Because I end up feeling like this each and every MOFO year in the first week of January I’m going to let this do the talking. I’m far too sick of myself to write an entire post about my hopes and dreams for the year only to be back at the start of another, feeling puzactly the same way.

Is this going to the year for me? For making something? Out of somewhere? I think it’s time to step the fuck aside.


  1. Love. This.

  2. This is awesome. I need it tattooed on my wrist so I can see it every day.
    Best wishes for a 2012 that is everything you want it to be.

  3. That’s a pearler.
    GIVE WAY… to yourself.

  4. amen!

  5. I need a little of that inspiration. I need to find out exactly what I want to do and where my passion lies.
    For you my lady, think about how you finished 2011… You got fit, felt healthy and fabulous… 2012 is definitely your year. What ever it is, you CAN DEFINITELY do it! 🙂 xx

  6. well from drooling at your house and your mad skillz at decorating, you’d be crazy not to pursue this. Southern highlands women with their fob chains and pastel chambray shirts would LAP. IT UP.

    That’s my 2c. Either that or you can come to the ‘berra and do my house. Can’t actually *pay* you anything. Think of it as a challenge!

    Whatever it is you do, keep telling us about it.

  7. I think you could do anything you want Beth. Just go for your dreams x

  8. It’s a declaration of war between myself, December and January we ALL dislike each other….I get my groove back on in about April/March….but the waste of time and wondering who is going to put their big girl pants on and take the higher road…will it be me Jan or Dec? Just stomp on January,bitchslap the hell out of there….it’s all waiting for you, Survive it

  9. That quote is a winner! Just what I need somewhere that I can see every day! All the best for a great 2012!

  10. God, so true. I actually think that it’s time to stop thinking so damn much. x

  11. Go for it! You have enough sparkle to light the sky… this is YOUR year! love ya! Loux

  12. love it! and love you!

  13. Great advice, why don’t we ever take it??
    A big year with school, i love being a school mum, it’s pretty much what rules my day & defines me, will do for another decade. Blink & they are in year 8, i’m telling you, that was fast!! Thank goodness, she still loves me & lets me kiss her in the car park, in front of her friends, but i wouldn’t have it any other way!!
    Hold on tight, they don’t stand in their own way, children are fearless & we should learn more from them, love Posie

  14. So feckin true.

  15. Simple, yet effective.

    & I’m sure so many could relate.

    For me, 2012 is going to see me & my (over)thinking mind not getting in the way.

    Step the F aside busy mind 😉

    Good luck xx

  16. Oh here here! Invariably I am always the one limiting myself and the things I do, I have known and accepted this for a while. I’d like to join you and step the fuck aside lady xo

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