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: Rob left this morning for several days fly fishing on his annual “man week” trip. He will be back on Sunday. That leaves me solely in charge of our two small children deep in the depths of a sleep regression (i.e the kid will not sleep day or night) our 2 year old is currently going through. I’m not getting ahead of myself. I’m not the least bit nervous. It will go really well. The children will sleep, with or without the help of a dart gun filled with phenergan. Seriously though, the guy could use a break and some time in the Snowy Mountains camping in the freezing cold with 8 other men should be just the ticket. If that’s your idea of a good time? Sounds a little Brokeback to me…

: So. I found the perfect dress for Christmas Day! If I was Betty Draper that is. Don’t you just want to baste a turkey whilst sipping on a Christmas Day martini in this frock? I do. I really do. Santa?

: We have another ballet rehearsal this afternoon. Which means another ballet bun. And then another one again on Saturday for the concert. This dancing shenanigans is slowly breaking my spirit.

: We had swimming this morning and you know what? Harper didn’t cry. Not once. She actually seemed to enjoy herself. So that makes one good week, 7 bad, and one good week with one more to go. Pretty shitty odds but we got there in the end.

: If I was a crafty person and made an effort to wrap presents nicely this Christmas I would be wrapping them with these FREE DOWNLOADABLE GIFT TAGS from Hey Look! How cute are they? Me likey. And you are most welcome for the heads up!

: This morning I started my Christmas Shopping. Not much, just a little start, but doesn’t it feel good? I think with all this solo time I will have at night with Rob away that my credit card will be getting a bit of a work out and I will get through it all in no time. The less time I spend in a shopping centre, the better!


  1. That dress is gorgeous. Not much fun being a single parent, especially at this busy time of the year. Hope you get some sleep. x

  2. Now THAT is a dress! Oh how I do love it, it’s wonderful styling would work perfectly for my pear shape. Too bad about the price tag though 😉 Good luck with everything this week, I’m sure you’ll breeze through. And I hope those children sleeeeeeep!!

  3. I am on my own this week too (Mon through to Sat) but do you know what? I actually find sometimes it’s easier.

    Since I have no one to complain to, I just get on with things. All the complaining to my husband actually seems to make things seem worse than they are?!

  4. must be a 2 year old thing. mine is doing the same thing. Well at home she is… of course is a fucking perfect angel at her daycare mum.


    my xmas shopping starts tomorrow on payday. I plan on doing EVERYONE by the weekend. Off to cosco tomorrow after work to get started. feel free to join me for cheap wholesale shopping and even cheaper booze after! 🙂 The 2 year olds can battle it out for who will sleep less!!!

  5. Ooo love those yellow gift cards, thanks for the tip! x

  6. Have you been told to split the ponytail in 2 for the ballet bun?? Vitally important to perfect the ‘flat’ ballet bun!!! I was a failed ballet mother, only took one concert for me to know I didn’t have the stamina for that stage-mother shit!

  7. Wishing you a smooooth few days, a smooooth ballet bun and even smoooother beverage at the end of each day (if you can wait til then).

  8. That dress is so gorgeous. I have visions of myself swanning around in something like that on Christmas Day. Instead I’ll probably still be in my old, ripped PJs at 2pm shoving extra stuffing into a Coles roast chook because I burnt the turkey whilst trying to entertain the 15 family members who are descending on my house this year. Completely the opposite of everything this dress stands for. Please wear it so I can live vicariously!

  9. Oh yes, that dress! Right up my alley that one.
    Love the Brokeback comment, I may have been having similar thoughts reading your description ;o)
    You’ll be fine lady, just enjoy the girlie time and have wine handy! xo

  10. I’d rather have Don Draper than the frock but the frock’s pretty good too. I LOVE your garden, all that SPACE! I have off street parking but I can hardly ever access it what with the neighbours and their tradesmen cluttering up the street and parking me out. I cannot explain how cross this makes me. How can it be this cold in December? And how can it be December?

    Love the blog.

  11. Totally agree about the shopping centre – much more civilised shopping online & you dont have to deal with grumpy shop assistants!

  12. That dress is simply divine! I can totally see you basting turkey in that Christmas day.

    PS sending the sleep fairy your way xx

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