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This week I have been on a nesting frenzy. Who knows why? But since Monday morning I have been focused on the inside and outside in the garden, creating new corners and rearranging what we have and even unpacking some boxes that were still in the garage from when we moved. Yes, 15 months ago. I have weeded, pruned, weeded, planted and then swept. I’ve been busy. And it all looks lovely.

A new planter box in my kitchen window has made it look as pretty as a picture. All our star jasmine has started to come out as well so it smells amazing.

We moved in a bookcase that used to be at Rob’s office in behind the couch which kind of acts as a divider for the lounge area of our enormous living room. And? I have somewhere to put our books at last! I so missed having them around. And now they are back and out of the garage and making me happy once again!

And I have moved the little yellow sofa table that used to be behind the couch over the front door along with a favourite tiled Elvis I also found in a box and I am in love…all over again.

I don’t know about you, but fiddling around with stuff that you have already, moving and rearranging just brings me joy. It can transform a space and make you fall in love your stuff all over again without spending a cent. Win! Why don’t you move something around this weekend? Go on! It’s got to be more fun than spending Saturday morning baking scones for the town’s monthly morning tea and then all day Saturday at a dress rehearsal for a 4 year old’s ballet concert. Or setting up a hall for the Village Christmas gathering on Sunday night, which is what I will be doing.


  1. I just moved the sofas to house the biggest mofo Christmas Tree in the world!

  2. Nice cows love!

  3. Love a bit of Samantha Robinson on Display x

  4. Your house is so beautiful Beth. When do I move in?

  5. It looks gorgeous. I love how the bookcase divides the room a little.

    Sadly our house is a tiny shoebox. Not too much moving around that we can do 🙁 And one day I WILL have a kitchen that I can actually cook in without having to balance a bread board over my sink so I have some bench space. Yes indeed!

  6. You don’t give me much hope with the unpacking! As a teenager my sister loved rearranging furniture so much that she had a scale drawing of her room and furniture so she could see if it would work before she actually moved it!

  7. All as pretty as a picture Lady. That view from your kitchen window, with the planter box is breathtaking, love it! The star jasmine is in full bloom here too… ahhhh! xo

  8. Gosh darn it I think I WILL! You have completely inspired me. I don’t think my house will look as cleanly fab as yours when I am finished, but here’s hoping it will look like a tidier junk shop than the current mess.

  9. I love reinventing spaces. It always makes it feel ‘new ‘ again

  10. Love that bookcase. A house isn’t a house until it’s FULL of books, I say!

    Love your bookcase, and I love a little re-arranging too. Good for the soul!


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