be a popularity vote….go on, click this link and vote…you know you want to!

  11. Best thing I’ve seen in a LONG time.

    Thank you x 1000


  12. Hilarious!!!

  13. PS – well done Daddy Mac (Rob).

  14. Love it. Well done to you guys. When is the second one coming out?

  15. Haha! Only one thing was missing, and that was: “LOVE IT!”
    But I do, you know, Love it!
    Well done girls and well done Rob!

  16. (-: x 531,671 + 1 !!!

    too funny

  17. I loved this!! You guys are rad.

  18. This is very, very cool !

  19. Haha lucky Rob!

  20. Genius. Heard ’em all. Well and truly worth the wait!

  21. ahagggaa awesome.

    why wasn’t i invited to that? 😉


  22. hahaha

  23. So true!

  24. Ah sweets, that just made my day. x

  25. Clever ladies. Clever Rob. Love.

  26. Very funny!

  27. Best giggle I have had in ages!!

  28. pure gold beth! what a clever hubby you’ve got.

  29. Wicked.

  30. Tee hee, oh the threat to shut the blog down, that needs to be added to Mrs Woogs list of ‘way to get comments on a post’!!
    Blogs are now weapons, hilarious. Clever husband, love Posie

  31. You know what, Beth? About three years ago, just a bit into my blogging career … I decided that one day, I should hold my own blogging awards. Of course I never got around to it .. but you know what I was going to CALL my said fictitious blogging awards?

    Something unique … something Australian, with a play on words between “Oz” and “Blog.”

    The Blozzas.

    Like a Logie … “I won a Blozza!”

    I am so, so, so very fucking glad I did not go ahead with my blogging award plan. Laughing. Stock.


    PS Serious props and thanks to Rob for editing this.

  32. I think I actually just wet my pants…. (hey, maybe that should go in the next version of the vid?!)

    Seriously though, I am guilty of some of these. I’m a walking cliche. And I’m not even Australian… :b

  33. I got in trouble over dinner last night for saying “Shut the fuck up” just like you did in that video! Bahahaha x

  34. LMAO. Love it.

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